A Story Starts Wid Game~ A Fresh Start Chap1

In Mumbai” Orphanage Home” is shown,a girl wearing black shirt with jeans with handicap recorder in her hand is shown recording something stealthily.

Suddenly she felt someone twisted her ears.

“Ouchhhh”,says the girl and rubs her ears, her sparkling eyes are shown.

“Didu”,she says pouting looking at aged women of 60s, her pulpy pink lips are shown.

“Ragu”, dida glares while she sheeplishly smiles.

The girl revelas as Ragini.

“Kya didu because of you bakra gaya hath se”,ragini pouts looking the direction where she was recoridng.

“Ooo really and who is that bakra”, asked dida.

“Dadu”,she says and bites her lips.

“What”,shouts dida.

“Vo vo i i”,stammers ragini.

“Show me now”, says dida.

Ragini gulps and show her the video.

In video,granny and dada is shown talking about dida and making jokes on her, hearing dida voice both runs from their.

“They are gone”,murmurs ragini looking at her dida blown up face.

“Come with me, i am hitler now i will show them my hitler giri”, says dida and holds ragini hand but she stops.

“Naaaah didu you don’t say anything to her,don’t you think its a great weapon against them, In daylight a husband and her friend is shown talking behind his wife and her friend back”, says ragini with a thinking face while dida nods.

“Let the correct times come i will show them my power”,says dida thinkng something and goes.

Ragini sighs in relief and turns to saw dada and granny glaring her. She sheeplishly smiles seeing them but soon the smile fades and some bitter memories covers her as she heard that word.

“Laado”,dadu glares.

Hearing lado her past covers her mind and she fakes smile at them.

“I..I’ll just come”,says ragini and goes.

She takes a deep breaths relaxing herself.

She closes her eyes,her past flashes her mind. She tries everytime to overcome her bitter past but its not let her to go. She always hide her pain through her smile but her eyes always show something deep. She is strong enough to fight for right but sometimes some things made her hold into past and makes her weak. But being ragini she always show  that she is a bold and strong girl. Ragini is playing double game from the day her family is snatched from her she only has one motive to beg him like the way he did. On the age of 7 she faced the reality which is enough to make her think like the girl who wants revenge. From childhood she makes up her mind for the game and she is all set to play it with chess and mate and she have faith that she will win in it and every person have to suffer in this who are even slightly responsible for her horrible past.

Scene shift

Scene shift

A boy is shown bowing infront of a man while tears are continuously flowing from his eyes,the man is beating him brutally with belt.

“Self respect Self respect you and your blo*dy self respect can’t you think about us before leaving your jobs because of your silly reason”, shouted man revealing himself as Ram Sharma.

“Jii leave him na”, says sujata who has tears seeing her son in wounds.

“You stay away sujata today i will throw all his self respect ka bhoot”, shouts ram pushing sujata aside.

“Baba”, says the boy in cracking voice revealing himself as Laksh,with tear flowing from his eyes.

“Baba Margaye tere baba ab tu bhi marja or nikal ja meri nazro k samne se”, shouts rp jerking him.

“From now ownwards you’ll do what i want got that straight on your small mind otherwise i will forget that you are my son, now get lost and go to your second job now”, says rp and pushes him outside the house closing the door on his face.

Laksh keeps his one hand on door and cries miserably.

“Why can’t i get your love baba why can’t i”, asked laksh in low voice and leaves from their wiping his tears.

Laksh is a self centered man who is a emotional person from childhood he wants his parents love which he is craving for but his fate is that much bad that whenever he tries to make them happy he do the mistake which leads him to suffer from unbearable punishment.it’s a reality sometimes you don’t get what you need and this make you more n more weak and stubborn to get it even though you have to change yourself completely. Laksh from childhood had suffered alot he has voice but can’t raise it he has hand but can’t i stop it thats his helpness being a son who don’t get love from his parents. But he never looses hope till now he is still adamant to get his parents love to which he can do whatever his parents wants even it can leads him to destruction of his own life.

Scene shift

A black Mercedes stopped infront of a big building name ” MM enterprise”. A man wearing a black tuxedo with blazer is shown stepping outside the car. He stands removing his black shades showing his agressive chocolate brown eyes. He signs a man who brings his phone. He takes it stepping inside the building. 

He entered the lift and his PA press the life floor button before the life could get closed one person comes stopping it.

The person looks up revealing his face as Sanskar Maheshwari the one n only spoilt son of Maheshwari.

Sanskar eyed the person in anger who dare to stop his lift.

“So…rry si..rr”,the old man who stops the lift speak scaredly.

“Out”, sanskar says in low yet dangerous eyes.

“Si..r”, the old man is about to speak but get intrupted by sanskar.

” i said out and make sure you reach before me or else you know what i mean”, says sanskar and smirks pressing the life button.

The old man looks on helplessly.

Sanskar plays with his phone on other side the old man runs on stairs being helpless.

As soon as lift reached it floor,sanskar steps outside the life and saw the old man reached after him panting and breathing heavily.

“Bye bye old man”, says sanskar waving bye to old man who has tears.

“Si…r”, the old man spokes folding his hand.

“I don’t have habbit to repeat make sure you take your money of working here don’t you ever come back”, says sanskar while the man with him gibew disgusted look to him.

Sanskar smirks wearing his glasses and leaves from their leaving the old man helpless.

Sanskar goes and sits on his cabin.

“Sanskar”, comes Dp voice.

“Dad”,smiles sanskar.

Dp comes and sits.

“What i have heard you fired Mr.bhansali just because he did not reached on time what’s the reason is this”,asked DP.

“Ohh so that oldie complains well dad you know i don’t do anything without a reason i just simply said to reach on time but he always come after me so this should have to happen”, says sanskar in carefree manner and begins to work.

“But son”, before he could say sanskar intrupted.

“Dad you trust me right you gave me all the duties na then chillax I’ll do good only don’t worry and go home mom is waiting for you”, says sanskar smilingly engrossing in his work.

Dp shakes his head seeing him.

“God please send someone who can make him good by heart he is spoiling more day by day”,thinks Dp and leaves from their.

Sanskar is a rich spoilt brat and an arrogant agressive business man to whom only his work matter he has no feelings for people he is  not a stone heart but the life he live from childhood make him to love himself more other then caring for someone else and being a arrogant it had to be happen that he become a selfish person he always played with feelings of strangers like his employee workers and in collage life some girls he have no friends cuz being a selfish reason who always ended up being a fight with his so called friends he always order people like it’s him n only him he is like a oil who just need a fire to burn everything near him but he is dedicated towards his work and can’t bear a single mistake in it. And if someone provokes him by chance then none can save that person to visit death.

Scene shift

A girl is shown wearing coat and jeans standing infront of a potrait of two baby girls who are holding eo hands.

“Time changes everyone when it passes just like it changes me your shona who is a nerdy useless and careless and the most pampered girl got to know what is life just after you left me alone in this world you know i should hate you for leaving me but i hate myself cuz because of me you left, those incidents are still alive in my mind and memory even after many years and i just can’t forget it but you know what’s good it is that i changed myself completely you know after you go maa baba also stopped talking with me i was alone in the battle of those nightmares which haunts you know sometimes i feel that you are near my heart and i just need to recognize you but i failed like everytime i failed in standards i failed in my real life also…. You know i got what i want i am the top most officer now and my only motive is to find him and make his life worst as ever and for punishing him i can hurt thousands of inocent people’s without caring for them Me Swara Gadodia promise you that I’ll never back off from my motive never ever”, says the girl with no expressions and reveals herself as Swara gadodia.

Swara hides the potrait under her bed.

“I’ll never back off”,she says again and smirks at herself.

Swara is the girl with hopeless life she had no hope to live she is a souless body she live her life with only one reason that is destruction of one person from many years she is finding only one person and the day she found him will be the last day for him and this swara will not be weak and can go to any extent for her motive even she has to play or do anything she will not backoff she herself don’t know where will her this point will take her.

Scene shift

“You are free”, comes a man in a caged type place.

A person is shown lying on floor with a torn blanket on him. Hearing the person he removes his blanket.

“What did you say repeat once”, asked the person as his evil eyes are shown.

“You are free”, the person repeats and he starts laughing loudly putting fear in the person.

“I am freee i am free yessss i am freeeeeeeeeeeee”, he shouts loudly.

“Bring some wine i want to celebrate my last night here”, says the person laughing evily.

“I am back kamal narayan is back for the game”, he says and reveals himself as kamal narayan.

Screen splits on faces of Ragini worried face Sanskar strict face Laksh helpless face Swara determined face and Kamal Narayan evil face.

To b continued……

this eid brings lots of happiness in your life…..

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