our strange love story THAHAAN (EPI 11)

Hii guys I knw I m too late but due to injury I was unable to type ? but now I have much relief so I m writing 11th epi and this epi is a turning point & have unexpected twist …. Many of u gonna kill me ??? so extremely sorry ….
Last part shocking & manishians had to be strong while reading…

So here I start..

Thahaan was standing fully drenched they look at each other
And then bihu break the eyelock he holds thapki hand & said’ no question thapki now let’s go with me…. If I m important to u so let’s come with me ..”

Bihaan started to walk towards home
Thapki follow him & look at him emotionally
(Ranjhana plays)…

Thahaan reached home

Kosi saw them together & gets angry
She shout:”bihaan!!!! Come here right now..”
Bihaan realized that today again he had to face his mom (her dark side)…

Bihaan tell thapki to go to her room & take rest…

Thapki nods & went to her room

Bihaan go to kosi room
Kosi was sitting on chair angrily looking at him
She takes out her hunter & sign him to come & sit…
Bihu goes and sit like a innocent kid without saying anything
Since childhood whenever his Mom become angry on anything
He has to face that hunter
He never shout ,never shed tears just bear it

Kosi began to beat him
He closes his eyes

After 15 min kosi made him stand & said;”now go I m tired…, good night son “.
She kiss him on forehead
& bihaan hiding all his pain smile & goes from there

He walk hardly
Its difficult for him to walk
He stumbles

Thapki saw him & holds him

;”Ah!… He groans & signs throw his hand to leave him
But thapki realise that there is something which he was hiding

Suddenly she observed blood on his back …


How? There is something wrong .”
Before she could think more
Bihaan faints

Thapki saw him & shout :”bihaan g!.”

She holds him

His shirt drenched with blood

She saw that
She was super shocked & get teary eyes…

She call Mali kaka
They both take him to his room

They make him lie on bed

Mali kaka think something and said:”bahu rani u sit here I m coming,,,”

He goes
Thapki look at bihaan face & then without thinking much
She began to remove his shirt

She feel shy but she had to saw what kind of injury that was & had to cure him

She holds him with her hand and made him turn

And get shocked after seeing that wounds
She get tears

:”oh! Bihaan so much of pain u r hiding and I didn’t knw but enough now no more pain in ur life
Saying this
She go & brought all necessary thing to do his dressing
Hot water, cotton, antiseptic, Dettol etc….

She wash and while doing his dressing tears were rolling down her cheeks

Bihaan was unconscious he was groaning in pain he holds her hand……

(Ranjhana sad tune plays)

Scene shift to the Mom & 3 yr old son

S;”mumma hero mom was so cruel and heroine so kind hearted hope hero & heroine turn best friends and then that witch mom game over..”

The lady smiles on His child innocence

S:”mumma then what happen ? Did heroine comes to knw about hero mom?…” Tell me na…
He shakes his mom

His mom touch his face & continues the story

Scene shift to

Thapki finish his dressing and said:”bihaan now all ur pain is my pain don’t knw what’s ur relation with me why I feel so strange but yes I cant see u in pain …”
She wipe her tears and then she too sleeps holding his hand

Scene shift to mom & son

S:”gajab mumma now H 4 heroine will never leave H 4 hero..”_
The lady gets angry
:”Ayaan how many times I told u not to speak like that speak like a normal child what’s this gajab & all if u again speak like that I never talk to u…”
Yes the kid name is ayaan

Ayaan:”sorry mumma I will never talk like that now smile mumma..”
The lady smiles

Her face is shown

She is thapki

So its thapki who is telling ayaan (her son) story of her & bihaan

She hug ayaan and think in mind:”(u are my son ayaan not of that bihaan I hate him and I never let u be like him)…

At a dark room a lady enter with a food plate…
A person was sitting on bed and when he heard the foot steps
He shout:”leave me..,, leave me…, alone go from here I will kill u!!!!!….”

He hold his head
He began to throw things and was shouting

:”I don’t need anyone plz go,,, otherwise I will kill u,,….”

He throw the vase and various room stuff on that lady

She put the plate aside and move forward him

:”calm down!!” Its me….

But the man didn’t stop he turn wild and destroy the room

Go from here!!!
Just go!!
Don’t try to come near me…. I will kill u,,, I m murderer ….

He holds his head and shout :”leave me all alone….”
He act like a mad guy
A long beard
Long hairs
Wearing dress of A mental patient…..

He become restless

The lady move towards him
SHe holds him and take out injection secretly and give him injection

He falls on bed

She shout:Mali kaka!..”

Mali kaka come and said:”yes Sheena bitiya….”

Yes she is Sheena bihaan friend , a psychiatrist….

Sheena:”kaka bihaan is sleeping I had given him injection
When he woke call me…”

Yes that guy is bihaan..

But how???
Sheena look at him

And get teary eyes

From the past 3 years she is taking care of him

Sheena :”bihaan 3 years before I had come here to unite u & thapki… I was succeed u both had become one
U were too happy but I hadn’t imagine that she will leave u….kosi aunty died and then we come to knw thapki too died in an accident
She was pregnant….

And then from that day everything changed …
U become like this….

I will never forgive thapki
I knw she died but I hate her …”
Sheena cried
Mali kaka too look at her

She leaves

Epi ends with thapki ayaan & bihaan face

I knw many of u get shocked with today epi

Many questions??
How kosi died?
What happened 3 yr before?
Why thapki hate bihaan?

Don’t worry about sheena
U all can understand her as a friend
She taking care of bihaan
She is positive
Will ever ayaan will come to knw that whom story he is listening is his parents?
Why thapki telling him her story?

For all this answers u had to keep reading my ff
Coz now the real story had start

Don’t worry about love story
Trust me
Bear me
Love me

Precap : thapki recall her moments with bihaan
She get angry

Bihaan to jump from terrace sheena saw him & shout

Ayaan fights with some boy
Thapki saw him and beats him saying not to fight

keep reading love u all

  1. This epi was gajab nd fantabulous i mean story has become super duper intrstng wtng for next prt eagerly nd nobody will kill u dear its me simrank

    1. Anubhuti

      thanks simi love u so much

  2. Do take care of ur self gws♡♡

  3. LOVE…
    love u sooooo much anu…
    now, how’s ur injury…
    please take proper rest or medicins
    please take care ANU…
    or ANU
    really yaar heartf..l very very big thax to u 4 updating totally TWIST…LE or ENJOYING episode…..
    I really wait 4 this…
    so, thanku thanku thanku thank thank you so much meri TUTI-FOTI [vo tu humesa girti parti rhti h na esli…a]
    love u anu…
    keep smiling or don’t stop writing
    jaldi s next part update ker dio…
    please anu,
    ab s aanke kol k chalna…

    1. Anubhuti

      sorry kudrat tere jija mani ke khylo mai thi to gir gyi but I will take care of myself
      ab thik hu bs shoulder mai pain hai
      love u

  4. Oh!!! My dear friend,how do you feel better now.pls take care your self…don’t worry about the ff publishing,I wish you get well soon.
    Interesting part,really curious to know the hidden truth.superb story line…overall a Gajjab….part.

  5. Di really it is full of mysteries.I know bihaan can’t do any wrong to thapki or ayaan .he loves her and his child a lot.it is misunderstanding between them .they should reunite again.I was crying literally when I heard from the three deadliest words from thapki’i hate bihaan’.how she can think like it.

  6. Nice part. And take care your self .

  7. Hy anu much dear friend how are you and awesome episode is like it.

  8. Happy to see your story again ?u make a lot of question in my mind i’m waitting for answers

  9. Juveria.ghalib

    Oh my god anu this one was full of suspense emotions,love,care n much more love the part when thapki treated his wound.n yes many questions in my mind but its interesting will enjoy reading it n ayaan is thapki’s n bihaan’s son which means they had a romantic night(wink).i really want u to show some romance.love it tc of ur health take proper rest n don’t worry about the ff just plzz tc n if possible give us short updates don’t worry of making it long.

  10. hello anu dekho iss bar late nahi hoon .yaar itna sara suspense madam .chul apna dayan rakhna .or yeh kosi toh bohat buri hai . tc

  11. finly i got some time and come thre only for all ff writers….bcz i love thm….super epi….i did nt read previous one….but this was awsome n intresting..

  12. Alm.Abi

    OMG anu.. what an epi dear… feeling bad for bihaan but i knw in upcoming epis we ll get more nd more surprises… take care dear…

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