The story of Ishqbaaz Brothers – Chap-8

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Hii Friends, here I’m with the next part of my ff. Thank u for all ur comments. Here is the link to my previous episodes –

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So now let’s proceed to my ff –
Dadi instructs the decorators. Everyone is busy in the wedding preparations. Soumya sees all from upstairs and cries. Rudra sees her crying and goes to her.
Rudra: Sumo, why r u crying?
Soumya: Rudra, pls will u stop calling me Sumo.

Rudra: Ok, I won’t call but at least tell me why r u crying, what happened?
Soumya: I don’t know, I’m not really happy with this marriage, Rudra. I don’t know why. I think I’m not ready for this marriage.
Rudra: What do u mean by “I’m not ready”, u love Reyan…
Soumya: No, I don’t know what is happening to me. But I’m sure that I’ve moved on. I don’t want Reyan in my life again. But this Reyan…he has said nonsense things to Aai. I wish break his head (She cries silently)
Rudra: Soumya, again u r crying? How many times will I ask u? See I will choke my throat by asking u so many times.

Soumya (smiles): Shut up, Rudra!
Rudra wipes her tears and asks her to chill and stay calm. Arushi clicks their pics and sends it to Mr and Mrs Chhabra s’ phone. They get shocked seeing the photos. They talk something with Kusum. Kusum angrily looks at RuMya.

Arushi tells about it to the trio (ShivIka and Om)
Om: R u serious? Arushi, how can u do this? Didn’t u think about Rudra and Soumya?
Shivay: Kusum Aunty will be very angry on both of them.
Anika: Phel Gaya Raita! Now there will be more problem? Why did u do like this? This was not there in our plan.
Arushi: I know Bhabi, but I just changed the plan a bit. So that we don’t have to do much hard work. Everything will be done by Rudra bhaiya and Soumya didi. We will just act as Catalyst.
Anika (makes faces): Catalyst……Cat….ali….east…..Yes, East Wali Cat, U mean Billa of east, Right? But I’ve never heard of any specific cat belonging to east side of India. All r same. But I’ve heard of Bagad Billa, Billuji, etc. But…. (Shivay stares at her angrily. She stops abruptly. Om and Arushi look at each other at burst out laughing)

Arushi: Oh god, Bhabi, u r too funny, Catalyst means something that increase she rate of a chemical reaction. And in our case Soumya didi and Rudra bhaiya s’ love story is the chemical reaction. And we just have to increase the love feelings between them without taking part in it.
Om: So what r we going to do?
Arushi: Just wait and watch.
They all go from there. Om thinks to call Ishana and ask how she is, so he calls her.

He calls her.
Om: Hi Ishana, how r u?
Ishana: I’m fine Om, but just wanted to say u something.
Om: What is it?
Ishana: Thank u Om, for giving me happiness and making me realize, what is good for me.
Om: In friendship, there is no sorry, no thank u.
Ishana: Really Om, I’m very lucky to have u as my friend.
Om: It’s my pleasure….So…what r u doing?
Ishana: Nothing….just wrapping up…my dance practice just ended now and I was…. (She screams and then the call cuts)
Om (shouts): Ishana?……Ishana?…Hello?…R u there?… Ishana?….I think there is some problem.
He rushes to Ishana’s house.

Ishana home –
Om comes and rings the doorbell. The door opens and the goons surround him. Before Om can do anything, they close the door and point their gun at Ishana.
Om: Leave Ishana
Goon 1: Why? Who r u? Why will we listen to u?
Om: U will repent for what u r doing.

Goon 2: Why? What will u do?
Om: I will kill u.
Goon 3: Why? What have we done? Have u not heard the proverb-Akeli ladki khuli kitab ki tarah hoti hai, koibhi ake use padh sakta hai.
Om: I’m telling u peacefully, leave right now or else I will call the police (He takes out his phone. The goon snatches it from him. Other goons hold and tie up Om.)
Goon 3: Sir, I’m saying u, he’s trying to act smart, let us kill him.
Goon 2: Hey! Why r u so much worried for this girl? What relation do u have with her? Is she ur wife or girlfriend?

Goon 1: Wife or Girlfriend, we will know soon!
(He calls other goons. They come with a lawyer. The other goons beat him.)
Lawyer: Pls leave my child, what he has to do with all these.
Goon 1: Shut up! We will leave him, when time comes, But do u know, whose he?……He’s Mr. Omkara Singh Oberoi. He never lies. So let me know why he is tensed for this girl
Om: Why r u doing this? What problem do u have with Ishana? And on whose saying u r doing all these?
Goon 1: That’s none of ur business.
Goon 2: Sir let’s play a game, if this boy signs on the papers, then we will leave this two, or else this girl is ours (They all laugh and hurt Ishana. Om tries to free himself but is unable to do so)
Om: Stop it, Leave Ishana, I said.

Goon 1: Keep quiet! First sign then shout. (He gives a document to Om)
Om (shocked seeing it, looks at Ishana who’s crying and the goons who are ready to claim her): What is it?
Goon 1: Marriage document. Sign it and take ur wife with ur self.
(Ishana looks at Om and gets shocked)
Om: What benefit will u have, if I sign?

Goon 1: I will know if u r saying the truth or not. If u r not married to her then u will never sign them and why will we leave her alone, we will take her with us, Right boys?
Other goons: Yes, Boss
Ishana: Om, no need to sign on that. No need to show them anything. Let them do whatever they want. Pls, Om
(Om recalls all his moments with Ishana. He remembers how he had promised her that he will be always there for her. He looks at Ishana and signs on the papers. The goons get shocked. Then they force Ishana to sign on them. She reluctantly does so. They point gun at Ishana and narrowly escape from there leaving her and Om. Om sits still in shock. Ishana asks the lawyer to go.

Ishana: I’m sorry Om, if I shouldn’t have called u at that time, and nothing like this would have happened. I know u can never accept me as ur wife as u must have some dreams for ur would-be-wife and I know I never fit in that.

Om: But we have signed legal documents that were real and so we have to stay in this relationship for at least 6 months. (He cries and looks at her). We r now legalized husband and wife. We can’t change it. I don’t know u will accept me or not, but we have to stay together, like all married couples do….Pack ur bags and come with me to ur new home.
Ishana: Om….
Om: Go fast, Hurry up…..
After sometime Ishana comes with her bag. Om takes her to Oberoi mansion. All get surprised seeing her.
Dadi: What happened Om, why did u bring her here?
Janvi: Yes, have u invited her for marriage?
Om: Because it’s a bahu’s right to stay in her in-laws house.
(All get shocked hearing Om)
Pinky: What? Ishana is this house’s bahu? How come?
Om: Because, we have married sometime before.
(All get hell shocked and keep staring at Om)

Tej: What r u saying? How did this happen?
Janvi: Om, why didn’t u tell us?
Pinky: I’m telling u Jethaniji, this girl has trapped our Omkara…..
Shivay: Ok mom, enough…. Om why didn’t u tell it to us, u know our rule- one for all, all for one….
Rudra: Om, u didn’t all me in ur sangeet, I would have danced in Chikni Chameli (All give him a death glare. He keeps quiet)

Om: Shivay, pls for now, I don’t want to say anything, give me some time, I want to be alone.
(He goes towards his room when Dadi stops him. She asks Anika to do their Aarti and help them in other post marriage rituals. She then asks Anika to take Ishana to Om’s room. She everyone to go back to their works. All go. ShivIka come to their room.)
Shivay: Why did Om do like this? He always shares everything with me and takes our suggestion before taking any decision but this time , when he had to take his life’s biggest decision he didn’t tell me……(He keeps on blabbering, Anika gets irritated by him. She goes to him and kisses him on his cheeks)
Shivay (surprisingly): What was that?
Anika: A gift

Shivay: Gift? For what?
Anika: So that u stop talking for some time.
Shivay: The I’ve to give u many gifts. (He pulls her closer to him. Anika shout mom. Shivay composes himself)

Anika: Not now, give it after Soumya’s wedding.
(After sometime Shivay sees her searching for Sindur box. He finds it. He takes some and fills Anika’s hairline himself. Anika smiles and blushes. She keeps her head on Shivay’s chest. Shivay smiles.)

Kusum comes to RuMya.
Kusum: Soumya, Rudra what were u doing in the morning?
Soumya: Nothing, Aai
Kusum: Then what r these (She shows them the pics which Arushi had sent to Mr and Mrs Chhabra. RuMya gets tensed seeing that) No, tell me what is there between u two?
Rudra: Nothing Aunty
Kusum: And u…I’d asked u to stay away, from my daughter and what were u doing? I don’t want u near my daughter again. God knows how many girls u may have cheated. I’m ashamed that she has made u her friend. Stay in ur limits and don’t cross the line. U r nothing, but a pampered playboy.
Soumya (loses her temper): Aai, don’t u dare say another word against Rudra
(Rudra looks at Soumya lovingly)

Kusum (shouts): Lower ur voice and why r u defending him?
Soumya (also shouts): Because he is my husband.
Janvi (comes there): What?!(Looks at Rudra) Rudra, what is she saying….is it true? Rudra, look at me….. U both r married and u didn’t tell me. And Soumya, u also didn’t say about it. (Janvi cries. Kusum is still I shock)
Soumya: Aai, Janvi Aunty, pls forgive me…. I…I didn’t do anything intentionally.
Kusum: Why….why did u do like this? I would have given a thought, if u would have asked….But u …u did the unexpected.

(She also cries. Hearing, the commotion, everyone comes there.)
Dadi: Janvi, Kusum, why r u both crying?
Kusum signs at RuMya.
Janvi: Mummyji, because…..because Rudra has lied to us. Soumya is not just his friend, but his wife too.
(All get shocked hearing her.)

Precap: Tej ignores Ishana and Soumya. The Oberois get an invitation card.

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