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I tightened the jacket over my body again as I tapped my feet impatiently for Anika to open the door. Damn, I know I look like a love struck teenager and so cheesy but never knew love and this girl could get to this extent where she could even take my sleep away with her.

I had been walking around the room for the nth time worried sick thinking how everything was going for Anika. I knew Mr.Bansal’s health wasn’t good condition to take this news but he is the father and he needs to know. I was so tensed about his approval about me and Anika being together. I wanted to badly accompany her but she won’t let me and well it would be best if they talk in their own comfort zone.

A confused Anika with “what the hell?” look opened the door and was about to ask me something when I closed our distance and pulled her in a hug. This is it. This is what I need and this is what I was missing. What the wuck, my girl is surely ruling my head and a smile formed in my face as I thought about her being ‘my girl’.

“Shivaye…” She slowly whispered as she kept hand on my chest and I looked down to see her.
It’s like she gets every day more beautiful and I want to be right beside her claiming her as mine.

“I missed you.” I mumbled to her hair and I could feel her smile. I slowly leaned and kissed her slowly and passionately letting her know truly I missed her and it was torture being away from her even it was for a few hours.

A throat clearing voice brought us back to the world again.

Mr.Madhav Bansal

I became red when I realized I just kissed his daughter right in front of him. Definitely not a good way to impress him. Anika quickly pulled away and looked at the floor as if it was the most interesting thing in the world. It was awkward that I was in this house last month back for business and also mistaking Anika as his maid and now at the same house I am kissing Anika and not in my business suit. I kind of was scared a little thinking how this was going to take place.

I shifted uncomfortably staring at Anika and then Mr.Bansal and also the floor. It caught my attention too. Anika turned her head as if sensing that I needed her help and took a deep Breath.

“Mm..well Dad meet Shivaye and Shivaye meet my dad.” She said looking at her father and I knew we were in the same shoes.

“I do know.” He huffed and frowned a little. I knew right at the moment that it was the end of mine and Anika’s story. I love Anika and I will go to the moon and back for her but her dad means world to her and I won’t make her away from him and If anything I would only think of joining their family and letting them be close and in contact.

“Dad…” Anika said pouting at him sadly and she looked so cute. I would have definitely scooped her in my arms if it haven’t been my maybe father in law standing right there and I don’t think that’s ever going to happen now.

“I’m angry with you Anika.” He said crossing his arms over the chest and sounded disappointed with her. I thought I wasn’t that bad but maybe he had so many expectation from his son in law. Anika clearly looked confused and the tension in the air was so thick and I stood there like a third wheel.

“I’m angry with you because you are making my son in law stand there in cold and not letting him inside. Be a good girl or else you know that I have your childhood pictures with me.” He winked at her and laughed, this time I couldn’t stop grinning and wipe it off my face. I sighed of relief and it was one of the best feeling.The smile on his face was warm that it will make everyone welcome towards him.

Anika stepped a little so that I could enter and when I did Mr.Bansal gave me a firm handshake before pulling me into a small hug. He smiled widely and said “welcome to the Bansal family son and you better look out for her or else  I will make sure that you doesn’t see the sunlight in next morning.” I nodded my head and he cracked a smile.

“Dad, you are scaring him off.” Anika whined like a child.

“C’mon Anika, don’t act like someone snatched your candy away from you like a little kid.” I said laughing and joining her dad with a smirk.

“Not you too.” She said glaring at me but the smile she hidden between was beautiful and it said she was content and there is nothing in the world she wished for.

“Now that you have said it Shivaye, I have a photo of her in a situation same like that. You will love it.” He grinned walking towards the stairs.

“You aren’t going to show him that, dad!” Anika screamed trying to block him but before she or Mr.Bansal could do anything a cute face appeared there with a photo album in a hand.

“Isn’t it what you are looking for dad?” He innocently said and I bet he is got a chance in acting but not enough for his sister to understand it.

“Sahil, you aren’t allowed to be in their team.” she yelled. “Where did your ‘You Are the best sister! I will always be there for you’ go?” She scowled and ran after him and he came to me for rescue and I put him on my shoulders. Sahil sticked his tongue out dramatically, Anika rolled her eyes and Mr.Bansal let out a laugh and I joined him in.

“Wait..wait! Stay still and I’m going to take a picture.” Anika ran and came back  with her phone with a wide smile and clicked our picture. “That was hilarious.” She laughed and we all laughed together.

We took several pictures more and that is a picture of Anika, Mr.Bansal and Sahil sharing a group hug, another one of me holding Anika while she is laughing keeping her hand on my chest and me staring at her, my favourite is a selfie with all four of us posing with our best smile. Perfect picture and family.

After what seemed like eternity of fun we all sat down to rest for sometime in the living room. Sahil was feeling sleepy and I could tell the boy is totally exhausted but still he doesn’t want to end the moment same like every one else in the room. Anika’s head is on my shoulder and she is lazily scrolling through her phone. Mr.Bansal looks ready to retire to bed as well so now I know the time is up and I can’t make them stay here for longer.

I mentally prayed inside before standing up and a confused Anika raised her eye brow at me. I was supposed to be nervous but I feel so free and good which is weird. I slowly kneeled down infront of her and her eyes became wide when realization struck her. I took her hands in mine and looked at her father who have a goofy grin on his face and gave me a thumbs up to go ahead and Sahil who mouthed ‘All the best’ to me.

“Anika, I know this isn’t the romantic way of proposing someone and you deserve better than this always. You came as a ray of sunshine to me and you spread your light within me making me at least this good man now. I love you and I know you love me too.” I chuckled and looked at her chocolate brown eyes ” I need you Anika in my life to always be there for me. I want you to be the person who I will see when I wake up every day. I want to hear you ranting all the day and your words made my dictionary more colorful. I want to you to be the person who I want to share rest my of life with,” I took a deep breath and smiled.

“Anika, will you marry me?”


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