The story of the ishqbaaz brothers – Part 4 by Nidhi

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Hey guys!!!! Back with a new episode thanks for the love and support guys and I am really happy with the response last time. Guys one of readers have requested me to add more shivika scenes but i can’t do it becoz i have to over all the three brothers story and in one episode i can’t write more shivika scenes but i promise that i wil more of them int he upcoming episodes.
Here goes the episode:

Pinky and Shanaya about how to get rid of svetlana and shanaya says that i feel that tia and svetlana have some connection. Maybe she is helping svetlana and is her partner. Pinky disagrees to her saying that she trusts tia and will not trust you in this matter until u have a proof. Shanaya says Pinky Aunty!! Ok mai aapki baat samjhti hu but hum jo bhi karege ek saath karege mere pass ek plan hai jis se yeh bhi prove ho jayega whether tia and svetlana are partners or not and hum svetlana ko bhi iss ghar se bahar kar sakte hai.
Pinky: Oks.

( Then both go near svetlana’s room and hide behind the door and shanaya does good mimicary so she mimics tia’ s voice and says Ouch! Bohot pain ho raha hai! Shayad puri universe yehi chahti hain ki tia dard ke maare mar jaye. And svetlana who hears wakes up from the bed and before she could come out of her room and got to tia.

Shanaya enters the room and says Svetlana! Tum toh theek ho gayi! Wow! Thats great!
Svetlana: Dekho! I don’t have time for all this! Let me go.
Shanaya: Kis ke paas? Tia ke paas. Areey! She is fine. Vaise tumhara tia ki saath kya connection hai?
Svetlana: It means yeh tumhara plan tha? Anyways mujhe koi farak nahi padta agar tumhe patha bhi chal gaya toh kya? Tej tumhare baaton pe trust nahi karega!
Shanaya: Mere baaton pe na sahi iss video pe toh zaroor karege and she shows her a video where she wakes up and runs hearing the name of tia.
Svetlana snatches the phone from her and quickly deletes the video and says Lo! Now tell me where is your proof? Haan?
Shanaya: Proof is not there but witness is there. Omkara I know u blackmailed him and he didn’t rape u.
Svetlana: Haan! So what? He will never open his mouth.
Shanaya : I will make him do so.
Svetalana: Oh really! What will you do?
Shanaya: Wait! Tumne mere first question ka answer hi nahi diya? Tia lagti kya tumhari?
Svetlana: Tumse matlab?
Shanaya: Oh! Toh issa bolo na you feel scared. Seedhe seedhe kyu nahi bolte ki tumhe daar lagta hain.
Svetlana gets very angry and competely irriated and says Behen haan vo meri! Got it! And what if u know u don’t have any proof. Just then shanaya gives a victory smile and shouts tej papa! jhanvi aunty! shivaay bhaiya! anika! Sab jaldi upar aao. All come there and asked what happened?? Svetlana acts innocent and says don’t know why tej? This girl is blaming me? Shanaya says tej papa I have proof and then pinky mar thi hai room mein entry and shows the convo of shanaya- svetlana which she recorded standing behind the door. Tej gets shocked seeing this and shivaay anika om and rudra feel very very happy. And now tia n svetlana are out of OM.
And all thank shanaya. And shanaya is happy and says that the real credit goes to pinky. Tejhanvi are united now.

( Soumya goes to college and after she attends her lecturers. She comes out of the class room and goes tot he canteen toe at something.)

In the canteen some boys whoa re soumya’ s seniors start teasing her.
Boy 1: Areey! Kitna khana khati hai tu. Din mai kam se kam 4 baar canteen aati hai.
Boy 2: Haan Bhai! Haan! Zaara iska pet toh dekho kitna bada hai!!
Boy 3: Areey! Haan! Oh Madam Ji!! Zaara apna pet kam kijiye otherwise aapse koi shaadi nahi karega.
Boy 1: Haan! Shaadi se pehle pet kam kar dijiye varna shaadi ke mandap se dulha bhaag jaayega!!
Just then Rudra enters and says Kya Kaha? Tumhari himat kaise hui mere somo se aaise baat karne ki! Kya tumne mere abs dikhhe hai? Mai inka zyada use nahi karta otherwise halat bohot kharab ho jaate hain. The boys who see rudra in angry avatar get scared and go away.
Soumya: Thanks rudra!
Rudra: No problem somo! Future mein bhi agar koi tumhe moti bulaye ga na toh call me kyunki tumhe moti bulane ka haqq sirf mera hai!!
Soumya smiles and playfully hits rudra.

Near swimming pool:
Anika is sitting there and she is talking to herself she loves shivaay and now tia is also out of their house but I can’t tell shivaay that I love him becoz vo pyaar ke concept mein hi believe nahi karte. Shanaya who was passing by hears it and decides to unite shivika and make shivaay realise his love for anika. Then shanaya goes to her room thinking what she should do to unite them? Just then om enters her room and says Thank U! Tumne meri itni help ki!
Shanaya: Its ok om! I am glad ki mai tumhare kaam aa saki.
Om: Toh tum gahr kab jaa rahi ho?
Shanaya remebers that she has to leave to her house and then she says Om! Kya tum meri help karoge?
Om: Haan par mujhe karna kaya hai?
Shanaya: Tumhe mujhe art sikhana hai.
Om: But…
Shanaya: Kya? But? Maine tumhare itni help ki aur tum meri itni choti si help bhi nahi kar rahe ho?
Om: Ok and saying this he leaves. She thinks by this bahana she can stay int he house and unite shivika.

Pinky, Jhanvi and Dadi are there in the hall.
Shanaya: Kal toh party paahi hai na.
Dadi: Kis liye puttar?
Shanaya: Kya? Kis liye? Tej uncle aur jhanvi aunty ke liye!!
Dadi: Haan! Haan Puttar Kyu Nahi?
Shanaya: Great!
Shanaya”s Room:
Shanaya is talking to somebody on phone and saying yeah! yeah! Kal shaam ko aa jaana. Ok fine! And yeah thanks for the help Arjun.

Here ends the episode and yeah there is a new character by name arjun and the role of arjun will be palyed by kushal tandon. And if u have suggestions about who should play the role let me know. And yeah arjun’s charater is bit of flirty and he uses words like anika and he is very much similar to anika and guys he is not a negative role shanaya is just taking his help to make shivaay realise his love for anika. And sorry no shivika scenes in this episode but int he next one i promise they will be there.
Precap: Arjun’s Entry in OM. Anika and Arjun get along well becoz they are similar and Shivaay gets jealous of arjun. Shanaya and Omi dance together while having a sweet convo and Soumya- Reyaan’s break up and Rudra pacifies soumya.

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