Story of a girl – Ragini (pt 19) by Aliya

Let’s begin….

Ragini was in her own trauma

When she sees her own reflection standing in front of her

Her reflection :Ragini what are you doing? Ragini you love Sanskar?

Ragini now couldn’t answer her own self, it was the voice of her mind

Her reflection :remember even dev was good to you before marriage, and you are again falling on the trap.

Sometimes our own self is villain to us

Ragini nods in no, tears rolls down her cheeks:no, sansk…

Her reflection :oh come on Ragini, don’t act like a loser. Pata nahi kahan se aya hai aur kyu aaya hai but you just agreed to every of his words. Think Ragini, who is he to you? He is……

“everything” screamed a voice

Ragini sees another reflection of her, it was the voice of her heart

Her heart :Ragini, you trust him more than yourself Ragini. Life is giving you a second chance. You yourself know him who exactly sanskar is…?! The one who helped you to live again. The one who gave the hope to live again.

Her mind:it’s just his good And then show the true colours

Her heart:Ragini, just understand the things. Why would he trap you? Remember when he was in the verge to leave you, how you just ran to him!! Your body is wanting to be him. You ears want to listening his soothing voice. Your eyes just want to see him every time. You just want to talk about him and not the least one you just want to think about him only.

Ragini was too confused about this controversies

Her mind:even you felt the same for dev, how much you trusted him.

Her heart:no Ragini, you didn’t feel the same for dev. What was with dev was just an attraction and a feeling that he is going to be your husband but sanskar.. Just don’t compare sanskar to dev.. Rest you know it. Sanskar is the strength and trust of your life you agree it or not.

Her mind:Remember Ragini what and all happened with you, history will repeat again if you take such wrong steps.

Ragini couldn’t take it anymore and shouts:nooo..i don’t want anything i don’t want to live
She cries with the gut wrenching sob leaving through her chest
She pulled her hairs.

Sanskar and piya immediately enters the room

They were shocked to see Ragini in such condition.

Sanskar was about to hold her, she pushes him away from her.

Piya:Raago Raago.. What happened?!

Ragini cries:mujhe nahi jeena.

Sanskar moves to her and holds her:Ragini calm down.

Piya:Ragini.. Please

She takes a deep breath.

Sanskar thinks something and goes out.

Ragini:mujhse nahi ho raha yeh sab

Piya:what is not happening with you Ragini?

Ragini was silent

Piya:it’s ok….

She hugs her, Ragini was blank in her embrace, she wasn’t getting what is happening with her now!!

She was about to close her eyes, as the sleep over took her eyes

When sanskar enters:Ragini.

Ragini who was sleepy looks at him

Sanskar places some books on her bed

She looks at him confused

Sanskar places a sheet over the books

Ragini looks at the sheet it was the form of IAS EXAMINATION

Sanskar:i have filled the form, you just have to sign it.

It was her dream to become an IAS officer, she tried it for once but she couldn’t score to the field she wanted to go.

Sanskar:next month, its the exams already it’s too late start studying it from today. No no from now itself

Ragini:no i can’t.

Sanskar:no means?

Ragini:i don’t want to do it.

Sanskar:you have to do it, already you have slept too much when time comes to work, you are sleeping again, i don’t know anything sign it now and i have to sumit it today itself.. Come on quick quick

He gives her the pen

Ragini looks at piya

She encourages her to sign it

Ragini signs it.

Ragini:but i can’t…

Sanskar:everything was past, now focus on future. Now study like a good child

He then gives the form to his assistant who was waiting out and tells him to submit it.

He nods. And leaves.

Sanskar:Ragini… You didn’t open the books still now.

Piya smiles and leaves from there.

Ragini takes the books:i am sorry.

Sanskar:are you saying this sorry to me or books?

Ragini smiles:you.

Sanskar:why so?

Ragini:i always behave rudely…….

Sanskar places his finger on her lips:shhh…

Sanskar:i told you na future matters! Past is past, if there is something good then save it. If there is something bad then delete it.

Ragini smiles :only you can say this!

Sanskar:meri maano tho, everyone should do this.

Ragini:swara always says you are a good torpic before i didn’t believe but now… You are the one. (Sanskar smiles) and tell me how you got to know about this?

Sanskar:i would definitely know..

Ragini:but how and why these research on me?

Sanskar absent minded:because I LOVE YOU.

Ragini was shocked by his reply.

To be continued…..

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