Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kainat plots against Saltanat

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 11th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone meeting on the occasion of Eid. Kainat comes there. She asks Saltanat to come to her. She makes Saltanat gift Zaroon. He says I respect you more now Kainat. She thinks I want your love. Zaroon wears the cap and signs to Saltanat. Kainat gifts Hamza. They smile. Zaroon sees Saltanat. Everyone offers prayers in the mosque. Everyone hugs and wishes happy Eid. Rubina wishes everyone and also Zaroon. She blesses him. He asks for his Eidi. Zainab says Eidi comes once a year, ask me anything in Eidi. Nilam says think again. Zainab says Eidi is your right, you can ask anything.

Nilam says then permit me to tell everyone that you have made Saltanat swear. Zaroon says we will have a musical game, I will take permission from Miyajaan. Rubina and Ghazala agree. Zainab says its Saltanat and my matter. Nilam says you are doing wrong with Saltanat. Zainab asks her to take permission from Saltanat. Miyajaan says I m going in Eid party. Jaan says even our family has kept a party. Miyajaan says I m going there. Jaan says you don’t know about it. Miyajaan says I know the children want to play some game and want me to judge them, get ready and come.

Zaroon explains the game of passing the parcel and its rules. He says the winner will say the condition and the one who loses have to accept the condition. They play songs and play the game. Rubina gets the cushion. Everyone smiles. Kainat sees Zaroon. Ishq sufiyana…plays… Saltanat and Zaroon play until end. Zaroon wins. Miyajaan says Zaroon has won. Rubina asks Zaroon to take Eidi from Saltanat. Zaroon says I want to know the person who forced Saltanat to reject my love. Zainab gets worried. Everyone looks on.

Saltanat says we are playing a game for everyone’s happiness, why do you want to spoil everyone’s evening. Zaroon says its about our life, which is getting spoiled, please don’t be quiet today, tell me, who is it, who did a thing like outsiders. She sees Zainab. He says don’t worry, take the name. Saltanat says you want to hear the name right, its me Saltanat. Zaroon says don’t mislead me. She says don’t stop me, my parents have raised me like your parents raised you, no one can make me tag the right as wrong. Miyajaan says whatever you told, is that by your wish. She says yes, I told that by my wish. Kainat smiles. Miyajaan sees Zaroon. Zaroon gets angry and goes. Miyajaan asks Mamoon to explain Zaroon, love can’t be won by force. Kainat thinks my plan is working, Zaroon will hate Saltanat, just I have a right on his love.

Kainat talks to her dad’s pic. She laughs. She gets a call. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. anjali sharma

    Why do I Feel like this kainaat is planning to swap grooms!! same shakal toh hai hi!!
    plus she is making way for salatanat and zaroon!!

  2. Isn’t this getting a bit monotonous ?? Playing the same tune every episode.

  3. All i wish for is saltanat to end this dragging drama and accept zaroon ka pyar
    And hell with psycho kainat

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