our strange love story THAHAAN (EPI 8)

Our strange love story THAHAAN EPI 8

Thanks to everyone who is reading my ff and giving such a lovely response really I m happy love u guys
I love writing and its my hobby to write stories ….
I use to read stories and when I was 10 yr old I began to write short stories as I like writing

First I write in Hindi then English
And so I m in front of u all
I hadn’t imagine that one day I will write fan fiction ? and someone will wait for it…..
Big thanks and love u to all

Sorry for any typing or grammatical mistakes
As I m not English teacher ???

So here I start my epi 8

A small room was shown
3 yr old boy was sitting on his bed and waiting for his mum to come and soon they continue the story which he was waiting from the last night
B:”mom where r u??? I m waiting come fast!! Now I can’t wait Ma…”

The Lady come taking the glass of milk for his cute innocent kid and said:”first my child finish this milk then mumma will continue her story ok.,,”
The kid makes his face:”u r so bad mumma!! It will be fine if story lion eats u instead of my hero heroine… .”
W”uff my baby,….”
The boy finish his milk and request his mum to continue the story as he is waiting….
The lady comes on the bed and make him lie on her lap and started patting him and continue the story…..

Scene shift to jungle scene

Bihaan:”omg lion now bihaan pandey what will u do??
Bihaan:”oh god! Plz save….. ” he look at the lion shadow and said:”hey lion plz don’t eat me if u want to eat u can eat this girl as u and I are Male…,and I knw I m not a nice food u can eat this girl …. U gonna enjoy after eating her…”
Thapki get shocked hearing his words
Thapki:”u r very bad bihaan Hate u,,,, lion G u can eat him ok let me go…”

Bihaan:”no lion g this will be partiality
U r king of forests how can u do partiality…. … ” the lion moves forward bihu get scared and he began to sings the naagin flute tune ??? (hope u guys understand which tune ????)
Thapki get shocked and say to him:”what r u doing? This is lion not naagin…., u r an idiot”
Bihaan;”oh madam its my mouth my wish what should I sing? And madam its not right place to discuss naagin and lion topic and who knows whether I will get time again or not…even I hadn’t become father now..”
Thapki get super shocked hearing his words “Father!!!!

He correct himself and said:”I mean I hadn’t marry my kattu and we (I and Katrina) hadn’t become parents …. Lion g plz don’t eat me….”

Thapki:”oh stupid let’s run otherwise we will die,.,”
Bihaan:”yes yes I don’t want to die as I had to live for my katrina

They were busy in talking and hadn’t realised that the shadow come near to them

They both saw each other and laugh ????????
They stop laughing and bihu look at thapki angrily
Bihaan:”u mad girl don’t knw difference between cat or lion and disturb my sleep.. Now I give u punishment….”
He moves towards her angrily
Thapki got scared

She thought that he gonna slap her he come more close and raise his hand
she got frightened
Suddenly she saw a cockroach and hug him suddenly tightly

He got confused( I was about to scare her but she scared me ??? ) what happen chuk chuk gadi??”

Thapki:”bihaan! Bihaan! Ccccockroach plz don’t leave me na ,,,”
She hugs him more tightly
(Ranjhana plays)

Bihaan holds her and for a while thahaan was in a hugging position
Bihaan: “don’t worry nothing will happen to u
Until I m with u so don’t get scared ,,”
He touch her face
They separates
Thapki said:”sorry woh actually I..,,,”
Bihaan:”its ok I can understand now its 4 am and so its morning let’s go hope we met someone who take us to Delhi…”
She nods
They both start moving

Thapki stop and saw the sun rise
Thapki:bihaan plz stop and let’s enjoy this beautiful scene… And u knw early morning rays quite beneficial for us

Bihaan:”gajab I didnt knw that??.”
Thapki:so let’s do as I say..”
She stretch her arms and feel the moment
He look at her innocent face
Bihaan (thinks) :” oh thapki u r so nice I feel Lucky to have u as my wife but sorry its my fate that I can’t be a good husband coz I m a son I wish wherever u go u just be happy …”
He keep staring her
Tose naina song plays in bgm

Is lamhe ko rok doon..Ya main khud ko iss mein jhonk doon..Kya karoon, Kya karoon, Kya karoon..Is lamhe main kuchh bhi janoon na.
.Should I stop this momentor throw me to burn into it,what should I do, what should I,I don’t know what to do this moment

He look at her
.Tose naina jab se mile..Ban gaye, silsile..Tose naina jab se mile.
.Since my eyes met yours,new tales began,Since my eyes met yours..
O sudh-budh khoyi, hai khoyi maine..Haan jaan ganvayi, ganvaayi hai maine..Haan tujh ko basaaya hai dhadkan mein..O saawre
..I’ve lost my senses, I’ve lost themI’ve lost my life, have lost it..I’ve given you place to live in my heartbeat,O beloved..

He recall how she brought milk for him when he got beaten by kosi
How he hugs her when she try to commit suicide
Tose naina jab se mile..Tose naina jab se mile..Ban gaye, silsile..Khud ko khokar tujhko payaIs tarah se mujhko jeena aaya..Teri lagan mein sab hai gawaayaa..Is tarah se mujhko jeena aaya..Teri hansee meri khushi..Meri khushi tu hi..

I’ve lost myself and found you,In such a way, I learned to live,I’ve lost everything in my devotion to you,this way, I learned to live,Your laughter is my joy,You alone are my happiness..

He recall how she laugh when he hides behind her……
He smiles looking at her
Tose naina jab se mile..Tose naina jab se mile..Ban gaye, silsile..

Song ends
Thapki:”what happened bihaan??”
Bihaan:”nothing thapki let’s go …”
Thapki:”ok as u say.…but u hadn’t …”
He cuts her in middle:”I had done my work so let’s go.,,”

Thapki:”ok sher g,”

They both move forward and suddenly thahaan observed a shadow following them
Bihu signs thapki to walk with him ..

They both turn and shout while closing their eyes
:” go from here U thief..”
The man saw them and get surprised and call :”chutki…..!”
Thapki heard the familiar voice and saw him
And get overjoyed :”kabir bhaiya…..”

She goes and hugs him

Yes that man is kabir
He is a policeman
Kabir:”chutki u here?? ..”
Thapki:”yes bhaiya its a long story…”
Kabir saw bihaan and ask thapki:”who is he?? Wait I guess. Oh so u r my chutki husband I mean my jija g.”
Bihaan:”gajab sale sahab…. They both hug each other…
Kabir:”I come here for searching a run away prisoner and see I meet u guys….”
Thapki tell him everything
Kabir:”OK my chutki I will drop u both to Delhi. Let’s come wit me

Thapki:”but bhaiya what about that prisoner bhaiya first do ur duty then u can help us…”
Bihu thinks in mind (this chuk chuk gadi also a mahan aatma jai ho mata tumhari..)

Kabir:”chutki tu bhi na ok mai nhi jaunga but kisi aur ko to tumhari help ke liye khta hu..”
Thapki:”ok bhaiya

Kabir call his man and told him to drop them safely to delhi

Soon a policeman come with a jeep and thahaan sit with him on jeep
Kabir waves bye to them and say thapki to call him when they reached

(Kabir is positive in my ff and thapki bro so don’t worry about him ok)

In an hour thahaan reached Delhi …
The policeman drop them to the farmhouse and leaves

Bihaan entered and saw the garden, the house,the swimming pool and get flashes of his childhood he get emotional and thapki observes this and ask him
Bihu said:”u knw thapki when I was small I use to come here in vacations this is my favorite place and very close to my heart..
He moves towards an old tree and touches it and said:”how r u T phor Tree g did u miss me?? I miss u so much….
He move towards thapki and tells her that he use to climb on its branches and tell the tree everything… When Maa give me my first cycle.etc etc.. He gets emotional
Thapki look at his face and thinks :Oh bihaan ur innocence face and this kid inside u is really very sweet .. And I really pray that u always stay happy
Destiny made us live together I can’t be ur wife but I pray that u get a life partner who will always love u and take care of u …. Bihan u really a nice person

Really strange guys… Both kn

  1. Superb episode bt small epidode… I really loved tis episode… N concept of mom tlng son story ws awesome

  2. Anubhuti

    uff wat. the problem is this guys again half posted i can’t do anything i m quitting i mean from 2 days its not submitting and now only half posted too much irritating

  3. Anubhuti

    Both knows that they r nice and good hearted people and pray for each other but don’t want to realise that they r made for each other
    But don’t worry soon this love fighting birds will realise their love:” OH!! TO AAP AA GYE DEVAR G,,(SO U CAME DEVAR G)A VOICE TOOK THAHAAN ATTENTION TOWARDS THE VOICETHEY TURN AND SAW A LADY WEARING BLUE SILK SAREE WITH LUCKNOW EMBROIDERY IN ITWEARIMG GOLDEN LIGHT WEIGHTS JHUMKAS IN EARS WITH A DARK KAJAL ON HER EYES.. LOOKING EVILY AT THAHAANBIHAAN SAW HER and say:”oh bhabhi ji.. Aap(you)Yes I m here as I can’t stay far from u… U r my dear bhabhi…”Bihaan answer her on her way…Lady;”nice devar even ur this bhabhi missed u so much…”They look at each other
    Thapki was standing confused
    A man entered and says;”oh shraddha and bihaan again u both started…”Yes that lady was shraddha my dear MK
    Bihaan goes to the man and hugs him:*yes john bhai after all my shraddha bhabhi and my relation is the unique am I right bhabhi ji.” He give a look to shraddha
    Shraddha:”exactly devar g … That’s why u r my favorite she comes and pull bihaan cheeksBihaan feels irked he gets angry….John said thahaan to take rest and as at night here we organized a party for u…Bihaan nods and goes with thapki…John too leaves from there…Shraddha gets a call and picks it
    Hello! Kosi mom yes they had reached here I don’t know why they were late? But u don’t worry I m here for that thapki so udon’t take tension take rest.., bye..”She cuts the call and said:”hi thapki bihaan now let’s wait andwatch what I do with u…. I married john who is not kosi son but her nephew not coz I love him but just for money of that oldie and bihaan devar g whether u r her son but I will destroy u and ur wife than only I and john will rule kosi property…”She smiles evily..Scene shift to mom and son
    W;”so my son hope u like today story??”M:”yes mumma oh wow chudail too in story I wait how hero heroine deal with her ok mumma I m sleeping good night..”Saying this kid sleepsLady kiss on his forehead and switch of the lights and sleeps
    Epi ends Hope u guys like itSorry for not a romantic epiBut don’t worry next will be super romantic and don’t worry about shadz I handle herKeep loving
    Precap: blockbuster epi,,Love u all plz do comments love u all

  4. Amazing yaar…the way of writing is superb…mumma telling a story to her son,nice thread…precap is much exciting.happy weekend dear ANU…

  5. Nic episode dear…i nw its irritating when TU is upload whole episode as u want…bt u did ur job well by writing rest ff on commemt column….so its really appreciable ….waiting for ur next epi

  6. nice part .waiting for next

  7. Amazing dear lion part was really funny??u didn’t say who is that little son and his mom ?


    Thanku so much ANU…
    For ur hardwork….
    I can understand ur problem…

    Episode was really blockbaster…
    Eagrly wating for next blockbaster episode..
    So plz try to update as soon as possible….

    Anu tum na KMAAL ho…
    Bili wala scene such m bhot funny tha
    OR Y kya, tumne to kabir ko bhaiya bna dia…
    Thank u ANU hume hsane k lea..
    Apna dhyen rekna…

    Paper to ktem to ab aage ki kya tyaari h…
    Entrance k lea tyaari suroo…
    Tumhe aage medical kerna h kya….?
    Best of luck…

    Good night…

  9. Juveria.ghalib

    Hey anu the episode was fantastic I loved it dear n cat scene was very funny I was reading it passionately then when I read the word cat i bursted out in laugh..n I can’t wait for the next part precap is amazing plzz update soon tc

  10. Navami

    Hi anu it was suberb..
    Keep smiling tc

  11. Simrank

    It was amazing anu plz update soon cant wait deari it was quite funny ??

  12. Simrank

    It was amazing anu plz update soon cant wait deari it was quite funny ?? tc lu

  13. I am waiting for next episode with more expectations. You are rocking di

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