A Story of Love and Revenge (Naagin+Kawach) Season 2 Part: 23

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Thanks Jasminerahul, sarvesh, geeta and all who read and give their amazing feelings to this fan fiction. So, Let’s start part 23. Hope you all will like it.

Recap: Rainaa challenges Tanvi, Aangad’s surprising revelation of been college fellows, Shivanya misunderstands Yamini, Shesa and Rocky’s confession of their love to Shivanya and Rithik.

The Episode starts with Shivanya saying that Shesa, are you in senses..?? Shesa says Yes, I’m..!! Shivanya says I’ll talk with Rithik. Shesa says Hmm..!! She leaves from there smiling.

Screen shifts to Rocky and Rithik. Rithik says I want to tell you something about Shesa..!! Rocky says has her engagement has fixed with someone..?? Rithik says No Actually, Shesa is naagin..!! Rocky says what..?? Rithik says Oh sorry, She isn’t naagin, She was naagin..!! Rocky says Hmm….Wait a minute, what you said..?? She was naagin..!! Impossible..!! Rithik says its true, listen first. Rithik tells Rocky that how Shivanya, Shesa Pari take revenge from their parents’ murderers, and how Rainaa help them in this all..!!

Rocky opens mouth in surprise. Rithik says close your mouth, else fly will get into your mouth. Rocky says However, my love isn’t so weak, that all was her past, and one more thing I want to clear you that I love Shesa dearly. Rithik says okay, then I’ll talk about you with Shivanya. Rocky hugs him saying Thank you..!! Rithik smiles.

Screen shifts to Rivanya’s room. Rithik comes to Shivanya. Shivanya sees and says Rithik, I want to talk with you something very important..!! Rithik says Shivanya, even I want to talk with you something very important. Shivanya says Actually, Shesa…. Rithik says Rocky loves Shesa. Shivanya surprisingly says and Shesa also loves Rocky. Both look at each other and wink.

Screen shifts to Rocky’s room. Rocky says What….are you sure..?? Rithik says Trust us. Shivanya says you’re being afraid being a man,see me, I was not afraid of my enemies being a woman. Rocky says correct the sentence, not woman, infect, being a naagin, and who said you this..?? I’m not afraid of anyone..?? Shivanya says then..?? Rocky says I’m afraid whether Shesa will accept my proposal or not..?? Shivanya says I know my sister very well, She can’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Rocky says But on your saying….okay..?? Shivanya says okay..!! Rithik says wait a minute..!! He leaves from there.

He comes back hiding something. Rocky asks what’s that..?? Rithik shows him a bouquet of red roses. Rocky says Roses..?? Rithik says For proposal..!! Rocky takes bouquet saying Thank you Rithik..!! Rithik and Shivanya smiles. Trio leaves from there.

Screen shifts to Hall. Rocky and Rivanya come. All are already there. Pari says Is all okay Shivanya..?? Why you call us here..?? Roshini says tell fast, I’m scared. Shivanya says Let Shesa come first..!! Shesa comes.

Shesa says Shivanya, Is everything okay..?? Rithik says rocky…. Rocky nods saying Hmm..!! Rocky says Shesa…. Shesa thinks If Rocky is going to propose me..?? Rocky sits on his knees holding bouquet of red roses. Shesa blushes. All cheers up in surprise. Rocky says Shesa, I love you and want to marry you. Will you like to be my soulmate..?? Shesa takes bouquet from rocky saying I love you also Rocky. Rajbeer says When all this happen..?? Rocky says Love happened in first sight, but I realise it just today. Rishabh says and Shesa, you..?? Shesa says Like Rocky, but when he come next day, I feel more attractive to him than yesterday..!!

Rainaa is in her room. She says Shivanya will absolutely trust me. She leaves from there.

Screen shifts to Hall. Shagun/Tanvi fumes. She leaves from there. Shivanya says let’s do other works, now tomorrow, with Aangad and Shagun’s sangeet, Rocky and Shesa’s sangeet will also be enjoyed. All cheers up. Shivanya comes to her room.

Rainaa is coming to Shivanya’s room. She bumps with Shagun/Tanvi. Shagun/Tanvi says Where are you going in so much hurry..?? Rainaa says To expose you…. Any other question..?? Shagun/Tanvi fumes and leaves from there.

Screen shifts to Shivanya’s room. Rainaa comes. Shivanya sees and says Rainaa, is everything okay..?? Rainaa says Actually, Shivanya, I want to talk with you something important..!! Shivanya says about which..?? Rainaa says Tanvi..!! Shivanya is shocked. Shivanya says you know Rainaa, Tanvi is lost from past four years. Wait a minute, If my dream was right..?? Tanvi..?? Rainaa says yes, Tanvi is back and She is ichadari naagin as well. Not only this, She want to destroy world by joining hand with Mahaismatis. Shivanya says But how you know about Mahaismatis..?? Rainaa tells Shivanya about discotheque incident. Shivanya is shocked. Screen freezes on Shivanya’s shocking face.

Precap: Rainaa says you think you have finished Shivanya, so sad, that water flow over your dreams. Shagun/Tanvi fumes.

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  1. interesting and as well as nice episode
    loved it?

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks geeta.

  2. Sarveshjoshi42

    Amazing part it was i really loved it plzzz update it soon .

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks sarvesh.

  3. Jasminerahul

    good that after knowing shesha’s past too rocky loves shesha.rocky shesha proposal scene is so romantic.waiting 4 more romantic scenes on them.So now shivanya knows about Shagun being Tanvi from Rianaa.hope they both will join hands together to expose Tanvi.hope pari shesha will also help them.

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks jasmine di. Next part will tell about Rithik’s powers as well. In Part 25, I might reveal how Tanvi become naagin.

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