My Own Story of Love (part 3)

Hi guys Hasfan here i’m very happy after reading your comments keep supporting like this i will give my best.ok now i give third part of my FF.Here we go…..

Dev beat Chirag and Vicky badly.One boy patted Dev’s shoulder from back without seeing, Dev raised his hands to beat him but he gets shocked and stopped by seeing him.

Dev : RITHWIK!!!
Rithwik : Dev how dare you to beat my friends?
Dev : you have to be shame to say that they are your friends
Rithwik~shouts~ : Dev!!!
Dev : Don’t shout,i know you don’t be shamed because you are aware of this thing will give them more courage to do thing like this
Rithwik : what they did? What are you talking about?
Dev : today they tried to misbehave with my sister
Rithwik : what?oh i don’t know Dev,please forgive them once they didn’t repeat this two say sorry to them~looks to Chirag and Vicky~
Chirag : but Rithwik he beat us
Rithwik : i said say sorry
Chirag and Vicky : Sorry
Dev : if they repeat this again to any girls I won’t spare them mark my words,better stay in limit.
Dev goes with Riya.
Chirag : Rithwik what happened to you?
Rithwik : sorry guys
Vicky : what sorry ? He beat us and you made us to say sorry to them
Rithwik : Don’t worry guys now his time so he showed him when we get time we will show who we are
Vicky : what are you talking about?
Rithwik : you guys forget one thing Riya is Dev’sister
Chirag :so what ?
Rithwik : that means she is Sona’s sister also,if sona knows about our truth we’re finished.wait guys first we trap Sona and then we show that Dev who we are.This was my dad’s plan.after so much difficult i gain Sona i won’t lose her by the silly things So please till that control yourselves guys.Lets go.
Chirag and Vicky : okay

Dev’s Classroom :

Dev entered the classroom with anger.He sat in the bench Natasha try to speak but then think to leave him alone.A professor entered the classroom and introduce Natasha to all.He started the class,Dev sat uninterested and disturbed.Natasha notices him.
Natasha : Dev,are you okay?
Dev : yeah i’m fine
Natasha hold his hand and said
Natasha : Don’t lie Dev you seem disturbed if you have any problem you can share with me.
Dev : nothing like that little headache I think i should leave now
Natasha : okay take care
Dev stands and leaves.
Professor : Dev,are you okay?
Dev : no sir little headache shall i leave now?
Professor : okay you can go take care yourself
Dev leaves from the class.
Rahul : i know Dev must be disturbed by that Chirag and Vicky
Santhi : what to do now?
Rahul : I must call Shravan because he and Sona only know how to light his mood
Santhi :okay call him quick
Rahul calls Shravan but he didn’t pick the call
Santhi : what happened?
Rahul : he didn’t pick the call
Santhi : then call Sona
Rahul : no i think thats not good idea
Santhi : but why?
Rahul : because they are Rithwik’s friends
Santhi :so what?she doesn’t mind that
Rahul : yes but she also get upset when she know about this
Santhi : so now what?
Rahul :wait i will try Shravan once again
Santhi : ok do it
He again tried but this time Shravan attend the call
Rahul :Hey Shravan,where are you?
Shravan :i’m in campus only,why?what happened?
Rahul narrates the whole incident to Shravan.Shravan gets angry
Shravan : what ? That Chirag and Vicky i will not leave them today
Rahul : wait Shravan now thats not the problem Dev leaves the class he looked upset
Shravan : ok i will meet him and don’t tell to Sona about this
Rahul : ok bye

Dev was sitting in the bench in badminton court.he was alone there.someone entered there.

Boy :hello sir can i join you there?
Hearing his voice Dev smiles
Dev : of course my brother Shravan
The boy was Shravan
Shravan : what Dev you simply sitting here come lets play
Dev : No Shravan i’m not in mood,didn’t you attend the class?
Shravan : even you didn’t attend the class
Dev : so Rahul told you everything
Shravan nodded yes
Dev : if Sona doesn’t love Rithwik he must done today
Shravan : yes you’r right.but what you think Dev they truely love each other?
Dev : what rubbish are you talking?i know Sona well,she loves Rithwik truely
Shravan : maybe but i don’t trust Rithwik i still have a doubt on him
Dev : even i don’t trust him
Shravan : then you..
Dev : Shravan leave that topic we can talk something else?
Shravan : ok tell
Dev : you only tell
Shravan : what?me?
Dev : yes tell about your love story
Shravan~stammers~ : Me…my…love..story…what are you talking about?
Dev : oh so you don’t love Sumo,right?
Shravan~shies~ :Oh that…that was….
Dev : what?why are shying?
Shravan :Yes I Love Sumo
Dev : hmmm congrajulation brother.when will you go to propose her
Shravan : i don’t think she also love me
Dev : Shravan don’t confuse yourself first know what she had a feelings for you,then propose her simple
Shravan : you said it simple,but doing is tough
Dev smiles.
Dev :ok come lets play
They play sometime.
Shravan : Dev,Principal called us ,so shall we move ?
Dev : yeah lets go

Rithwik’s Classroom :

Rithwik talking to his friends Chirag and Vicky.Suddenly Sona comes and slapped Chirag.All three gets shocked
Rithwik : Sona what are you doing?
Sona : oh! What i am doing? What he had done? He harmed my sister
Rithwik :Sona you are misunderstanding that was not like that i can explain..
Sona~interrupts~: Shutup Rithwik i know all don’t defend them,if they repeat this again I won’t spare them~saying this she leaves angrily~.

So guys how was it?
I think it might be boring and starting some parts like this episode but i will try my best to make this interesting.
And i don’t know when i will post next one because i have lot of studies but when i get time i will post next one as much as possible
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