String of Love & Friendship – Episode 1

Hey all!!!!

Thanks for the love and response for this ff. Your support made me start immediately. So, I’m writing this. Before going to episodes, I like to clear certain things.

  • I got interested in these both Mehendiwali and Aapki Nazaron serials by watching their promo but due to lack of time, I couldn’t able to watch it. I got to know that they are spoiling Aapki Nazaron. So, I have not included any other characters except the leads.
  • I have watched Jaana Na Dil Se door before 5 years. I don’t remember all the exact supporting characters and I get irritated with Vividha’s father actually. So, here also no other characters are involved except the leads.
  • Ishqbaaz and YRKKH are the ones that made my school life awe. So, some characters from both serials will be present. In YRKKH, I’m focusing only on Akshara and Naitik, so only old characters will be present. And I’m not watching it after Akshara and Naitik’s exit from the show.
  • All the episodes will be a little small compared to my other multi-starrer FFS.
  • Romance will come in the course of the story. But everyone will get equal importance.

So, here we go into the episode.

Episode 1

Scene 1

Rawal House is shown!!!

Pallavi is shown doing puja at her home temple.

Pallavi: Bhagavan Ji, today is Darsh’s birthday. I want him to be happy and he should get whatever he wishes in his life. I live only for my brother and sister. I wish they should be happy.

Vividha: Your prayers will be fulfilled didi.

Pallavi turns and looks at Vividha who comes smiling. She wishes her good morning.

Pallavi shows her aarti.

Pallavi: Vividha, did Darsh woke up?

Vividha: Didi, today is his birthday. On every birthday, he wakes up only on your face. So, you should go and wake him up.

Pallavi: Vividha, no. I’m not going. I’m saying this for 5 years. But he is not understanding and forcing me. But this birthday, I’m not going. You go and wake him up.

Darsh calls Vividha.

Pallavi: See, he is calling you. Go and attend him.

Vividha: Didi…

Pallavi sends her.

Vividha comes to the room and sees Darsh standing with his eyes closed.

Vividha: Bhai, wait. I’ll take you to didi.

Darsh: Good girl.

She takes him to Pallavi who is making food for them.

Darsh: Didi.

Pallavi turns and Darsh sees her face.

Pallavi: Darsh…

Darsh: Didi, you are the luckiest for us. You are our everything. Please don’t make yourself inferior.

Vividha: Yes didi, if you consider yourself unlucky for the death of him then look at me. I’m the unluckiest as when Mumma got pregnant with me, dad died and Mumma died during the delivery. I was the one who is unlucky.

Pallavi: You are our angel doll. Don’t speak like this again.

Darsh: Yes, no one is unlucky. You both are Saraswati and Parvati of our house. I’m lucky to have you both.

Pallavi: A house gets complete when a Lakshmi comes. At least this year say yes to marriage.

Darsh bends his head in shyness.

Vividha: Didi, look at him. He is blushing.

Both sisters tease him.

Darsh: Ok fine, will you keep on talking like this or will you wish me a happy birthday.

Pallavi: Happy Birthday Darsh. Here are your clothes.

Vividha: This culture won’t change forever.

Darsh: Yes didi, your gift of new clothes on our every birthday is the best one.

Pallavi smiles and hugs him.

Vividha: Happy birthday Bhai. Here is your favorite watch. This is my gift. I got it for you from my savings.

Darsh: Oh my god, my baby sister has grown a lot. Thank you both for your beautiful gifts.

Pallavi: Ok go and get ready. It’s time for office and college.

Darsh and Vividha leave. Pallavi smiles!!!

Scene 2

Oberoi house is shown!!!

Anika is in her room busily talking to wedding planners.

Shivay wakes up due to her noise.

Anika after ending the call sees Shivay wake up.

Anika: You woke up?

Shivay: If you speak this loudly, then how can I sleep?

Anika: You shouldn’t sleep. It’s your brother’s wedding.

Shivay: Still, we have 2 weeks.

Anika: So, what? I want everything to be the best.

Shivay: Ok come here.

She comes and sits near him. He hugs her from behind and kisses her.

Anika: Your romance started in the morning itself? Leave me, I need to go for puja. Dadi will be waiting for me.

Shivay: You go afterward, you need to do wife’s duty now.

Anika smiles. They both cuddle. Just then Om and Rudy come in. They see them and cough. Anika and Shivay move apart.

Rudy: Bhai and Bhabi, the doors are given to be closed.

Om: Yes, that too couples room should be closed.

Anika: No actually, I was about to go out but your brother made this.

Shivay: What’s a big deal in this? They just saw the romance of a couple.

Anika: Very funny.

Om: Bhabi, dadi asked to call you for the puja.

Anika: Yeah, I’ll go. Are you both not coming?

Rudy: I’m coming bhabi.

Om: Shivay, nowadays he is behaving as a good brother-in-law than a brother.

Rudy: Yeah, I’m always on bhabi’s side.

Anika smiles.

They both leave.

Om: Shivay, we are so lucky to have bhabi and Gauri in our lives.

Shivay: That’s true Om. They held us together when the family was falling apart. They take care of Nandhini a lot.

Om: Yes.

Shivay: What Gauri is saying about the wedding?

Om: She is excited a lot.

Just then Gauri video calls him.

Om: Look, she is calling. This will be definitely regarding the wedding.

Shivay: Go and attend in your room.

Om: There won’t be anything personal. Now see.

Om attends the call.

Om: Hi baby.

Gauri hurriedly says hi.

Om: Why are you tensed?

Gauri: Look at this.

She shows the broken nail polish bottle.

Om: It’s just nail polish.

Gauri: What, it’s just nail polish. Om, I got this for my matching wedding saree. But…

Om: So, what?

Gauri: What so what? I ordered this from the U.S via my friend. If I order now, it will take three weeks to get delivered. But I’m excited about one thing.

Om: What?

Gauri: We are going to get married in 2 weeks baby.

She shouts in excitement.

Om: Baby, do you realize one thing? Your decibel level increases every week.

Gauri: Shut up. Every girl will dream of her wedding from childhood. So, keep quiet.

Om’s battery gets down and the call disconnects.

Shivay laughs.

Om: Look at these women. Crazy women.

They both smile and have fun.

Anika goes down for the puja. Dadi welcomes her.

Anika: Where is Nandhini?

Nandhini: I’m here bhabi.

She brings flowers.

Anika: Wow today you look extra beautiful. Is there anything special?

Nandhini blushes.

Rudy: Bhabi, there is something for sure. Look at how she is blushing.

Anika smiles. Nandhini beats him.

Dadi: Enough of your play, now start the puja.

Anika starts the puja. Everyone pray.

Nandhini (to herself): Bhagawan ji, he should be happy and healthy.

Everyone prays!!!

Scene 3

Singhania house is shown!!!

Akshara sings bhajan. Gayarthri, Shekar, Naitik and Gauri prays.

Gayatri and Shekar’s son is Naitik and their daughter is Gauri.

Shekar’s brother’s daughter is Anika. But the three kids are like their own bro sis and are very close to each other.

After Bhajan, Akshara gives prasad to everyone.

Gayatri: Gauri, did you call Bhabima and Dadaji? When are they coming?

Gauri: Ma, they are coming today evening.

Shekar: They went to Ganga aarti to pray for you only.

Gauri: I know papa.

Akshara: Everyone come. I’ll serve breakfast.

Akshara is pregnant for 5 months….

Gauri: Bhabi, you also sit. I’ll serve hereafter.

Gayatri: Yes Akshara, you sit.

Shekar: Already you do a lot of work for Gauri’s wedding. So, you rest.

Gauri: Yes, bhabi come.

Naitik smiles.

Everyone has breakfast. Naitik and Akshara go to their room after having breakfast.

Akshara: Naitik, I’m lucky right?

Naitik: For what?

Akshara: To have a loving husband like you. To have a caring family like this.

Naitik: Even we are luckier to have you here.

Just then Akshara feels kicks.

Akshara: Naitik, the baby has kicked now.

Naitik gets happy.

Naitik: See, even our baby accepts my saying.

Naitik touches Akshara’s stomach and feels the kick.

Naitik: This is really a nice feeling.

They both enjoy it.

Gauri comes and sees this. She takes videos of them.

Akshara: Gauri, come in.

Gauri: I’m recording this beautiful moment.

Naitik: Gauri, you also touch and feel it.

Gauri too touches and feels happy.

Scene 4

Rao house is shown!!!

Bhavya keeps the breakfast on the table, Atharva comes.

Bhavya: Bhai, come sit and have breakfast.

Atharva: Did Raghav Bhai came?

Bhavya: He’ll come; you sit.

Atharva sits.

Raghav too comes and haves breakfast. He doesn’t speak much.

Atharva: Bhai, can I ask you one thing.

Raghav: yes.

Atharva: What is bothering you? Why are you at so much guilt?

Raghav gets irked. He remembers a night where he does an accident. He feels suffocated.

Bhavya: Bhai, leave it. You know right, whenever we ask him about that, his health deters. Leave it.

Bhavya gives him water.

Atharva: Sorry bhai.

Raghav: It’s ok, no need to be sorry.

Bhavya: Bhai, today come early. We need to go to Darsh’s birthday bash. Pallavi didi has invited specially.

Raghav remains silent hearing Pallavi’s name. Then he nods yes. He eats soon and leaves.

Atharva: Bhavya, how much has changed in these 5 years? After mom and dad got divorced, Bhai was everything for us. But we lost him before 5 years.

Bhavya: We need to find out what is bothering him? I’ll ask Pallavi didi to find as they are very close friends.

Atharva nods!!!

!!!To Be Continued!!!















  1. Nice… really nice… post soon

  2. Shesha485

    Loved the episode. Darsh looking at Pallavi’s face every birthday and his respect for Pallavi was nice. Pallavi considering herself unlucky and Vividh consoling her was emotional. Shivaay and Annika scenes are funny and romantic. Omkara taunting Gauri for increasing the decible was hilarious. Loved Akshara and Naitik baby Kick scenes. Surprising that Atharva and Bhavya are unaware of what incident is bothering Raghav

    1. Supriya_r

      Thanks….yes they don’t about his condition.

  3. Nice update!!

  4. Rose

    Somewhere I have a feeling that maybe Raghav was the reason for Pallavi’s fiancee’s death. Overall the intro was 👌👌

    1. Arey! I too suspect that. Same pinch

    2. Supriya_r

      Thanks!!! Yeah, might be

  5. Really amazing episode

  6. Nice episode supriya I love their family bond #the brother -sister bond

  7. Jasminerahul

    Loved pallavi vividha darsh bonding.because of whose death is pallavi holding herself unlucky?her fiance or husband?raghav is guilty about an raghav responsible for the death of pallavi’s man?shivika scene was cute hilarious n romantic. Rikara conversation was nice.naikshara conversation n baby kick scene were sweet.nice pics.

    1. Supriya_r

      Due to her fiancee’s death. Raghav might be responsible.

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    Nice….each sisters and brothers bond was amazing…loved shivika moment….what will be bothering Raghav….did he do the accident of pallavis his…

    1. Supriya_r

      Thanks for your comment. Read the future episodes for raghav’s stress.

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