String of Love & Friendship – Episode 2

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Recap: It’s Darsh’s birthday, Pallavi and Vividha wish them their gifts!!! Om-Gauri’s wedding preparations are in full swing!!! Akshara’s baby kicks!!! Bhavya and Atharva are worried about Raghav’s stress!!!

Episode 2

Scene 1

Pallavi serves breakfast to Darsh and Vividha.

Vividha: Didi, this is bad. You made everything which is bhai’s favorite.

Darsh: I’m the hero today.

Pallavi: Vivi, today is his special day. Let him enjoy.

Vivi: Ok, just for today.

Pallavi: Ok, did you prepare well for the competition?

Vivi: Yes didi, definitely I’ll win it.

Pallavi smiles.

Pallavi: Ah, convey my wish to Nandhini also.

Darsh gets happy hearing Nandhini’s name.

Vivi gets angry.

Vivi: You are my sister. Why are you wishing her?

Pallavi: Vivi, she is also like my sister only. Oberois are our family friends. What happened to you both? Why you both are fighting these days? Once upon a time, you two were the closest friends.

Vivi: Didi, please stop it. I don’t want to hear her name.

Darsh: Vivi…

Vivi: Bhai…

Darsh: Ok fine. Didi, are you not coming to the office?

Darsh: Today is your birthday party. I have work to do. So, I’m off. You both eat and leave.

They both eat and leave.

Darsh: Vivi, I’ll drop you at the college.

Vivi: Why?

Darsh: Just a casual drop.

Vivi gets doubt.

Vivi: Ok…Then how will I return?

Pallavi: I’ll pick you up in the evening.

Vivi: Ok then.

Darsh and Vivi leave.

Darsh drops her at college.

Vivi: Ok bhai, you can leave now.

Darsh searches for someone.

Vivi: Bhai, who are you searching for?

Darsh: No one.

Vivi: Then leave.

Darh moves slowly. Vivi goes inside. Then a girl comes and stops the car. It’s Nandhini. Darsh smiles seeing her. She gets inside the car. Darsh drives the car to some far distance and stops.

Nandhini applies tilak on his forehead.

Nandhini: Happy Birthday.

Darsh hugs her.

Darsh: I missed you.

Nandhini: Even I too.

Darsh: Where is my gift?

Nandhini gives him a present. He opens and finds the same watch as Vivi gave him.

Nandhini: I know this is your favorite brand. So, I bought it. But I looked for your favorite color, but someone bought that.

Darsh: Look at this watch.

He shows the watch.

Nandhini: Who gave this?

Darsh: Vivi gave me it.

Nandhini’s face changes.

Nandhini: Oh…ok, I want you to wear the watch I gave to you.

Darsh: Tomorrow I’ll wear it.

Nandhini demands him to wear. With a heavy heart, he removes the watch and wears her watch.

Darsh: What is happening between you two? I’m worried about you both.

Nandhini: The mistake is hers.

Darsh: Enough of your drama. I’ll leave. All the best for the competition.

Nandhini: Even your sister is participating in it.

Darsh: I know. I’ll be happy if anyone wins. Didi told her wishes for you through Vivi. But she won’t tell you. So, I’m informing you.

Nandhini: Didi is the best. Ok, I’ll leave now. Bye. Let’s meet at the party.

Darsh and Nandhini hug each other and leaves. Vividha sees the car through the window but doesn’t notice Nandhini. She thinks what is Darsh doing so much time. Meanwhile, Darsh removes Nandhini’s watch and wears Vivi’s watch. He drives off!!!

Scene 2

Akshara comes to Gauri.

Gauri: Bhabi, do you need anything?

Akshara shows her the nail polish for which Gauri was worrying.

Gauri: Bhabi, this is that broken nail polish. Where did you get it from?

Akshara: My friend had extra of this. I got this from her for you.

Gauri hugs her.

Gauri: Bhabi, you are the best bhabi can anyone have.

She hugs her. Gayathri sees them and smiles.

Gayathri: I’m so happy to see sisters-in-law like you both.

Naitik comes there.

Naitik: Akshara and Gauri be ready for the evening’s party. I’ll come home early.

Akshara: Naitik, we are going early as Pallavi called us for help.

Naitik: Ok then be careful.

Akshara: Sure.

Gauri: Ma, even you can come Nah?

Gayathri: Your bhabima and Dadaji is coming at eve. Somebody should be here to receive them right.

Akshara: Pallavi will miss you a lot ma.

Gayathri: That’s true. After her mother’s death, I took care of my own daughter. I always pray that her life should get better.

Akshara: Ma, we can ask Naitik to speak with her regarding the wedding as he is her close friend.

Gayathri: She neither won’t accept nor listen to anyone.

Akshara nods.

Scene 3

Shivay is cooking in the kitchen. Anika, Om, and Rudy sneak into the kitchen.

Anika: What happened to your brother? Is he upset about something?

Om: Why are you asking this?

Anika: No, he usually cooks when he is upset or happy about something. So only I’m asking.

Shivay smells them hiding.

Shivay: Enough of hiding, come in.

Rudy: How did he find out?

Anika: Your brother has cat eyes, he notices everything.

They go in.

Shivay: Yes, I have cat eyes. So what?

Anika: Rudy, I think I’m in danger.

Rudy: Yes code red.

Om smiles.

Om: Shivay why are you cooking now?

Shivay: I’m happy today. My brother is gonna get married. And I’m also thinking of my friend’s marriage.

Om: Which friend?

Rudy: Bhai, when did you start the matrimony business?

Anika laughs and they both give a high-five.

Shivay throws an onion on both of them.

Anika: I found his statement was a bit hilarious.

Shivay: Om, why are they both like this?

Om: Even I have the same doubt.

Anika and Rudy stare at them both.

Om: Ok leave them, for whom you are thinking about match-fixing?

Shivay: Raghav.

Om: But…

Anika: With Pallavi?

Shivay sees her with a surprise.

Shivay: Anika, when did your brain started to work better?

Anika: Shut up. Me and Akshara didi had this conversation long before. Then we dropped it.

Om: But Bhai both Pallavi didi and Raghav Bhai are under stress.

Shivay: But they are good friends. Raghav tries a lot harder to put a smile on Pallavi’s face and she always cooks him with extra care. Why don’t they get hitched together?

Anika: But Shivay, I feel that this is a bit sensitive issue. You better don’t discuss it at today’s party.

Om: Anika bhabi is right. Don’t want to discuss this Shivay.

Shivay: Fine…

He thinks!!!

Scene 4

Atharva: Bhavya will this look good for me?

Bhavya: Everything looks good on you.

Atharva: But I’m nervous.

Bhavya: Are you sure about doing this?

Atharva: Yes, I need to propose to her. I love her a lot. I don’t want to lose her.

Bhavya: But…

Atharva: No buts, because today everyone will come. Even Darsh invited that Ravish. He likes Vivi. If he proposes before me, then everything will get ruined.

Bhavya hugs him.

Bhavya: All the best bhai.

Atharva looks at Vivi’s pic and says he will not miss her.

Pallavi calls Raghav.

Raghav answers her call with excitement as well as sadness.

Raghav: Yes Pallavi.

Pallavi: Raghav, you come soon. You should help me with the arrangements.

Raghav: Sure, I’ll come.

Pallavi: We’ll both pick the cake together.

Raghav: Ok madam, as you say.

They both smiles and ends the call…

Raghav sees Pallavi’s pic and smiles!!!

!!!To Be Continued!!!

Precap: Vivi and Nandhini’s clash at the competition!!!

Naitik-Akshara romance!!!

Shivay ties Anika’s blouse and kisses her!!

Om and Gauri share a kiss!!!

Rudy sees Bhavya and falls in love!!!

Darsh sees Nandhini and is dumbstruck!!!

Vivi meets Ravish and Atharva fumes in jealousy!!!

Later Atharva and Vivi dance!!!

Everyone worries for Pallavi and Raghav. They are stuck in a rain and have a romantic moment!!!




  1. Shesha485

    Loved the episode. Omkara and Shivaay teasing Rudra and Annika and the vice versa was hilarious. Cat eyes part was cute. Akshara and Gauri moments are lovely. Surprising that Nandini and Vividha are not in good terms. Pallavi wishing Nandini was nice. Nandini gifting a watch to Darsh was lovely. Wow! Atharva is going to propose Vividha… Surprising that Ravish is also present as his competition.😅😅.

    1. Supriya_r

      Ravish is just a guest role.

  2. Nice episode why nandini and vivi don’t like each other they were best friend so if there any misunderstanding between them I like how darsh took nandini watch but sister is first gauri’s neilpolish and their sil bond was nice aniru bond is amazing cat eyes of anika’s nagad billa I am excited how will athava prapose vivi all are thinking about pallavi and raghav’s marrige precap is interesting

  3. Loved the episode dear…the episode was simply awesome…. fabulous episode……. post soon….

    1. Supriya_r

      Thank you so much!!!

  4. Nice episode waiting for next part plz post next part soon

    1. Supriya_r

      Thanks!!! Sure, the next part will be out soon.

  5. Liz

    Good Going Supriya….Its interesting….the pics added r like cherry on a cake
    🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Supriya_r

      Thanks a lot!!!

  6. Aldy

    Nice update…what will be the problem between vividha and Nandini,… waiting for next.

    1. Supriya_r

      Thanks!!! Nandhini and Vivi’s problem will get revealed in coming episodes.

  7. Wondering what’s the problem between Nandini and Vivi. I still didn’t got it, I mean, Nandini gave watch to Darsh but he wore Vivi’s watch after Nandini goes. Why? Anyways, rocking episode. You are the queen of happy-go-lucky fanfictions

    1. Supriya_r

      Thanks a lot, Zingo. Darsh made it clear that his sister is his first priority.

  8. Jasminerahul

    Why there is a cold war between vividha and nandini?Darsh nandini scene was sweet.but will the watch create problems?shivika omru scene was funny.shivay wants raghav pallavi to gauri scene was sweet.i hope atharva will be able to propose vividha before ravish.raghav pallavi scene was sweet.superb pics

    1. Supriya_r

      The reason for the cold war will be revealed in upcoming episodes.

  9. Rose

    The epi was lovely. What happened between Vividha and Nandini? Is Darsh blind or he can see ?

    1. Supriya_r

      Thanks!!! No Darsh is not blind. There is a little misunderstanding between Vivi and Nandhini. It will be revealed later.

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