Story of U and ME…… a nerd and flirt (Part-6)

Heyy guys this is sanskriti back again with another update. Hope you will like it. Thank you for people who have commented and silent readers please do comment
Here goes the next part of u and me…
“Yesss!! You guys listened right I’m going on a date with this guy!! Will you come with me?” said anika to the guy who was shining in red shirt and is considered to be the most luckiest guy on earth right now by whole college. Shivaay was shocked beyond limits, he never expected anika to do this to him.
“What….. you are going on a date with him” asked rishab
Now by this question from rishab anika was hell irritated she was about to shout but shivaay cut her down in between due to his anger. “can’t you hear rishab anika herself told that she is going on a date with ME” said shivaay dreamingly. “I think your eye sight is weak rishab I’m wearing a red shirt. See here. I’m w-e-a-r-i-n-g A RED SHIRT. And anika has pointed her finger on me soo I’m going on a date with her” said shivaay to everyone present in canteen while exaggerating every letter of wearing and showing his shirt to everyone.

Shivaay POV:
When I came to canteen I was shocked to see the scenario. Anika was surrounded with all the boys in college. I thought of breaking their bones. But when I saw anika I was shocked. Oh my goddd!! She is looking damn cute. She has changed a lot. For few seconds I just avoided the crap which that idiotic boys were saying. I just kept my gaze fixed on anika. Yaa!! Yaa!! I’m checking her out. But that’s not a wrong thing. Its her mistake that she is looking soo beautiful and I’m MAJBOOR to check her out. Then I came out of my trance my rishab’s voice, he is forcing anika to go on a date with him. I thought anika was feeling disturbed so I went and stood beside her and just started looking at her. And started praying god to not let anika go on a date with this idiotic creatures. Okayy I heard anika’s voice she decided with whom she would hangout this night. I just closed my eyes so that I could not see that lucky boy who took away anika from me.
She said she is going out with a red shirt guy. I made a mental note kill that guy till today evening so that he cannot even touch my anika MY anika. Then I felt someones hand on mine. When I opened my eyes I saw anika catching my hand then I caught that everyone are staring at me. Why on earth are everyone seeing me I thought, then I saw myself,then I remembered that today morning my dumbel oberoi Rudra had made me wear a RED Shirt. I felt soo heavenly. I mentally made a note of two things one gift my dumbbell oberoi what he wishes and the second one is to built a temple for this red shirt which has fetched me a date with my ladylove, my dream girl, MY anika.
POV Ends.
Anika and shivaay left the canteen hand in hand.

Today everyone in college are waiting for the arrival of shivaay. Every person in college is very much eager to know about yesterdays evening. They were excited to know what actually happened yesterday night on his day out with anika.
Then shivaay entered the college. As soon as he entered every one started to question him with all the type of questions. They were not even allowing him to speak.
“Stop it guys!! Nothing happened as you thought we just had a dinner at a hotel, and she left” said shivaay hiding the fact what happened.
All the guys who had expected some cosy things to happen between them returned to their classrooms after their dreams breaking into thousand pieces.
Shivaay also started to leave then his long haired oberoi had pulled him to a corner
” tell truth shivaay I know something had happened yesterday. You are hiding something. Please say it to me” said omkara.
” what do you think… What would have happened yesterday that I’m hiding that from you” asked shivaay
“Cheee shivaay you are becoming bad boy day by day. What happened yesterday night. What did you do with anika. Don’t tell me you have become PARAYA DHAN” said omkara who is almost shocked to core. ” ayeee om don’t think too much. Nothing had happened of that sort. You are thinking in wrong way. See I will say what happened, when we went outside canteen anika apologized to me for taking my name in front of whole college. And cleared me that she only said my name in front of them so that she can avoid all that idiots for going on a date with her. And she wished to play a basket ball match with me instead of a date about which she had lied in front of everyone” said shivaay in a cry baby tone. ” Ha ha ha ha … That means you were playing basket ball with anika instead of a date with her yesterday evening hahahahaha ” said om suppressing his laughter and realizing that his brothers position.. Shivaay passed a death glare to omkara. So both of them left to their respective classes.

Professor is explaining about something and bell rang suddenly so he started to leave but suddenly he turned towards the class and started speaking
Prof: see my students today is last day, as you have to leave q to your research, you have to make a pair with another person. Today you have to fill the form about details of you and your partner.
Saying so the professor left.
All the students were excited for their trip. Many of the boys selected their girlfriends. So shivaay decided to ask anika for being his partner.
Shivaay: anika will you be my partner. Please
Anika: sorry shivaay I cannot actually I have promised mallika that I will be her partner sorry!!
Listening to this shivaay’s dreams of spending with anika has broke into million parts.
Suddenly mallika came their panting
Mallika: anika I’m sorry I cannot come with you…!!
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Or is it boring you guys?

  1. Shivikajkmn

    nice one dear really loved it. After reading this episode it created a kind of interest in me so i read it from the starting and I must say ur a good writer

    1. Sanskriti120

      Thank you soo much shivikajkmn. I’m happy that you liked the ff. It really means a lot.?????

    2. Shivikajkmn

      ur velkom!!!!

  2. Nithu

    not at all its amazingly perfect………

  3. Boring not atal…. it was too intersting…… Eagerly waiting 4 nxt post asap dear……

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      You made me happy by clearing my doubt banita. Tq soo much???

  4. Superb epi

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    Wow… Superb ?

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  7. I wanted to read more????
    Nd its not at all boring… Its amazing yaa…
    Cant wait for the nxt…. Update asap! plzz??

    1. Sanskriti120

      Thank you bhavana. Its really good to know that u like it?

  8. Hmm how can u say that its boring … This epi was awsm ,I was laughing like a manic while reading tis …my god ur such a writer man …I’m desperately waiting 4 next chap to knw whether ani said k to shiv or not …

    1. Sanskriti120

      Heyy haridhra your comment is really sweet. You made me happy by saying that you liked the epi and u know even I was laughing while typing the epi??. And anika going with shivaay or not that you will get to know next.?

    2. I wonder when will tis wait over but u guys naa …. By the end of chap again make me desperate … I’m surely one day gonna die out of desperation N suspense ..(wink)

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      Ohh thats soo sweet of you haridhra. And this wait is gonna complete soon for sure. And I’m not gonna kill you yaar how can I loose such an amazing reader cum friend??

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    Why do u think so Sanskriti ?????????
    It is not like that dr
    Dragging ?????

    It is superb dr
    Don’t think like that ?

    1. Sanskriti120

      Actually I had showed this story to one of my friend so, she said that you are dragging it. That is the reason I thought of confirming with u guys. Any ways thank youuuuu so so much amayaa. Even I’m fan of your ff dear???

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  13. Tanz

    Neither are you dragging it and nor is it boring.It is becoming more interesting day by day. I really couldn’t imagine a basketball date. WOW Sanskriti . And I’m assuming that Annika will have to pair up with Shivaay as mallika has refused now.
    Waiting eagerly for the next part.

    1. Sanskriti120

      AWWW tanz thank you soo soo much. I’m really feeling soo good that I got to know that my story is neither dragging nor boring. And basket ball date, I really didn’t thought that I will write some thing like that. But thanks to you guys you liked it. And shivaay pairing with anika let’s see???????

  14. lovely!!

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  17. Heyyo , Sanskriti di! (Can Icall uu di cause I guess u r older than me)
    I am a silent reader at tu and today I finally decided to comment!
    I luv your ff ! It’s totally a new idea and Iuv my dabang anika!
    And yes this lovestruck version of Shivaay is cho chweet??
    If u can , will u pls add a few more scenes of anika bashing the bully gang?
    u see I am so fed up of nafratbaaz in IB that it feels good to see tia suffering over and over!
    Horribly sadist I know?
    Hope anika responds to our billu’s love soon!
    Loads of love?
    P.S. Will u b my friend

    1. Sanskriti120

      Vivikhta yaar( see I’m calling you yaar it means your already my friend???). I’m stunned to see such a long comment. Your such a cutiepie. And yaar I’m just 16 years,so still if you are younger than me then you can call me di,I really don’t mind,
      Vivikhta and talking about your proposal yesssss I vl put some of anika and Tia’s takkar scenes,how can I say no to my new found bestie. Thankyou for commenting yaar.?????????????????

    2. Welcome Sanskriti di aur ha ane cutie pie to main ho on hi?
      But now that u r my friend, no sorry and no thank you!

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      One doubt vivikhta. What’s your age( if I may ask)?

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    It’s not boring or I don’t feel you are dragging it’s amazing

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