Surbhi Chandna BIDS ADIEU to Sanjivani 2 on her last day of shoot

As we all know Sanjivani 2 is going off air and actress Surbhi Chandana is having a heavy heart as she shoots for the last time for the show. The show is going off-air in mid March and Surbhi shared a series of videos with her crew members.took to her social media account to share a few moments with her co stars and the crew before bidding final adieu.

Surbhi had said earlier in an interview to BT, “We were hoping that the show would go on for at least a year, but I guess the audience could not connect with it. However, I am happy that after playing a bubbly girl in Ishqbaaz, I got to play a doctor and do something completely different. It was a learning experience for me.”
The show recently went in for a leap as well but it all failed to create the magic. Gaurav Chopra’s entry as the negative lead too didn’t do any wonders.
About wrapping up of the show Gaurav had said, “We thought that the change in storyline and characters would result in an extension, but that did not happen. With so many platforms offering finite shows, it’s not surprising if a TV show, too, wraps up in four to six months.”

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  1. I think the fans did not join because the CVs break the couple the jodi sidashini .. The series would have or go far yet .. There is so much to say and various scenario concerning the medical. But they could not exploit .. Too bad .. And the fact of having broken the couple ishani and sid .. And especially to show the bad role of sid .. This is what has not more to the fans .. From more to believe the site .. The fact of showing and pushing the couple ishani and Nj forward did not help either .. It is clear that the two actors will end together .. Too bad that I respect the work of the actor Nj. I had a preference for Sid .. Although they were shown as the worst man .. It is the CV that wanted it .. It is frustrating because the CV makes fans want to love their series and the fetish couple .. Once the fans join and accept .. They do everything to destroy the couple .. And this is a shame because this is not how we should thank the fans for watching and loving the series .. I find that it is not correct for the loyalty of the fans to have ousted the sidashini couple

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