Stubborn Heart vs Soft Heart [Shivna, Kriya, Ranvi SS – Part 1]

At night [Around 9 pm in UP]

A man is been bought in the middle of road. His hands and legs are tied with rope. Blood is clotting from his forehead.

Rahul : KT Bhai, This is the guy who was disloyal to us. He didn’t bought the money which Shamsher Shetty send as we captured and threatened the Village officer who was not permitting approval to destroy the paddy field and building a shopping complex there. After work Shetty gave the money to him and told him to handover this to us. But half of the money is with us the other half is been gulped by this disloyal monkey. What to do with this creature bhai?

KT aka Krishna Thakur stares him in anger .

KT ; KT does the work of danger but with sincerity. And whoever keeps disloyalty to KT he needs to bear the punishment from KT. I have kept this knife with me to remind you about the consequence of being disloyal to Gangsters.


Guy : No, Please KT Sir, Don’t kill me , If you will kill me, then  my wife and my children will become alone.

KT : Chup, ekdum chup.

Guy : Please forgive me, I am begging at your feet , Please leave me, I am sorry.

KT : Beta, These crying-wying, sorry-worry and all emotional dramebaazis have no space in KT’s heart. My heart is Fire , it’s not an ice to melt.

KT stabs knife on his knee. Guy screams.

KT pushes him to the side of road .

KT : Rahul let’s go

Rahul : Bhai why you didn’t pierced knife at his neck ?

KT : Uski biwi bacche hamri wajah se anaath nahi hona chahiye. Ee saalon ko toh paise se hee matlab hein, saala abb yeh chot jindagi bhar usse kahega -Bewafa Bandar .

Rahul : Let me also try some UP slang Hindi – Hamri Marg se Prasthan Karo, Warna Dimaag aur Shareer Ek dusre se Alag ho Jaayenge

KT : What was it ?

Rahul : This was Bhojpuri

KT ; Tum Shuddh Hindi bolo, wahi kaafi hein.

Kallu : Bhai , Saale ke seene mein khanjar gussa de toh maja aata, Bhai

KT : Bhai bolne kaa haq sirf Rahul ko hein, Apne kaam se matlab rakh , Dar banake rakhna jaruri thaa, Aur ho gaya.

KT gets into jeep with his gang

{Imagine Krishna Thakur in place of Akki with his gang and just enjoy, I am giving original song itself because that’s the best opening for showing gangster side of KT}

At 10 pm in Bus stand of Bhagwa Village

Pratigya and Maanvi arrives there. Villagers were running here and there.

Maanvi stops a person to know what’s the matter

Person : KT has just now beated and pierced knife in  a person’s knife for cheating him. He is on this way, there may be any dealings here. We can’t see these blood sheds , so that’s why we are leaving this place.

Maanvi : See , that’s what I was saying Pratigya. He is dangerous. Let’s drop this idea here and go back.

Pratigya ; Maanvi I am so excited to see him.

Maanvi : Are you mad ? It’s been 5 years I didn’t came here and neither seen him. Because I hate him as he became gangster. Even Paapa stopped talking with him.

Pratigya : KT also didn’t come and see you at Mumbai ?

Maanvi : He has no feelings to any one, He is a lion. He doesn’t cares about Paapa , then what about me ? It’s a closed chapter to me.  Oh no, KT’s gang is coming here.

Pratigya : Let them come, I want to take an interview

Maanvi ; Arrey, Crazy girl ? Just run away from here and hide some where.

Pratigya : But I didn’t done any mistake.

Maanvi ; Arrey meri maa, tumhein train ke neeche sir rakhna pasand hein toh tu kar ? Mein jaake wahan corner mein chupti hoon.

Pratigya looks KT and his gang from a little bit distance. She tooks her camera and starts recording live. She sees a deal of KT with Sajjan Singh.

KT pulls a chair and sits in his full swag

Sajjan : Hamre saamne Kursi mein Paav latake baithne kee thori yeh majaal ?

KT : Hamra Paav, Hamri Marjee,Konu Shikayat !!

Sajjan : Dharwad area mein Deal hamri thee Krishna , hamri

KT : Krishna nahi, KT bolo ,KT. Aur haan abb se tohre saath dealing khatam. Humko over take karke Bike sawari nikale the naa , abb uss bike kaa satyanaash hein. Rahul , bring the documents.

Krishna takes a lighter and burns the documents before Sajjan’s eyes.

KT : The agreement is burned, Now KT has his own  way and you are at your own way.

Sajjan tries to grab Krishna’s neck, Krishna holds his hand

KT : You are now a retired Gangster. Go home and chant mantras of Lord Ram , you will get Moksha

KT turns to leave,mean while Sajjan loads his gun

Before he could spot out KT turned back and pointed his gun over Sajjan

KT : My gun is like Jet airways, Sajjan. Before you target me it will turn your body in pieces, You wants that ?

Sajjan holds his gun back and KT went towards his jeep. Meanwhile someone holds Pratigya’s hand forcefully and she screamed

Krishna sees it and gets anger.

He ran towards the spot and slaps him.

KT ; Saala, You are misbehaving with girls ? Leave her.

Goon ; I am Seth’s goon and today night she will spend with me and him

KT : What ?

KT beats him and both of them had an immense fight

Mean while other goons also involved in fights , KT , Rahul and KT’s gang deals with all of them. But unfortunately some one hit Pratigya’s head with an iron rod and she faints

Seeing this Maanvi who was hiding behind pillar rushed there screaming Pratigya!!!

KT : Maanvi, tum kab aaye ?

Rahul : Maanvi

Maanvi : Are you humans or animals ? Between all your fights my friend got injured. She has nothing to do with you.

KT : Maanvi bacchi

Maanvi : Rahul tell your bhai that I don’t want to talk with any gangster. We need to take Pratigya to hospital.

Rahul nods his head.

At hospital 

As Pratigya was admitted in hospital KT with his gang, Maanvi were assembled there.

Maanvi : Rahul tell your bhai that If anything will happen to my friend, then I will never forgive him

Rahul : You can talk directly talk to your brother, why you are making me as a mediator ?

KT : Bacchi, You didn’t told that you both are coming,

Kallu : KT I got a camera from that girl’s bag.

Krishna checks it and looks Maanvi.

Maanvi : She was willing to make a biopic on KT,  she doesn’t had any intention to trap you, she is a film director and a script writer. I am working as her personal assistant.

Rahul : I have heard about Tooth pic , yeh biopic kyaa hein ?

Maanvi : Biopic means story of some one, She wants to make a film on KT .

Rahul ; Wow, Film on Bhai , that’s great.

Krishna feels confused.

Next day morning Krishna arrives hospital to see Pratigya. He enters inside the room and finds Pratigya was struggling to take the tablets which were kept on table.

KT : Maanvi, Bacchi!! Yeh kahan gayi. Aapko kya chahiye ?

Pratigya pointed out her finger on table

KT : I will bring it

Krishna picks them and sits near Pratigya. He opened and handover it to her


KT : He grabbed your neck that’s why you feels struggling for talking. Don’t worry, you will get well soon. Have the medicine and you will be able to talk properly soon

Pratigya was astonished to see Krishna’s this shade of behaviour.

Maanvi arrives there and sees it.

Maanvi : Pratigya, why you are having tablets from a stranger ?

KT : Bacchi, when I came here you was not present. She was finding hard to take medicines ,so I was helping her.


Maanvi ; I went to canteen for bringing food to her . For a few time I was not here , a gangster  is  taking advantage of that thing and trying to talk with her ? He will never get the love and care of sister and don’t try to influence my friend for getting my attention.

KT : Why you addressing  me as He, Gangster etc . ? I am your big brother. You can call me bhaiya.

Maanvi : I don’t have any brother who is a gangster. There used to be one brother who was just Krishna, not a Gangster KT.

Maanvi turned her face, Krishna leaves the spot. Pratigya thinks about them .

After few days Pratigya got recovered. Maanvi comes and picks her to her home.

Maanvi : Pratigya, you can stay at that room

Pratigya : Thanks Maanvi.

Dharmendra : Maanvi can I tell them to arrive today evening ?

Maanvi : Ji Paapa.

Pratigya : Who is going to come ?

Maanvi : Ladke waale aa rahe hein, Today evening my marriage is going to be fixed.

Pratigya : What ? Did your brother knows this ? But you loves Rahul naa? Do he knows this ?

Maanvi : He doesn’t cares me any more. In fact like KT he has also becoming a ruthless gangster. I have told Rahul that I have decided to move on. Rahul and KT both are rude.

Pratigya : I don’t think both of them are that much rude . There may be any reason behind it.

Maanvi : Whatever it is ,I can’t think of loving a gangster.

At Evening in Thakur Home

Rahul arrives there and stares Maanvi.

Maanvi : Why you came here Rahul ? I said nothing is between in us.Then why ?

Meanwhile KT and his gang also arrives there.

KT was drunken. He starts singing .Saare bolo bewafa, zor se bolo bewafa, Pratigya gets  impressed with his swag and concern for his friend Rahul. She lifts the camera and records it .

{Imagine KT at the place of Akshay Kumar, Rahul at the place of Abhimanyu and Maanvi at the place of bride, Pratigya at the place of Kriti and I again used the original song which suits the situation well.}

Maanvi recalls her moments with Rahul. She rushed near Rahul

Maanvi : Rahul just stop this non sense.

Rahul : Yeh non-sense nahi, it’s my heart’s pain. KT Bhai knows it well , who can know it better than him ?

Pratigya thinks : Why Rahul is saying like these ? Did KT loved some one ? Who is she ?

Maanvi : Rahul you may please leave.

Rahul : Maanvi are you able to forget me  and put garland on any other person’s neck with full of happiness at heart ? I will leave if you say Yes with a smile. I am keeping your hand at my chest. Now tell me the truth

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum

Maanvi : I can’t lie before your eyes, I can’t pretend that I am happy ,but my Paapa told me to move on and I can’t refuse him.

KT : True love never dies, we should respect them. Professor saab I hope you understand your daughter’s wish.

Dharmendra : Maanvi!!

Maanvi : I am sorry paapa. But I am unable to forget Rahul. You may please call them and inform that  I am not ready for this.

Dharmendra : Fine beta, for my daughter’s wish I will do it.

He goes inside.

Maanvi and Rahul hug each other passionatley

Yeh Kahan aa gaye hum

Pratigya smiles seeing them together. But she also notices Krishna leaving the place , his eyes were teary at that time. Pratigya follows him

KT : Why you are following me ?

Pratigya : I want to know who are you  exactly. I want to hear your story from you.

KT : Go back home girl. Don’t do this. My life is mine and no one needs to publicise it . You should find better option for your biopic.

Pratigya : But I really need to hear your story from you. I knows that you are not a gangster by birth, that day when a person misbehaved with me you saved me and I understood that you are genuine person . You cared me when I was struggling at hospital and I know you are not a ruthless person. Just that you are wearing a mask of stubborn attire and developed an image of KT The Gangster by killing yourself Krishna. Just now also I see how you was concerned for Rahul and for your sister Maanvi. I really want to how Krishna became KT. Please Krishna please tell me your story.

KT takes pistol and points out it on Pratigya

Stubborn Heart vs Soft Heart [Shivna, Kriya SS - Prologue] - Telly Updates

KT : Hamri kahani issi mein shuru hote hein aur issi mein khatam. So keep distance from me.

Pratigya : I am not scared of this one any more. I have seen your eyes floatting tears and I understood that you too have feelings , may be you might have loved some one. But she left you after knowing that you are a gangster and might have married to some one else. Hey naa ?

Krishna fumes in anger and he gave a tight slap on Pratigya’s face

Pratigya glorified

KT : Hamra naam KT hein, Krishna nahi. And who are you to comment on my life, my love ? Do you know anything about love ? You are Maanvi’s friend that’s why allowed you to stay at my home. But you have crossed limits. Pack your bags and get lost right now.

KT walks in anger.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Krishna leaving that person without killing him for his wife n children was touchy.he is jot heartless like maanvi says.krishna sajjan dialogue style reminded me of the show pratigya.that goon is so cheap to plan a night with pratigya. Krishna saving pratigya n scolding him for misbehaving with a girl was nice.krishna giving medicine to pratigya was emotional. Sad to see maanvi talking rudely to krishna.shocking that maanvi n Rahul were lovers n he was ditched by her for being a gangster.rahul maanvi scene was very emotional. Glad that they united.hug was sweet n emotional.shocking n sad that krishna slapped pratigya.hope he will regret n apologizes.
    Superb pics.

    Have you seen Rahul manvi’s show?

    1. Revu

      Thanks a lot, yeah I have watched Yeh Kahan aa gaye hum, but too much super natural elements were added so I skipped it later. And bhojpuri style striked every where in Bacchan Pandey movie and an emotional side of Akki was also shown especially that song Meri Jaan was so apt, I was able to see different level of Akshay Kumar in that movie and that’s why adapted this for Kriya. The movie was a mix of action, emotions, comedy and the way Kriti changes his gangster behaviour to a normal soft spoken man was so beautiful and emotional. I just loved Kriti to the core

    2. Jasminerahul

      I have not seen Rahul manvi show n the experiencing both through your ff.

  2. Jasminerahul

    Can you please write a short story on the akshay shilpa movie dhadkan with rikara n shivika?
    Akshay shilpa- rikara
    Sunil Mahima-shivika

  3. Revu

    Can I write it on any other pairs rather than Shivika and Rikara ? I have wrote so many for them

    1. Jasminerahul

      Actually why I chose rikara n shivika is because somebody had started a ff on dhadkan with rikara shivay.but after some parts she discontinued I felt sad n wish to read dhadkan on rikara n shivika.but if you are feeling bored you can change the pairs of mayamayooram as you are planning to write it also on rikara I guess.but plz write dhadkan on rikara shivika.

  4. Revu

    Can I write it on any other pairs rather than Shivika and Rikara ? I have wrote so many for them, so will write for any other pairs

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