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Abhi and Basudha is shown laughing and talking with each other with smiling faces which is showing unknown assurance for both of them

Voice Over: to lives are changing (badal rahi hai zindagiyan do dilon ki)

Abhi brings something and looking at that Basudha smiles widely her eyes shine with extreme happiness he smiles and teases her for something then keeping head on his shoulder she says something and He hold her hand back and says something to her

Voice over: they are making a new place for their love life (bana rahey hai naya aashiyan mohabbat ki khatir)

scene 3
A home decorated for marriage is shown and marriage is going on then a screen shifts towards a dark room where Abhi is shown filling vermilion in Basu’s hair line and both are having tears in their eyes

Voice over: it is a new beginning for two souls (ho rahi hai ek nayi shuruaat)

scene 4
Basu is shown saying something to Abhi her eyes are showing extreme dis appointment seems she is hurted to the core and Abhi is shown trying to make her understand something which but she frees herself and smiles on him saying ” The things have been said Mehta Sahab now the injury has took place let me get injured now lets see how much pain is left to feel (zabaan se nikli baat wapis nahi jati Mehta Sahab ab to chot lag chuki ab to ghayal ho hi janey dijiye dekhe kitna dard baki hai abhi sehne ko)” saying this she went from there and Abhi closed his eyes feeling guilty

Voice over: Where love was blooming what happened that one life got shattered fully (Jahan basna tha Pyar ka jahan waha kaisey aaya ye toofaan jo bikhar gayi ek zindagi)

what happened how it is happened this is the only serial wala twist KBians stay tuned what to do i am busy with some kind of work so thought to update this trailer atleast see you soon Kbians and yeah message for the worst prank which is being played with viewers by real KKB writers DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO PLEASE DO BUT ONE THING IS SURE THAT BHOOLA BHAI WILL GET HIS MEMORY BACK IN 31 JULY 2017 AND WILL AGAIN LOOSE AT 1 AUGUST 2017 SO GO TO HELL 😛 😀

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  1. Lol what u said was exactly right about Bhoola Bhai! Omg what is happening in your teaser? I am so excited to know!!!! And by the way as usual u rocked and I am shocked of u can write like this!!!

    1. I am shocked until I never I typed properly….so it was as usual u rocked and I am shocked of how u can write like this!!!???

  2. Interesting teaser! Only u know what will happen next! Can’t wait for the next one! Upload the episode whenever u are free! Then coming to the real KKB u said extremely right but this time I think pragya will lose her memory on 1 August 2017???????

  3. This teaser is increasing the curiosity yaar… Pls be soon….

  4. Saranya24

    Omg ur teaser gvs both happiness and shock waoting fr it love u dii???? and ryt said fr tat real kkb??

  5. What is this STR ???????? I mean what is this ??? WHAT IS THIS ??????

    First of all I wanna make something very clear ! I am not sure about others but then Myself , MTMP , Cac , Acty , Santa , Aliz … All of us are “SURBHIans”????? and not “KBians” !
    I am in Love with this once again ! I am loving it moreee ! Teaser is Soooo Superinterestinggggg ! And and only My STR Will know whats gonna happen next ! Oh My Godness . Why are u ending My sister’s update with the question related to The Most Irritating So called Kumkum Bhagya ??? Why why why ??? Mood spoiled ????. well as u asked i will tell what i am sure about >>I am sure Bhoola Bhai is gonna get his memory after the 30 th century and till our next generations this ML Track is gonna stretch . Finally when our souls rest in peace in heaven and we take a look of what our next generation children are watching …. We Are shocked as well as Surprised seeing the scenario ????????????????? : Our kids will still be watching KB season “n” but ek change that time We will definitely see Bhoola Pragya ????????????????! i wanted to continue my story …. sorry didi lack of time ?! BTW Once again I am Waitinggg for your next update and the serial wala twist ! ?????
    See u soon ! Take care My STR !? Love U .?

    And SURBHIANS Wake up people ! Tell whether i was right or not ? ?
    and NO OFFENCE CVS !? Viewers have their “RIGHT TO TELL THE TRUTH” !?

  6. Reshma_Pradeep

    Wowwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!Am Soooooooooooooo Exciteddddddddd Yaarrrrrrrrrrr………………. DESPERATELY WAITING FOR READ YOUR NEXT UPDATE……………………

  7. Princesskrisha

    Oh superb n awesome di ur a wonderful writer its so amazing waiting eagerly di

  8. *excited and want to know what happens next* eagerly waiting for the next episode and update it whenever you are free and yeah on august 1 2017 everyone will loose their memory???

  9. Ayeee meri noor e muhabat tu kya kamal ka likhti h yaar ???????????????? Teaser zabardast tha , ab pragya ka “zaban se nikli baat wapis” ??????? I am now really very eager for next updates!!!!!!! Hatss off ????

  10. I loved ur last dialogue…. Apt dialogue for the current track of kb.. Really fed up with this track….
    Waiting for ur update… Want to see what will happen next…

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