Story: Serene Shadows (Introduction)

A Thread Of Introduction(IPKKND FF)

Kushi wondered out of her house, she got into her car, and drove around the town, the unconscious direction of her mind lead her to the Delaware Bay, it’s one of the twenty four beaches of Cape May, the place where she was living now.

She had travelled to Philadelphia from India, leaving her parents there, only to complete her graduation here. Already first semester passed and she was feeling terribly homesick.

The beach was very beautiful with quaint little restuarants and elegant white washed Villas.

She parked her car by the road and pulled up her coat more tighter around her, and got out of it.

The immediate breeze caressed her face, as she took in a liberated breath. The beach as usual wasn’t lonely, it was brimming with people in the evening. Well, mostly college grads like her.

A huge bonfire grew in size with the bright orange flames. Kushi walked into the warm sand, feeling the grains slip away from her now bare toes. With the slippers in hand

The people around the fire were wasted, with mini fridge and beer bottles strewn all around, they were laughing, cracking jokes and randomly walking around in drunken stupor.

The beach was now getting colder and dark, but Khushi didn’t mind the cold nor darkness, instead she loved it. Embraced the two things tight.

She just have to find a lone and quiet spot. She pulled the hoodie over her head, removing her hands from its pockets, she slid down on the sand, sighing heavily, she looked on at the now darkened ocean, with few lights from the yatches and boats to reflect on the serene moving waters.

She drew herself together by putting her hands around her shouders, and resting her chin on her chin, and looked on at the view……


Well, dis is just a little start of IPKKND fanfic…Introducing Khushi’s character…

Hope u guys don’t get annoyed by my random story writings here 🙂

Credit to: kfar

  1. Wow am going crazy yaar nice episode


  3. Very nice, please continue…. l loved it…

  4. its awsme
    thank u so much farha for bringing back khushi n arnav 🙂

  5. aww I made a mistake its khushi i wrote kushi hahaha sucha blunder n thank u guys i loveeeeeeeeee Arshi very muchhh 😀
    i was dying to write a story about them…ah such romantic pair dey are..but pls excuse da mistakes i’ll try to write bettr next time dears 😀

  6. Woàh Woàh. ..ARSHI ka story…ths z one of my fvrite serial. ..nd reading a fanfic by u farha z lyk wtchin d nw version of IPKKND…

  7. Nice description of khushi????

  8. Hey farha…..sooper dear….actu I haven’t watched this….ly mmz….but my friends were once diehard fan of this series…..thou I hadnt watched this,its amazing to read urs….luvd it buddy….

    n 4got to say one thing….tat NeSam story….oh so sweet…laughed out loud on Sam’s broomstick hair n the five words….omg I just scrolled up n counted the words…..just laughed on my phone leaving others wondering if I was gone mad……amazing dear….keep rocking girlie…..

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