Strange magic (Episode 10) Nagin3 FF

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hello  guys how r u all….Im sorry for late updates but i was really  busy..but i will update regular  now ….Thank u for reading this n do share ur views

Episode 10

Bella came to her home,jeevika goes to sea n tell swara about future fairys predictions,swara is happy listening  predictions…vish went to naaglok

Bella is in her room lost in her own thoughts suddenly someone hugged her from  behind she recognise his touch..touch  of her  love…Her love,her painkiller is back…she turns  n find mahir…He was out of town due to his business but now he is back n he brings back bellas lost smile..Bellas heart dances in happiness  by seeing  him  after so many days….mahir too smiles seeing bella

mahir-Bella,i missed u so much

bella-Mahir ji i missed u  more

mahir makes cute faces n says-Lier!!!u dont miss me,no calls no texts ?

bella-Sorry for that ,i was busy but i really miss u

mahir smiles-I know

bella is making breakfast for mahir,mahir is chatting  with  her

Mahir-bella u know i saw very strange  dreams


mahir- woman  who  wears black

bella-woman??? mahir sehgal how dare u to see any other woman in ur dreams??? She said this while showing knife to him..poor mahir was little  scared seeing  his bella like that

mahir-bella,mere sapnome chahe koi bhi Aaye mere dil me hamesha tum hi rahogi…always n forever❤


Bella smiles takes knife back -Thats better for u  mahir feels relieved…achha tell me about ur dream

mahir-woman who always dressed in black with lots of foam around her..listening this bella look upto mahir …n u know first she was normal woman then turns into snake…how can that possible bella,strange isnt it???

bella-Then what happen?

mahir-Then she always ask me about something like naagmani…she asked where is  naagmani??? she calls me Arjun

bella listened this in shock she realised  future fairys prediction that a selfless person can only able to find naagmani n mahir  is that person who can find naagmani…now maithali know it that why she came to his dream n asked about naagmani but when she came to bellas dream she tortured her alot injured her but fortunately its not same with mahir …bella remember how maithali was unable to harm bella when she was with mahir…why maithali cannot harm mahir…is mahir possessed some power that he is unaware  of?bella never want to involve mahir in all this but naagmani itself  chose mahir because of his selflessness,loyalty ….

mahir waves at bella

mahir-bella,where u lost ?

mahir  saw some unshade tears in bellas eyes…mahir cups her face

mahir-What happened bella?

bella-Mahir ,i love u alot….i dont want to lose u at any cost …

mahir-Im always with u bella..ur my life,how can i left u

they both hug each other….bella made breakfast for mahir both spend time with each other

In Jeevikas House

Jeevika is missing karan so much ….future fairys predictions gives her new hopes…so to distract  herself  so goes to her hospital she was busy in treating patients n talking with them bella also comes there both feels happy ….

Jeebela was seating in cabin bella wants to tell jeevika about mahirs dream…but after so many  days Jeevika was happy  so she skipped it….soon someone knock cabin a person walks into cabin hes karan jeebella gets happy…jeevikas happiness  is now double she stands n saw his hand injured she immediately went n bandaged it…karan greets bela n Ask about new doctor (Jeevika)…Jeevika understand  he doesnt get back his memory

bella Sadly introduced her to karan

karan smiles at her n thank her for bandage soon girl enter into cabin who wears black jeans with crop top n open hairs (U can imagine  her as niti Taylor)

Niti-Baby,hows ur hand now ?

karan-Its fine niti .

jeebella is looking at them

karan-bella,shes my fiancee Niti,Finally i found my love …He smiles seeing niti …Jeevikas heart broke into million pieces, Bella held Jeevikas hand …

Karan-Niti,shes my friend bella,n shes bellas friend Jeevika

Niti-Hello guys,Bella karan told me lot about u n mahir….but never told about u (she says this to jeevika) n smirk both jeebela looks on

karan-Bella i have to go now…we will meet again  soon …They both left

bella hug jeevika n consoles her its not easy for her to see her love with someone else shes extremely  sad ….jeebella both find niti strange, her smirk n all

After spending some time with jeevika she comes to naaglok ….Vish is not there she went somewhere with vikrant

Bella sees bhumis painting…she cares it with her hand n says -I miss u

she goes to bholenath temple there n prays remembering all mahir said about dream,naagmani, That crown which maithali wants n bella still dont know how she n her bhumi died in previous birth….

bella prays n said-Bholenath plzz show me right path …..while praying something lustrous …There is very beautiful white  bird which is shining  in light bella never saw such kind of bird ….the bird flies…bella is so lost in him she find that bird blindly n comes to unknown  place soon that bird vanished…she realised  she came far from naglok there is only jungle n trees…air flows really faster like storm ….bella is finding way to return to naaglok…..

with Air a torn paper comes in hand she saw the paper in that paper there is painting of beautiful  naagin ….that naagin is very pretty but bella never saw her before painting is torn she try to find another piece of paper n got it but seeing that paper  smile from her face vanished…the painting is of mahirs but with snake form …bella is shocked…bella joins both torn pieces that become one painting …..bella saw mahir in that painting as naag with that naagin ….they are really happy with each other…In that painting there is heart drawing in that heart “Arjun” & “Raksha” is written that means mahirs look like naags name is arjun n that nagin is raksha

bella remember  mahirs words that black foam lady ask him about NAAGMANI  n calling him Arjun

painting falls from bellas hand

episode  ends here

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  1. Jasminerahul

    thanks a lot.missed it.behir scene was romantic. shocking that mahir dreamt of maithili demanding naagmani for her.shocking that karan has a fiancee n niti playing it was a surprise. why is she smirking?like they doubt if she a vamp?surprising that mahir was a naag in previous birth.who is raksha?

  2. Sushama

    Thank u dear for reading n sharing ur views..yes Niti will be vamp,mahir was nag in previous birth n raksha was his lover she was nagin….u can imagine raksha as Hiba nawab,thank u dear,stay tuned

  3. Thanx for uploading the story is getting more interesting lots of love and respect

  4. Sushama

    Thank u so much dear…stay tuned

  5. Hai di
    Itz 30 , but u didn’t publish itz countinuation
    Plz di update it faster. Meh tumse request…..

  6. Sushama

    hello dear…I will publish tomorrow for sure…stay tune dear

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