Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Saltanat assures Zaroon

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 12th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kainat talking to her dad and telling him that she will marry Zaroon. She says I have taken revenge on Saltanat, she will be shocked seeing my Nikaah with Zaroon. Mamoon recalls Miyajaan’s words and sees Zaroon. Zaroon says I know what you want to remind me, I know its Eid today and the time yo gave me has ended today, I know you are angry on me. Mamoon says no, you have stepped back from the initial point. Zaroon says I m trying. Mamoon says you are failing, Kainat is getting married, Saltanat doesn’t want to marry you, my dream won’t get fulfilled, I wanted to get the lost property back, if my son didn’t fall in love and lose everything. Zaroon says I have lost a move, not the battle, Saltanat is mine, I will marry her.

Mamoon says I don’t care if you win or lose, you will get any Saltanat, once the property goes out of hands, you will not get it, you asked me time and I gave it, you think what to do, now I will decide to get this property back, don’t have any hopes from me. Aashiq calls Kainat. She says why is he calling me, did he get free from jail. She disconnects the call. She gets the call again and answers. He says you have played a big game, I got trapped by your magic, tell me shall I come to meet you. She asks why. He says I want to settle scores, I have some work. She says I can’t come to meet you. He says but I can come, I have your messages and phone recording, shall I come there and make the evening better. She says no, you won’t go this. He says I will send the address, I will wait for you, then… He laughs. Saltanat thinks of Zaroon and comes to meet him. Sufiyana…..plays….

He asks what do you want from me, why are you doing this, do your eyes lie or your lips, your eyes told me the truth, what’s the truth, answer me, who has come between us, fine I will go back to Canada away from your life, tell me at least. She asks do you love me. He says a lot. She asks do you trust me. He says more than myself. She asks can you wait for me. He says until death. She says I promise you, my eyes and lips will tell everything you want to hear, but not now, once Hamza and Kainat’s marriage happens, please wait, I can’t say anything until Kainat’s marriage happens. He agrees. She goes.

Kainat comes and meets Ayub. She says I m finding someone else. He says I was waiting here for you, Kainat. She asks how do you know me. He says Aashiq is my man, I called him to call you here. She asks why, its late. He says Aashiq won’t come in front of you now, forget him now. She asks why will he do this. He smiles and says because I will trouble you now, don’t worry, I m not a criminal, I need your help. She asks what do you want. He says I love Nilam, make me meet her and befriend, you know it, you love Zaroon, that’s my reason, love. She asks if I refuse then. He says then I will fail your love, think Zaroon will refuse to marry you knowing you kidnapped your Dada. He asks her to think well and goes.

Rubina reminds the rituals to maid and asks her to make haldi uptan well. Nilam hurries with the things. Ghazala says I need to talk to you. Rubina says we will talk about Kainat and Hamza’s marriage, we will celebrate well. Ghazala says it may get late. Nilam gets the dress for Kainat. Kainat says I can’t wear this dress. Nilam asks why, did you get after Zaroon again. Kainat says no, my friend promised to send me haldi dress, her brother will get it, I want you to hide it from everyone and get it for me, if Hamza knows this, he will feel bad, I don’t want him to get upset. Nilam says fine, where will I get this guy. Kainat gives the phone number and says call him home, his name is Jibraan Ayub. Nilam says fine, and goes. Zaroon meets Kainat and says I have seen for the first time, that you are sending suit for groom. Kainat says I got this for you, not Hamza. She says you came here for me, I have this right on me, if not marriage, love is there, can’t you wear this for my sake, I want you to participate in the marriage as if my marriage is happening with you, not Hamza. He gets shocked.

Zaroon asks how long will you live in this illusion. Kainat says until I get married, please promise me to do this. He takes the suit.

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  1. Nina

    Not, she won’t back away, I suppose, Kainat will drag Zaroon to herself at the end of a rope whatever the cost.

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