Strangers- A note from dippy!

Hello Guys,

First of al thanks for loving me and the article when I was continuing strangers ff when bhgi was not there. I really loved your response, feedback and in the first 2 articles and it made me write more. As most of you already know, bhgi was back back but was hurt that I was continuing her ff. I understand her point of view. If anyone else is taking the storyline different than what the original author had thought, its really sad. I had asked bhgi if she wants to write and if not I am willing to continue. but she has replied that she doesn’t want me to continue the ff and want me to stop posting the next part 🙁 I had written 3 parts and wanted to update them today but bhgi comment stopped me.
I am really feeling bad, I thought bhgi would encourage me and tell me thanks for writing but I will take forward going on. But the scenario now is different.

But like most of you said, you want me to continue with my version of the story, So I will be writing with a new title ” Strangers with memories”. I will keep the main characters the same and I have already started introducing new people and new stories, so I will take the new storyline and continue as divya who will now be starting her career and the different types of people she meet and what happens with her. I hope you will all like it and encourage me the same way I do. I had written about Divya attending Ro’s party and what happened there, I will give it a skip and with the new title I will write a little bit about what happened so tht you dont miss her 🙂

I look forward for your feedback and love the same way.

Bhgi, I hope it is okay with you as I will using the characters you created. I will keep the base story same, but will weave a new story and if you have already read, I had new characters and new stories. I will continue like that. I wish you continue writing strangers.

So guys, look forward for “STRANGERS WITH MEMORIES”




  1. Dippy I was waiting to read what happens when divs go for party… Really sad you are not posting it

    1. What to do bhagya, u saw bhgi’s reply na.. I have updated a bit in the new part

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