Sufferings (swasan ts) by mars – shot 3

Hi guys! As I told u I will not be able to complete ts in 3 shots so that is why I m extending it to 10 shots.I want to thank sus dear bcoz of her only I got this idea as she told divorce is not only solution so I thought alternatively.
And for those who want swasan divorce, don’t worry I won’t leave sanskar he will surely suffer.
Hope so u will like it.

SUFFERINGS(swasan ten shots)
Gododia house:
Swara is lying beside avni and lost in thoughts.
Swara(monologue): whether I should give him divorce or not.But the life won’t be easy for me after divorce and moreover I don’t want to trouble baba at this age.I will adopt avni and will live with her and I won’t get scared of them as I know their weakness and even I can threaten them of filing case to police about domestic violence. Yes I can’t just run away from situation by divorcing him but will face him and take my own space.Tomorrow I will talk to kavya.
Thinking all this she slept.

Next morning
Swasan room
Sanskar is having really tough time in finding his belongings as he never cared always swara gives him but still he don’t want to accept that he needs swara.
After getting ready he went downstairs

Sujata is near dining table when sanskar came.
Sujata: see sanskar your wife is of no use. I have to do all work at this age.plz find some servant for this house.
Sanskar thinks swara’s words”u worry about yourself how u and your mother is going to manage without servant of the house”he really don’t want to remember it.
He didn’t give any answer to sujata and sat for breakfast. Then only door bell rang.
Sanskar went to open the door and there stood postman with letter. Sanskar took the letter and was confused as it was from court.
He went near dining table and opened the letter
Sujata: what is this sanskar?

Sanskar: let me read first.
He started reading and his expression changed to shock as his wife swara had applied for divorce and he is summoned in court for first hearing tomorrow.He really don’t know how to react Bcoz he never knew that his little scared wife can do something like this.
Sujata:what happened tell me what is this.
Sanskar came back to reality after listening sujata
Sanskar: mom I m called in court.
Sujata(got up from chair): why?????

Sanskar : swara had applied for divorce .
Sujata: what r u saying? How she can do like this.I m sure his father must have manipulated her against us. I will see how she will do this I will bring her.
Sujata was angry and about to go.
Sanskar: stop mom u will not go to swara.

Sujata:but why sanskar?see what she is doing we can’t just sit like this and how can she think of divorce without telling us.
Sanskar(shouted): mom I said na no means no she is my wife I will talk to her so pls u stay out of this.
Sujata: (shocked)in what way u are speaking to me just for that girl.
Sanskar: she is my wife till now I was listening to u but now plz let me handle my life myself.
Sanskar angrily left leaving sujata shocked as his dear son had never raised his voice at her.

Gododia house:
Swara is getting ready to go to kavya to cancel the divorce but she don’t know how to tell to her baba as he will never agree for it.
Swara:baba I m going out for some work plz take care of avni.
Shekar: OK but come soon.
Swara:Ji baba

She left the house.
On road
Swara is waiting for taxi when sanskar saw her who came to meet her and talk about divorce.He stopped his car in front of her and came out.swara saw him but didn’t reacted.He went near her
Sanskar: swara I want to talk to u.
Swara: (sternly)but I don’t want to talk with u.
Sanskar :(hold her hand) swara plz once talk to me.

Swara jerked his hand and looked around seeing many people. She don’t want to create a scene so she silently sat in car .Sanskar also got sitted and started the car.
There was pin drop silence in the car.
Sanskar was looking straight but sometimes looks at swara from corner of his eye.But swara was just looking out with blank face.sanskar was not able to judge what is going in her mind.
After the journey of few more mins they reached park where there was no one.
Both came out and there was awkward silence among them. Sanskar was not knowing how to start but finally he spoke
Sanskar: swara I got notice from court.

She looked at him as she remembered kavya told that she will sent notice to sanskar in morning.
Swara: then??
Sanskar: u really want to give me divorce?
Swara: yes
Sanskar (shocked): but why ?,u didn’t complain from last 3 years.
Swara: bcoz I don’t want to live with the person who treats me as a toy.and I didn’t said anything from 3 years then it was my stupidity.

Sanskar(shouted): swara.
Swara: don’t shout sanskar even I also know how to shout.
Sanskar(calming himself): see swara after divorce life will not be easy neither for u nor for me. Its better if we should compromise.
Swara didn’t said anything as she even don’t want to give divorce so she thought it’s right time to accept.
Swara : ok I won’t give but I have some conditions.
Sanskar (confused): what?

Swara: firstly I want to adopt avni so if u want me to come with u then avni will also come.
Sanskar (shocked): but she is not our blood swara how can we accept someone like this.
Swara; OK then come in the court tomorrow.
Sanskar:(unwillingly) OK fine I will accept.
Swara:I m not saying that u should give your name to her but she will be my daughter.
Sanskar : OK
Swara: even I will do job and we will not live like husband wife until I accept.
This was another shock for sanskar.He didn’t replied anying.
Swara:answer me sanskar will u accept my conditions.
Sanskar:OK fine but now u will come with me.

Swara: not now firstly I will cancel the divorce and also make legal adoption paper of avni.
Sanskar: come we will do this together.
Swara: OK we will go to meet lawyer kavya khanna.
Sanskar: OK fine.
They left.

Kavya’s office
Swasan entered inside the office.kavya saw them
Kavya:oh swara come have seat.
Swasan sitted in front of her
Kavya: BTW swara I had send notice to your husband.
Sanskar looked at swara .
Swara:actually kavya he is my husband sanskar(points to sanskar beside her).
Kavya:oh sorry I was not knowing.

Swara:its OK actually we came here as I want to cancel the divorce.
Kavya:but why? Yesterday u were ready (she looks at sanskar)see if he is threatening u then not to worry .
Swara:no no nothing like that we want to give one chance to our relation.
Sanskar:yes plz try to understand.
Kavya:OK fine if u really want then I will cancel.
Swara: thank you and baba must have told u about avni.

Kavya:yea u want to adopt her.I had prepared the papers.
Swara: thanks.
Kavya give the papers and swara signed them and then putted in front of sanskar.
Sanskar looked at swara but her eyes were blank.
He finally signed the papers.
Kavya: so u adopt avni legally.Congratulations.
Swara: thanks we will take leave.
Swasan leave from there.

Swara was going to taxi when sanskar called
Sanskar: I will drop u swara.
Swara: no its OK
Sanskar: plzz
Swara: hmm
Swasan left together.

Gododia house:
Sanskar stopped the car outside the house. Swara was about to come out when sanskar asked
Sanskar: when u will come back.
Swara(looked at him): tomorrow
Sanskar: I will come to take u.
Swara: and avni also.
Sanskar: yea.

Swara went inside and sanskar left.
Swara entered inside and went to room where shekar and avni were there.
Shekar(saw her): u came swara u took too much time.
Swara: yea baba I want to tell u something
Shekar:yes tell beta.
Swara: actually I had cancelled the divorce.
Shekar: why ? Don’t tell me sanskar said u.

Swara: no papa its my decision bcoz I m not that weak to run away from situation. And even he had adopted avni.
Shekar: but
Swara: baba trust me if something happens I will surely come back .
Shekar: OK but u will act strong.
Swara: yes baba.

Maheshwari house:
sanskar came inside and sujata ran to him
Sujata: what she said?

Sanskar: she will not give divorce.

Sujata: better she understood otherwise…
Sanskar: but she put conditions
Sujata: now what?
Sanskar: she asked me to adopt her father’s caretakers daughter who is no more and she will do job.
Sujata(shouted):what ??? U must have refused na just give her divorce.there will be many girls who will marry u.
Sanskar: I accepted the conditions.
Sujata: how can u do this.

Sanskar: bcoz she is wife and I took the decision after thinking. So be quite and be quite and do as she said.
Sanskar left and sujata stood there angrily.
Sujata(monologue): what happened to him.He is changed.

Both swasan are in their respective room lost in thoughts.
Swara’s POV
Today many things happened I cancelled the divorce bcoz I won’t leave sanskar and his mother easily. I will make them regret their behaviour.huh! Sanskar was different today.He talked very politely with me which he never did.May be he is changing but I can’t trust him who knows may be he is pretending. I never thought he will accept my conditions but he did. I really don’t know what is going in his head but I will show them new swara from tomorrow.
Swara’s pov ends

Sanskar’s POV
I m shocked at my own behaviour.In the morning when I came to know that swara will give me divorce I got numb I really don’t know why I was affected too much when I don’t care about her but I do.In just one day I came to know I really need her here. May be I m habitual to her but whatever I can’t give her divorce. I really can’t think of it.when I asked her to cancel divorce she agreed but put conditions. Another surprise for me I accepted them just bcoz she should not give divorce. I always listen to my mom but today I went against her.Ufff I m not understanding myself.
Sanskar’s POV ends.

Marriage is a pious relation where we are bind to our life partner.It depends how we behave with them but still they are soulmates and their absence or presence really matters.

Precap: swara and avni came to maheshwari house. Sujata shocked to see swara’s attitude.

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