Strange magic (Episode 2) Nagin3 FF

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Thank u so much guys for such lovely response.. Ur comments really motivates me.. Thank u do share ur review after reading this episode

In previous episode we saw that bella is nagin she’s Nagrani she learns that from vish vish ask her to come naglok

Episode 2

Vish is convincing Bella to come naglok

Bella-How can I come vish ,here is my family n how can I left them

Vish-i know Bella u really love them I’m not asking u to leave them just come with me whenever u want u can come here

Bella still confused so vish says

Vishakha-bella close ur eyes I want to show u something

Bella close her eyes vish shows her vision of how nag nagin of the naglok desperately waiting for her …how she used to care them ,protect them when she was Nagrani she used to fight with enemy ,how she used to protect nagmani from enemies how her parents before dying ask her to take care of naglok n nagmani …she sees all that vision ends.

Bella realised her responsibility she can’t run away from her responsibility

She decides to go naglok …after all she’s Nagrani she’s brave she’s fighter she want to protect her naglok her determination visible in her eyes

Vish is really happy her eyes shining due to her happiness

Both turns into snake n goes through window They go through jungle …but Bella’s enemy the black foam is waiting foam waiting for them

Since it was night there was all dark n the black foam nearly invisible for them n unknowingly they get trap in it …there is all smoke like apperence in it they can see only a lady in black dress long hair n mask on her face which covers her face

The lady in that foam tries to attack Bella but vish comes in between n fight with that lady but due to all that foam n smoke their vision blurred vish got injured Bella comes n tries to fight with that lady but soon the lady disappeared the foam also disappeared like smoke..Bella falls down she immediately gets up n see vish who’s bleeding and in pain she rush to vish takes vish in her lap …vish is in pain Bella is on verge of crying… Bella puts her hand on vishs wound &the wound heals Bella is surprise to the magic Bella heals all the wounds of vish …

Vish is now fine …vish thanked Bella

But vish is really tensed

Bella- what happened vish are u OK?

Vish-Yeah Bella I’m fine but I was thinking of that lady who was she?I never saw her before n that foam ,black smoke …That lady was very powerful

Bella- Indeed, that lady was so powerful but ur the one who saved me all the time from that Lady

Vish-no Bella,what r u saying I just met u, I saw the Lady for the first time ,I saw u after so many years I’m not the one who saved u

Bella-Then who saved me vish,that attack almost happen every day like this or may be in my dreams same lady attack me

Vish(in shock)-In dreams

Bella-Yes but someone comes n save me always

Vish- bella ,I know nothing about ur attacker n ur saviour …the attacker that is very strong n powerful she owns more power than us who is she?

But don’t worry we will find out about her soon n soon we will fight with her after all we got our Nagrani so when we are together nothing is difficult for us …let’s go

Bella wonders how can she talk so casually

They both reach in front of haveli

So here is haveli you know Bella the haveli is invisible for human..come

Saying this both enters into haveli

in haveli nag nagin gathered to welcome their Nagrani.. They showered flowers on her ..Bella sees all this n tries to remembered her previous birth but she failed ..

Here nag nagin fold hand in front of their Nagrani …”Nagrani ki jay ho”says the nag nagin loudly …

Bella had everything in her human life ,supportive family,money,caring boyfriend like mahir ,loyal friends like karan jeevika but still she feels something was missing from her life n today she find that missing link ..She find so much love &affection in the eyes of people (nag nagin they r in half human half snake form), ¬†shes born to be Nagrani, shes born to take care of nag nagin,to protect them ,she’s born to protect nagmani…. She closed her eyes n gets flashesh of her with her mom dad,she reminds her mom dad of previous birth but then everything turns black she feels like someone is snatching her memory from her …n then she’s unable to remembered anything ..

Vish pats on her back ‘Bella r u OK?

Bella nodes yes ….

Vish takes her to the royal beautiful throne n says this is urs this was so empty whene ur not here…so she makes her seat on the throne ….

Everybody cheers “Nagrani ki jay”

Vish takes Bella to mandir situated in haveli…there was lord shivas murti both takes blessings

Vish-Bella look at that light …there is light on the corner of mandir white coloured so beautiful light …u know Bella this light indicates that nagmani is safe…

After that vish takes Bella to introduced their friends

They come to a boy

Vish-bella meet him he’s my love n ur friend vikrant

Vikrant-(he folds her hand before Bella in respect)-Nagrani… Bella I’m very glad finally u came to ur home …soon u will remember everything (vikrant played by rajat tokas)

Vish -Bella I have one surprise for u

Vikrant n vish smiles at each other…

Vikrant-bella I hope seeing that person u will remember everything because he’s the one who missed u the most

Saying this vikrant terns to side n behind him handsome man is standing he comes to Bella n hunts her Bella is in shock

Bella jerks him away …that man ,vish vikrant are in shock

Bella- who r u?I don’t remember u n how dare u to hug me?(she’s angry)

Only mahir can hug her like her …only mahir can come this close to her so she can’t tolerate any other man to hug her

Vish-bella,we r very sorry I thought u remember him after all he’s ur love ur

U loved him so much n he too …but its okk he’s Rudra(played by kinshuk Mahajan)

Rudra is sad because Bella for gates him

Rudra-Its OK Bella u can take ur time ..I’m reay sorry …I’m very glad that u come again ..I’m waiting for u since so long

Bella is in shock that she was in love with him n he still loves her n was waiting for her ..

Saying this rudra n vikrant goes

Vish-bella u know rudra is very loyal in ur absence he does all ur duties fullfil a ur responsibilities…don’t worry when u remember everything I’ll remember ur love his love…

Bella- but vish I can’t love him ….because I love mahir so much

Vish-bella who’s mahir?is he human?

Bella-yes he is human

Vish (in shock)-Bella u can’t love human they are greedy,they are not trustworthy

Bella- vish all humans are not the same mahir is really good person n he loves me so much

Vish – but Bella

Bella-plzz vish

Vish-ok Bella ,ur Nagrani u know everything better …u know what’s better for u

Bella nodes …

Episode ends here

So friends give ur feedback ..


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  1. Jasminerahul

    who is that lady?sumitra?liked vish getting saved by bela’s naaglok. seeing vikrant vish pair in a ff for the first time.shocking to know that in the previous life bela’s lover was rudra.what will rudra do now?

    1. Sushama

      Thank u dear…No that lady is sumitra,stay tune dear

  2. Anuva

    Nice yaar… oh i don’t want any one inbetween behir… who is that lady? Exciting for next episode… Bela should be safe there…

    1. Sushama

      Thank u dear…no one will come in between behir…stay tune

  3. SunilSneha

    Soopperb dear…… As Anuva said i also want anyone between Mahir…. And Vish getting saved by Bela powers was soopper

    1. Sushama

      Thank u dear….stay tune

  4. Saniya fathima

    Superb di how can u write such interesting stories fantastic gud pairing bt dont separate behir plss
    Waiting 4 d next ff

    1. Sushama

      Thank u dear…don’t wory i will not separate behir ….soon I will post next episode thank u

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