Story of a girl – Ragini (pt 18) by Aliya

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Let’s begin….

Sanskar was not in the state think anything.. His phone was ringing continuously…

Piya who saw him felt bad for him

Piya goes to him and sits next to him

Piya: don’t worry Ragini will be fine…

Sanskar: i think i shouldn’t have…..

Piya: no Sanskar… She will be fine and most important she needs you at this time… She trusts you blindly.. Whatever you say is like an order for her…and in this stage now you back off then who is there for Ragini…her family?? Who cries along with her for her misery..!! It’s you Sanskar… Only you who can bring back the old chirpy Ragini… This Ragini have buried her…but i hope that you can only bring her back…and don’t blame yourself her condition is not because of you..its just that her internal wounds aren’t healed completely and she is out of danger…. And stop blaming yourself ok

Shekhar who came there: piya is right sanskar

Sanskar looks at him and was about to stand

Shekar stops him: you brought a courage in Ragini and how can something happen to Ragini when she have you as her best friend whom she believes more than anyone! I lack words i don’t know how to thank you but i wish you get all the happiness

Sanskar: uncle would you give me Your daughter Ragini’s hand?i know this is not the right time to ask but this moment.. This moment this second i felt how important Ragini is in my life.. Unknowingly she made a place in my heart…i…i.. i don’t know i would be able to keep her happy as per your expectation but i promise you that i would prefer her more than myself i would try my best that she never remember her past

Voice:and we would guarantee his words..

All gadodia’s looks at the direction and sees all the elders of sanskar’s family

Dadu:shekar ji… actually we don’t need to guarantee his words because he would do it….

Shekhar sharmishta swara and Raj piya were overwhelmed…

Shekar:but Ragini….

Sanskar: uncle woh aap mujpar chod dijiye…

Shekhar smiles he couldn’t do anything and hugged Sanskar

Doctor comes: Ragini is fine now and she should stay in hospital today for a treatment and anyone can stay here

Swara/Raj:i will stay
Sanskar looks at them

Both looks at eachother

Sharmishta: Sanskar… You want to say something

He smiles weakly

Sharmishta: would you stay with Ragini!!

He didn’t say anything..but smiles

Everyone goes to meet Ragini and all leaves…

Swara comes to sanskar: u said something a month ago…

Sanskar: what i said??

Swara:rishta bana liya na torpic changer expert…

Sanskar gets confused

Swara: didn’t you remember jeejaaaaajiiiii

Sanskar then remembers his antics when he said bad about swara.. And swara heard to escape from him what and ask madness he created

Sanskar: Thankyou.. For accepting

Swara smiles through tears: my sister would not get a better partner then you
Actually the best!

Sanskar: ok everyone must be waiting for you..go do shopping for your marriage…

Swara nods and was about to go

Sanskar:i talked to you nicely…that diesnt mean yoy are an angel for me… You are still a dayan chudail devil…..

Swara opens her mouth in shock she was about to talk…

Sanskar have already ran from there ??

Swara smiles and nods her head in disbelief…

After sometime

Ragini gets conscious she sees sanskar slept holding her hand

She smiles

Ragini herself: why do you affect me so much Sanskar… Why i trust you blindly… You have always been my strength… Don’t how i repay you.. Why i feel different when you are around..before i dreamt for a prince charming like you…may be my fate isn’t good or i am not lucky enough to get you in my life…as my life partner…and i know the answer Why i feel different around you because.. I LOVE YOU and i won’t make you feel guilty by making you know all this and i want to keep this friendship bond forever… And i also pray that you get a life partner whom you dreamt off..

She remembered him telling her his 4 breakups of marriage

Ragini herself: the girl would be so lucky that she would get you as her husband as her friend and as a mentor
And sanskar truly wish all your wishes come true

She smiles weakly…

To be continued….

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