our strange love story THAHAAN (EPI 10) (emotional epi)

Our strange love story THAHAAN EPI 10
Really sorry for late
I try to submit from 2 days but fail

Today epi is full of emotions and u will feel it after reading I m not so good in writing still I try my best

So here I start

Early Morning at 5:00 am
Bihaan entered in room
He was too afraid coz of last night
He saw her sleeping and thought to irritate her

He smiles and then goes to bed and sleeps next to her..

After few hours
Thapki woke up and saw bihaan sleeping next to her
She get shocked and shout :”bihaan ji!!”

Why r u sleeping here?? What happened last night?? I didn’t remembere
ah! My head..”
She holds her head
She was very confused and scared.
Bihu observed it and gets happy in mind

Bihaan looking romantically and holding her face;”oh my Darling wife… Why r u saying like this??..”
He irritates her more,.
Thapki look at him shockingly and she didn’t know what to do now??
She began to cry….

Bihaan who was smiling now get worried
He said :”thapki! Thapki!! Relax… Nothing happen… I was just teasing u… Plz stop crying..”
He wipes her tears and hugs her to console her…

She gets angry hearing his words and beats him on chest…
:”u r very bad,,,, u knw how much I got scared…I hate u
I really hate u..I will never forgive u…
Saying this she stands from bed and try to go bihu holds her and she falls on him on bed….

Bihaan:’ok I hate u too… Thapki!! But I will try to get ur forgiveness,,,”

She make her face and stands and goes to bathroom..

Suddenly he get call and he pick it…

:”what?? How?? Ok I m coming within an hour..”
He cuts the call and then said:”thapki comes out from the bathroom fast we had to go noida.. Mom had get heart attack..”
Thapki hear this from bathroom and get worried
She said ok bihaan,.”

After an hour…
Thahaan leave from Delhi..
John try to go with them but shraddha stop him..

Shraddha(in mind);” this time u save but when we will meet again I will destroy u thapki & bihaan….

Bihaan was so worried he drives fast,,
Thapki can easily observe that he is not well and want to meet her mom asap..(As soon as possible)

Thapki:”don’t worry bihaan kosi ma will be fine”
He look at her and drives..

After few hours thahaan reached noida

Bihaan goes hurriedly to her Mom room and saw her resting on bed
He goes and sit on her legs and cries:”sorry mom its my mistake I left u alone… I m the worst son…”
He began to cry thapki look at him and get emotional..

Kosi saw bihaan and wipe his tears and told him not to cry she is fine its just an minor heart attack ..
But bihu was crying continuously like a kid,,
He can’t see her in pain…
She is not only his mom but his God…
She had take care of him

Given him love of a father, mother…
As a single mother she sacrifices many things

And bihaan can’t see her in any pain now
Enough of her pain…
Until his son with her,.. Only happiness and happiness no need of tears or pain.

He thinks all that and wipes his tears
His dreadful past….affect him..

Fb shown
A woman pleading in front of a man to give her work so that she can feed his 5 yes old son,,,
Little bihaan was shown half conscious muttering :” MAA MAA! I M ANGRY., GIVE ME FOOD…”
The boy fells on ground,,
The woman ran to him and shout:”bihaaan my child wake up…”

She cries holding his son..

Fb ends

Both kosi & bihaan was in tears…
Kosi hugs him
He hugs her too
For a while there was a silence in the room

Thapki look at them emotionally ???

After a general talk
Bihaan tell thapki to bring milk for her mom

Thapi nods and she left

Kosi ask bihaan:”bihaan how’s ur trip sorry coz of me,, u can’t stay there much ..,”
Bihaan:”its ok maa nothing important for me then u and u know that I & thapki hadn’t in any relationship… I only hate her and she hates me,,, I will surely take ur revenge from her…
Whatever she had done with u,,.its totally bad…”

Fb shows


Kosi:”u want to knw why I hate her?? Why I hate his family so listen…”

Bihu look at her

Kosi:”when u was small child and ur father Mr. Balwinder had left me all alone I wander here & there
I had nothing to feed u
I heard about Mr krishnkant chaturvedi the rich businessman I thought to go to him and ask help,,

But ….

When I reach there
Firstly he & his wife speak with me very nicely and Ready to give me job there

Thapki was of 3 yrs old and u and thapki use to play with each other….
I considered thapki as my daughter and she also like me very much…

I was very happy and thankful to Krishnkant

He was god for me
Who help me when no one was with me….
But beta I was wrong…”
Kosi began to cry
Bihaan ask :”don’t cry ma tell me the whole truth….”

Kosi:”one day when I was in my room at night
Krishnkant comes to my room drunked….
I Hadnt understand but then he try to come close to me,,,
I was very scared I try to free myself but I failed…

His evil eyes
Telling me what his dirty mind was thinking
But beta I hadn’t get scared nor I surrender in front of him

He was trying to come close
But u knw na
In every woman there was a durga in her..who can fight with the devil
And I do it,,
I look at the Mata g idol and pushed him hard
He falls down…..

I hurriedly open the door and goes outside…
I goes to Poonam I told her everything but she didn’t believe me…

He take her husband side and that evil man start blaming me…

Even that little thapki come and said:”if u say anything to my father I will kill u… U r very bad u r witch.,,”

Beta I didn’t know how I proved that I hadn’t done anything
But I got determined and challenge krishkant that one day I will take my revenge and u can’t do anything…
I left from there…..”
Fb ends
bihaan get super angry and shout”krishnkant chaturvedi I will kill u…. U try to molest my mom I will make ur & urs daughter life hell …. ”
Bihaan eyes got red

Thapki hears this from outside and get shocked :”so that’s why kosi ma let me married with bihaan and that’s why he hates me…. But bihaan I will make it easy for u
I will leave from her forever
Even I don’t go to my father coz he is culprit but I will not stay with u too…”
She cries and wipes her tears and goes in her room
Write a letter and leaves from there

Here in kosi room
Bihaan:”maa now no more pain ur son is with u….. I will never let u cry whatever u suffered is enough now no more tears and only ur enemies will be in tears…”
He hugs kosi and then he comes to his room he change his dress and thinks :”where is chuk chuk gadi ? I told her to bring milk is she gone to buy a cow or buffalo … She taking too much time…. Suddenly he found her letter and reads It
:”bihaan g i m leaving ., I m the reason for ur sadness
Coz of me ur mom suffered a lot
I m culprit so I deserve punishment so I m leaving u,,
Even I will not go to my parents house as they r culprits
Take care of u bihaan and plz say kosi ma to forgive me

Urs thapki…”

He reads it & shout thapki….

All their sweet cute moments comes in his mind
Although he want to take revenge but today his eyes
His heart saying something else

He gets up and ran to stop his Thapki…

He search her

But he couldnt find her

He was very much worried for her
Now its 5 pm nd still he couldn’t find him

But he determined that he will find her soon and take her to home

He search for her like a mad guy

At some place thapki was shown walking and crying recalling bihaan and there memories

Hamari adhuri kahani plays in bgm

Time was passing and still bihan couldn’t find his thapki

His mind says its nice she left now why u searching her let’s go home and take rest but his heart said No he will not go until he found his thapki

He don’t knw what’s his relation with her but without her he is nothing..

He walks further

Its 8 pm now

The night was turning dark and he got scared but he will find her thapki
And will take her to home
He was very tired
But without her he will return

It started thundering weather was changing …

  1. Anubhuti

    It started thundering weather was changing … Sign of a storm..

    He run fast

    At a place thapki was shown

    She hadn’t eat anything and falling weak
    Now no more energy left in her..

    She try to walk further

    Suddenly she falls but a strong grip of hands hold her and whisper:”thapki!!!!,”

    She look at him he was her shield her husband bihaan….

    She smiles and close her eyes
    Bihaan try to wake her up
    He saw a small shop and buy some biscuits and a water bottle
    He feeds her…soon she gain consciousness
    She look at him and hugs him tightly
    He too hugs her

    But soon she realise that’s it nice to stay far from him

    She separates from and try to go
    But he holds her hand and pulls her hard towards him

    Thundering started and soon it started raining

    Both have an passionate & emotional eyelock

    Both r fully drenched in water

    They don’t knw why they feel strange when they r together but they always want to be together….

    Mujhe ishq se
    (I wanted to stay aloof from love) from yaariyan movie started playing in bgm
    She look at him
    They were drenched in rain .both had a passionate eye lock .bihaan hold thapki hand tightly and pulled her across his chest ,due to the force she fall on him.
    both hugged each other tightly
    They showed their mixed of emotions ..
    Mujhe ishq se rehna tha door
    I wanted to stay aloof from love
    gham iske bade jo hain mashoor
    because the pain it gives is known to all
    Par yeh dil hai ki bilkul maana nahi
    But this heart didn’t give any attention at all to this knowing
    Mujhe kheench kar dekho le aaya wahin
    See, it dragged and brought me there
    Jahaan ishq hai bas ishq hai
    where there is love, and only love
    Haan ishq hai bas ishq hai
    Yes love, and only love
    Yaariyan ve yaariyan ve …
    .Oh this companionship
    (Iss dard e dil ki sifarish ab kar de koi yahan
    May someone recommend this pain-striven heart
    Ke mil jaaye ise wo barish jo bhiga de puri tarah) – 2
    .bihaan swirls the thapki hand and danced passionately .he put his hand around her waist and she hold him across his neck .they danced slowly .in their dance they both showed their mixed of emotions ..

    – tu Jo mila to zindagi hai badli
    My life has changed since I got you
    main poori nayi ho gayi
    and I became completely new
    Hain beasar duniya ki baatein badi
    The worldly talks are useless for me
    Abb teri sunu main sadda
    Now I will listen to you forever

    He holds her in his arms
    She stretch her arms
    Both don’t knw what’s happening with them

    But really they don’t want to stay away from each other

    Milne ko tujhse bahane karoon
    I find excuses to meet you
    Tu muskuraaye vajah main banoon
    I wish to be the reason for your smile
    She recall how they laughed in cat sequence
    Rozz bitana sath mein tere sara din mera
    aand spend the entire day with you everyday
    (Iss dard e dil ki sifarish ab kar de koi yahan
    May someone recommend this pain-striven heart
    Ke mil jaaye ise wo barish jo bhiga de puri tarah)so that it gets that kind of rain which could drench him completely

    He lift thapki in his arm and she hold his neck lovingly .both looked each other romantically
    .he make her to stand down .due to shyness thapki turned her face bihaan hugged her from back she try to resist him BT she was melted in his love bihaan made her stand on his feet and danced emotionally. He hold one hand on her face and other hand on her waist while thapki put her both hand on his neck and danced .
    Kya hua asar tere sath reh kar na jaane
    I didn’t realize the effect of yours being with me
    Ke hosh mujhe naa raha
    As I was not in my senses anymore
    Lafzz mere the zubaan pe aake ruke
    My words could not come out of my mouth
    Par ho na sake woh bayan
    and I was not able to express my feelings
    Dhadkan tera hi naam jo le
    My heart beats with your name only
    Aankhein bhi paigham yehh de
    Even the eyes give this message
    Teri nazar ka hi yeh asar hai mujhpe jo hua
    It is the effects of your eyes for whatever happened to me
    (Iss dard e dil ki sifarish ab kar de koi yahan
    May someone recommend this pain-striven heart
    Ke mil jaaye ise wo barish jo bhiga de puri tarah)so that it gets that kind of rain which could drench him completely

    Song ends and so rain stops
    Both of them look at each other

    Bihaan(mind voice):” I don’t knw but I want to be with u .
    Care u
    Tease u
    And always be with u…. I want to saw ur face every morning when I woke up
    If u ever leave me I will be die
    Dont knw what kind of feelings is this but truth is that
    Plz don’t go thapki I can’t stay far from u..”

    Thapki:”really bihaan don’t knw why even I want but I can’t go far from u…what happened to me?? What’s this
    I hate u but why today I want to be with u
    Why why why????

    They didn’t speak anything but their eyes was explaining everything and its beyond words
    It can’t be describe just only felt….

    Epi ends with thahaan looking at each other emotionally
    Hope u guys like it
    And I hadn’t bore u

    Hope u enjoyed my 10th epi
    I try to add little romance
    I keep trying

    Precap: kosi beats bihaan

    Thapki comes to knw about bihaan condition

    Kosi thapki face to face

    Meanwhile Sheena entry

    & thapki jealousy track …

    So keep reading love u guys
    Ignore mistakes do tell how’s it ?
    Love u all ??
    uff THIS TU

  2. Oh!!!! Dear anu it was superb…precap also good.i hope sheenas entry will be led to Thapki to realize her feelings.anyways good going…keep writing.one more thing there is no need for sorry to us.you can take your own time….take care.

    1. Anubhuti

      thanks pooja doll for understanding me loves u lot
      u r best
      love u

  3. Aapko dek k kushi hooee…
    thanku so much anu..
    I miss u very badly…
    bhot bhot bhott jyeda acha episode or ha emtnal tha…
    eagrly wating for next episode..
    apna dhyen rakna..
    bye bye..
    kush rho..

    1. Anubhuti

      thanks kudrat love u
      tum bhi apna khyal rhkna

      love u

    2. Anubhuti

      thanks kudrat

  4. Amazing part. Keep writing.

    1. Anubhuti

      thanks rifa dear

  5. Juveria.ghalib

    Lovely update dear it’s now my habit to read the part n then the comment for the rest story..it’s really bad but I loved ur update,what a dance scene.enjoyed it fully n hope they realize their love for each other soon n kosi is not evil here..precap is amazing.tc

    1. Anubhuti

      thanks juvi my frnd yes she is not evil but circumstances made her evil coz of dreadful past

  6. Oh awesome… Sorry my exams are going on so am not regular…and even my TU account is deleted.. but I am Rinka okay…
    This episode shows Kosi is nog evil but then the precap shows she is beating Bihaan, even earlier also it means she is evil somehow otherwise how could a mother beat her son like this.. and bihaan should understand that he can’t harm Thapki because she was a little child when incidents happened…Update soon please.. tc

    1. Anubhuti

      hi nanad g yes kbhi kbhi insan halato ke wajah se bdal jata
      original mai bhi kosi ke sath bura hua but usne bohot bura kiya
      yha ff mai woh kya kregi ye dhkne wala hoga
      love u

  7. Garuda-SG29

    shaadi ke baad PZ ka kuch patha nahi. …?
    waiting for next part……..

  8. Lovely episode ?

  9. Hello madam .meray exams honey walay hain isliay nahi read ki ff .aj teeno part read kr liay .wow merit shradha bhabhi g b aa ghai.tm beech mai na chodna yeh ff oka .

  10. Simrank

    Simply amazing epi i loved every part of it nd dnt say that u bore us plz anu keep writing and update soon nd i loved their past ….?

  11. Simrank

    Simply amazing epi i loved every part of it nd dnt say that u bore us plz anu keep writing and update soon nd i loved their past ….?loved it

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