My Own Story of Love (part 4)

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Hi guys Hasfan here i think you remember me,please forgive me for the late i strucked with lot of studies and homework thats why i’m late.Ok and thanks for all who are comment to my FF sorry for not personally thank you.ok now we move to the story….
Here we go……

Dev and Shravan are walking towards Principal cabin
Dev : Shravan i think you must confess to her soon
Shravan : i think so but…
Dev : but what?
Shravan : no yaar you can’t understand
Dev : what i can’t understand?
Shravan : Dev this is love
Dev : so…

Shravan stops and turns to Dev
Shravan : brother we can fall in love easily but confess to them is very much difficult it is like win over a world war and if i confess to her,she won’t accept me means i will lose my friend also thats why i’m afraid
Dev : Shravan don’t discourage yourself first of all confess to her then we can see what happen next
Shravan : you think this is simple but one day you also love someone that time you will ask my help and eat my brain
Dev : don’t worry brother i will never been in that situation

Shravan : ok we can see that
Dev : yeah sure and don’t worry i will help in your love story.
Shravan : really?how?
Dev :just wait and shall we move?
Shravan nodded yes and they move towards principal cabin.they entered inside
Dev and Shravan : Good morning Sir
Principal :Good morning take your seats
Dev and Shravan : thank you sir
Principal : so what you have decided about college anniversery
Shravan : Sir this is silver jubilee to our college so as you said we can make this grand memorable event
Dev : sir we planned that we first make a team and that team took all the responsiblities in the event
Principal : so you done that ?
Dev : yes sir we already prepared that
Shravan : Sir we planned all
Their discuss about the event programs
Pricipal :excellent everything perfect and the arrangements?
Dev :Sir we also planned that we all know our college is best in all courses so all thing are prepared by students this is a great chance to prove them
Pricipal :great thing this will definitely help our students
Shravan : yes sir,so the arrangements are done by our students by selecting their ideas
Dev : and Sir the catering was done by Suman and her team~he saying this looking Shravan~

Shravan : Sumo~excitedly~
Pricipal :Suman Tiwari?
Dev : yes sir in this thing we don’t want to discuss because whole college know she was best in cooking
Principal :yes great choice,isn’t Shravan?
Shravan :
Principal :ok you go and work according to your idea,anything else?
Dev : yes sir
Pricipal : what?

Dev : sir we should invite some guests,right?
Pricipal : yes and i already made a list of four guests that Raghuwar Dixit,Bijoy Bose,Ranveer, two are the responsiblity to invite them
Shravan : its our pleasure sir and sir we also thought to include rockstar Abhi’s music concert
Pricipal : music concert?
Dev : yes sir and it will be a great treat to students

Pricipal : but can he come?
Shravan : yes sir we will talk to him
Principal :then ok,go ahead of your work
Dev and Shravan : thank you sir

Outside of cabin

Shravan : so this the way of helping me?
Dev : why?this is great chance to you to get closer with her,are you not happy with this plan?
Shravan :who said i’m super happy now
He hugs Dev
Shravan : i’m very lucky to have a friend like you
Dev :ok ok enough of this senti dialogue com we have lots of work
Shravan :ok lets go

Canteen :

Sona comes and sits in a bench where already Sumo,Preeti,Elena are sat.Sona didn’t talk anything and looks upset
Sumo : Sona what happened?
Sona : no nothing
Elena :oh Sona don’t lie we know you,you never be like this tell what happened
Sona :no guys nothing like that i’m just tired
Preeti :Sona there is no use in lying tell we can sort out your problem
Sona tells about Riya and she slapped Chirag
Sumo :that idiot see what i will do them~she stands and go~
Sona held her hand and make her sit
Sona : Sumo calm down
Elena :how Sona?how we will be calm after hearing this,they must be punished
Preeti : yes Elena is correct we must do something otherwise they do like this only
Chirag and Vicky comes to Canteen and smirks seeing Sona and sit in the near side bench of Sona
Elena :Sona see they are here
Preeti : we must do something
Sona : no guys don’t do anything
Sumo : No Sona,you chill and see what we do
Chirag went to order something for them and Vicky stand up and went to talk to one of his friend in another bench.
Sumo : great timing~she searches something in her bag and take out~Elena take this
Sona :what are you trying to do?

Sumo : Sona just wait and watch
Sumo signs Elena and Elena went to bench where Vicky sat and do something and came to her place quickly.Sumo and Preeti chuckles.
Vicky came and sit.Chirag came with tray.When he came to bench way Sumo wantedly put her legs in his way and Chirag slipped and fall down.All are canteen laughs seeing this.
Elena : hey  see and walk otherwise put specs~laughs~
Preeti :Elena how can i blind see and walk~laughs~hey somebody help him otherwise he sleep in the floor itself.Vicky tries to stand but can’t
Chirag:Vicky come and help me man

Vicky tries but can’t stand up
Vicky :i can’t stand something is sticking in bench
Elena,Sona,Sumo,Preeti laughs
Chirag gets up and go near Vicky.He pulls Vicky but can’t make him stand.Then he tried with full force *gggrrrrr*all are shocked Vicky pant was ripped.All are laugh heavily.He ran away from there with embarrasment.Chirag got angry
Chirag : You girls see i will surely take revenge for this you’ve to pay for this
Sumo :Pay how much? I think 5 rupees enough,right Elena?
Elena :yes Sumo the gum was only 5 rupees na but it worked perfectly
Elena and Sumo laughs.
Chirag went from there with fumes in anger.
All laughs.
Evening college is finished Sona saw Dev going opposite direction of his house she feels something wrong but later she thought something and went home.
Dev entered a building and greets a person in the building.
Dev : Good evening Sir
Sir : Good evening,well you came on right time can we start our work?
Dev : yes sir
Dev went inside a room with that man.

Bose Mansion : (night time)

Sona and Sumo are chatting in Sona’s room.Sumo was oftenly seeing outside.Sona notices that
Sona :Sumo are you okay?
Sumo : yeah i’m fine why?
Sona : you seems tensed
Sumo :me and tensed impossible
Sona : really?

Sumo : ah Sona..~with hesitation~where is Shravan?
Sona smiles
Sona : idk why?
Sumo :just asking
Sona :~loud tone~Hai Shravan
Sumo :~excitedly~where?
Sees the door side but finds no one
Sumo angrily looks Sona while Sona smiles seeing her reaction Sumo takes a pillow and hits her.
Sona :so someone is eager to meet him,loves in the air
Sumo :~shies~SONA!!!!

Sona : arey why? You doesn’t love Shravan?
Sumo :that …..was….nothing~sees somewhere~
Sona:Sumo look into my eyes
Sumo looks on
Sona :do you love him or not ?~sternly~
Sumo nodded yes and looks Sona whose look angrily
Sumo :Sona that i never knew when i fell in love with him
Sona :i’m angry on you how can you Sumo?
Sumo :Sona please don’t be angry on me~tears flows from her eyes and held Sona’s hands~
Sona : how can you hide this secret from me ? See now I don’t help in your love story
Sumo looks on find Sona smiling
Sona wipes Sumo tears and hugs her
Sona : what you think?i’m angry on you

Sumo : you Sona i’m scared
Sona :hahaha see i also know to scared someone
Sumo smiles
Sona : so when will you propose him?
Sumo :before that i must know what feeling he have for me after that i will tell him and until you don’t tell anything to him.
Sona :ok
Then they chat somewhile Ishaani enters.

Ishaani : hi Sumo how are you?
Sumo :i’m fine Ishaani di how are you?
Ishaani : i’m fine
Sona~whisphers to Sumo~ :arey Sumo call her bhabhi not di ?
Sumo : shut up Sona
Ishaani : hmmm what secret is going between friends
Sumo : no nothing like that
Sona :that was i said her to call you bhab…
Sumo hits her with elbow
Sona :ouch~screams~
Ishaani :what happened?
Sumo: nothing
Sona :how was your day di?
Ishaani :asuasal my day went…
Sona :romance with jiju
Ishaani :SONA !!!!
Ishaani chase Sona around the room
Sumo smiles seeing these
Ishaani catches Sona and pick her ears
Sona :Di i’m sorry please leave my ear its paining
Ishaani phone rings

Sona :Di pick up your phone it must be jiju
Ishaani leaves her and picks the phone and run to her room.
Sona and Sumo smiles.
Sona’s phone rings it was Ishwari
Sona : namaste aunty
Ishwari :namaste beta

Sona :aunty you called on this time anything problem?
Ishwari : yes beta did Dev was with you
Sona : no aunty why?
Ishwari : he didn’t return home after college
Sona :what?~Shocked~
Ishwari : yes beta thats why i called you?
Sona :aunty did you ask Shravan?
Ishwari : yeah i asked he too didn’t know where he was?
Sona :ok aunty you don’t worry he will back soon,if you get tensed that will spoil your health so you go and take rest
Ishwari :but beta….
Sona :aunty i told na he will come soon
Ishwari :ok beta good night
Sona :good night
Sumo :Sona what happened?
Sona :Dev didn’t return home
Sumo :what?but where he went?
Sona :idk but i saw he went opposite direction of home
Sumo :ok call him and ask where he was?

Sona :yeah right
Sona calls him but his phone is switched off
Sona :shit his phone is switched off
Sumo :ok he will come soon you don’t take tension
Sona :how Sumo?see its already 9 and he didn’t return
Sumo :Sona can i ask you something?
Sona :yeah sure
Sumo :why you concerned for him so much?
Sona :what question is this Sumo?he is my cousin and friend also
Sumo :thats only?

Sona :then what
Sumo :Sona do you think you really love Rithwik?
Sona :Sumo what happened to you?why are asking a silly questions?
Sumo :answer it
Sona :of course i love him
Sumo :do you think he is perfect for you?

Sona :Sumo why are you asking like this?
Sumo :because you know how cheap that Chirag and Vicky then how can you expect a genuine character from Rithwik?
Sona :Sumo they are his friends that doesn’t mean to he also like them
Sumo :Sona you didn’t understand ok tell me when Rithwik proposed you several times you rejected him then one day you accepted him,why?
Sona :that day I accepted him because he attempted suicide for me
Sumo :exactly you’ve only accepted him for sake of his life
Sona :so what?later i liked him by heart
Sumo :no Sona you not he made you like him,if he truly love you then why he threatened you?
Sona:what are you trying to say Sumo?

Sumo:Sona i tell only one thing,this is your life you only decide but before that you think deeply.Ok i will leave its late bye
Sumo leaved and Sona was get into thoughts.

So how was it ?
I think its a lengthy one
Please forgive for the late and do all comment.Your comments are my inspiration

With love,

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