Stubborn Heart vs Soft Heart [Shivna, Kriya SS – Prologue]

Character Sketch 

Krishna Thakur

Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya

A gangster of Uttar Pradesh , Baghwa Village

Shivani Wadekar

Mansi Srivastava

A singer and Krishna’s love interest

Pratigya Saxena

Pratigya Ki Ankahee Dastaan

An aspiring script writer and director who wishes to make a big film in bollywood

Maanvi Thakur [Krishna’s younger sister, who is an assistant of Pratigya. She wants to get a role in film ]

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum

Rahul Brijesh [Krishna’s right hand in his gangster world. He has a love interest in Maanvi ]

Sajjan Singh [ Godfater of all Gangster world in UP , Krishna earlier used to work for him. But later he left him and started doing his work in his own way]

Dharmendra Thakur [ Krishna’s dad, A retired College Professor ]

Himesh Chawla

A renowned film producer of Bollywood

So let’s begin the plot

At Mumbai

Producer : Pratigya we need something different. These type of themes are just for making short films only. You may leave.

Pratigya ; Sir at least please tell me what kind of subject you are expecting ?

Producer : Love stories have no market at all. Women centric subjects , Science fiction – all has gone. Can you make a script based on a gangster. Real life of a gangster ?

Pratigya : What ?

Producer : Just do it and then meet me . I will think about making a film based on your script.

Pratigya : Okay

Pratigya leaves.

Scene shifts to a hostel room

Maanvi : That producer is mad, how can we find a real living gangster ?

Pratigya : Tumhare bhaiya, Krishna

Maanvi ; What ? You don’t know he is much dangerous. He is an animal. Even I too don’t talks to him. That’s why I came here.

Pratigya : Maanvi you want to act in film naa, you want to become a heroine in movies naa ?

Maanvi : Yeah, but don’t tell me that I should take you to my village

Pratigya : Of course I will tell you. I am going to make a film based on gangster Krishna Thakur. You just fix an appointment with him.

Maanvi : Appointment with KT ? You loves your hands, legs, face naa ?

Pratigya : Why you are asking so ?

Maanvi : Arrey he breaks bones , brain of human beings. He is a gangster , a contract killer.

Pratigya : That’s why I wants to meet him

Maanvi ; I don’t want to become god’s favourite child by going to heaven so soon. Switch off the lights and just sleep.

Pratigya : Maanvi, Maanvi. Maanvi ke bacchi, No one will stop me from meeting Krishna

At Uttar Pradesh 

Krishna looks a photo frame  and thinks about Shivani

Krishna ; Why you left me Shivani ? Why ?

Rahul : Bhai , You still

Krishna : Bas kar. Paise mile ?

Rahul : Pure nahi, bhai.

Krishna : Saala, KT ke saath cheating. Uske khopdi nikalte hein. Gaadi nikaal le

Rahul : Ji

AN : This is an adaptation of BACCHAN PANDEY  which was a remake of Jigarthanda movie. I liked hindi version which was unique. Based on that one  I am writing this story with some changes.

  1. Jasminerahul

    You told me that you are planning to write an os on arhaan mansi.was it this one?
    This ff is a surprise.both are lovely jodies.surprised to see krishna as a gangster,shivani as a singer n pratigya as an aspiring writer/director.its true that many like gangster movies n gangster ffs.maanvi is also so scared of he really that dangerous or people are misunderstanding him?shivani broke up with krishna or did she die?perfect pics.

    1. Revu

      Shivna is Shivani and Krishna only, you are right. But main focus is giving on Krishna and Pratigya story and Maanvi- Rahul story .But I will also show Shivna story which plays a major turn in Krishna’s life for becoming The gangster KT. Please keep waiting

  2. Jasminerahul

    I didn’t see the cover page properly.there is no arhaan mansi in the cover page?

    1. Revu

      Actually this will focus on Kriya story, Mansi definitely had a role and Rahul- Maanvi story will be also there as second leads. Cover page is on Kriya and Maanvi- Rahul only. Pratigya exactly suit the character which Kriti Sanon played in original movie and Krishna also matches with Akshay Kumar. Mansi will be playing role of Jacqueline here . Keep waiting. Thanks a lot. And Arhaan – Mansi OS is a separate one. That will be updating later only

  3. Jasminerahul

    Ok.i thought shivna means Krishna and shivani.

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