STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 94

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Episode 94
The episode starts with the journey of Pragya who is shown doing small skits in small rural areas different places and carefully by interchanging the script everything was going on smoothly and in their journey one more person was there it was Nikhil who was coincidently there for his documentary project on the lives of rural people when he met and asked
Nikhil: Mam you here!! On another skit project right!
Pragya: yup, but what are you doing here?
Nikhil: Oh am on the documentary project
Pragya: Oh that’s great!! Well it is fun right

Nikhil: No not at all am getting bored
Pragya smilingly: shut up please there is much fun in these documentary projects we discover new places new people new experiences
Nikhil: Mam you are saying if you are much aware of these boring projects
Pragya: of course I am I know they have fun in them a lot
Nikhil: really!!! Would you like to share it?

Pragya: yes I was working with my husband… (she stopped and took w sigh and leaving excitement she told calmly) My husband was in the field of media I worked as an assistant with him
Nikhil: Oh that’s great then why he left that!!! Am asking as you said that he was in
Pragya: actually circumstances were like that he had to leave it otherwise the person like him had always enjoyed his job (flashing past moments) but time never stays same every time that’s it well It will be our pleasure if the student like you record our skit too
Nikhil: that’s a great idea I will find my story then and it will work as the twist in the tale
Pragya laughed: seems you love reading stories a lot

Nikhil: yup
Pragya: I wonder why your brother isn’t like you
Nikhil: leave it mam some matters are better to be closed
Pragya: well boy let me leave as I have to join my team they are about to start
Nikhil: can I accompany you
Pragya: why not! Is it a question to ask come let’s go

They joined rest of the entire team and skit managed greatly and by the stay of night next day the entire team left for their next spot which was according to the list was Pritampur now this was the matter for someone to scare and it was for Pragya because Pritampur was the same place where her black and bitter past was hidden none of the place were scary for her more than that place, from her childhood to Kaustuki’s childhood she experienced same thing there but this time she was more scared because people living there know who she is “the daughter in law of richest family who are denoted as Sahib she belongs to that place and if anyone came to know about her there then it will be problem for everyone coz she was escaped from there and people who were available that time there according to them she was boycotted by the village because she ran from there with her newly born daughter and same goes for Divya but she wasn’t because she third time gave birth to a boy which was Abhi but for her!!

She was the same according to them CULPRIT but she has to face it because it’s going to be her work place and that place wasn’t so far so when they reached there, and when they reached Pragya covered her face with her stole only eyes were visible and all of them reached there and headed towards the hotel, here Pragya was in thoughts of the challenge which she was going to face from tomorrow. After having meal everyone went to their respective rooms and when Pragya entered her rooms he found that her phone was having two missed calls one was of Kaustuki and another was of Abhi she thought to call Kaustuki first but she didn’t lifted it as the time was about 12:00 am in the night she thought that Kaustu must have slept till now so decided to talk to her later she was going to sleep just then her mobile rang again this time it was Abhi she lifted the call and asked

Pragya: didn’t slept yet
Abhi: I can ask same question to you too
Pragya: Just reached another stop so was going to sleep
Abhi: that’s great well where are you now?
Pragya: Prit… (she stopped for a while then taking a deep sigh said) Pritampur
Abhi got shocked and then calmly said: so what’s next…?
Pragya: don’t know have to stay here for two days as there is some kind of festival for two days so cant leave
Abhi: Basudha…

Pragya: yes
Abhi: Take care of yourself and the kids who are with you
Pragya smiled: Hmm… good night
Abhi: good night
Saying so both hanged up the call and after talking with each other where Pragya slept calmly so here Abhi was now tensed then he also went to sleep

Next day

There was some kind of festival going on, the team was going to perform their skit there and while leaving Ranjeet addressed the students stealing gaze of Pragya and smirking said “Be careful while playing your skit okay because one mistake can risk your life” Pragya felt something awkward but didn’t know why.

The skit was played and was going on well first but when it reached to the second part everything gone worse and people started getting enraged one of them shouted “What crap are you showing here?” another said “These city people only come here to destroy our values” another one said “They are teaching wrong things to us how can Sarpanch (head) allow them to perform here” Students got scared but as mentioned by Pragya they held each other’s hand and got together Pragya was in front of them covering her face and asked them to move towards the bus slowly and as they started moving Pragya tried to calm them down saying something but in vein because all were enraged they started throwing stones on them to make them run all of them ran from there towards bus with the help of Nikhil as he was also with them and were safe Pragya asked the driver to drive towards the guesthouse/hotel where they were having a stay, Ranjeet was missing here and Pragya yelled

Pragya: when I have asked everyone to change the script then why the hell you didn’t changed I have told you already that here spreading awareness about saving a girl child is waste then how did you chose that script for here after my warning also you did the same mistake about which I have aware you

Student: Mam we didn’t we had chosen the script for education here not for the girl child and we gave the script to Shailja (one of the student)
Shailja: And mam Ranjeet sir took the script from me he said he want to check and when it was changed he said that you asked that we have to do this one
Pragya: If I had asked you then I would have told you earlier itself idiots now as a result we can’t go out till tomorrow night just go and take rest don’t even try to go out otherwise it will be hard to save you all

She yelled and everyone left the place here Nikhil who heard everything said “Sorry mam because of my father all this…” Pragya stopped him saying “Don’t feel sorry I am glad that you know that who is wrong I have no issues with you but someone has to answer my questions for sure” saying so she moved from there in rage and banged Khurana’s door he opened it and she held his collar grinning her teeth “how dare you did that?” Khurana laughed “Stay at distance madam otherwise I wouldn’t be able to control myself”, “Just cut the hell crap and answer me damn it how dare you risked those students life by changing the script” she replied and he laughed “Why are you getting angry I chose right script for the right place dear”

Pragya left him and moved back saying “you are more than a disgusting person Khurana I don’t even think that you can risk those lives who are innocent” he said grabbing her hand tightly “You are the reason you slapped me in front of everyone right!!! Now you will pay for it (grinning his teeth)” Pragya glared him and grinning her teeth trying to relieve her hand said “You was having issues with me don’t drag those students in it I am telling you and I will never let you do this I am telling you, I had slapped you that but you know what you deserve you deserve to be killed” he laughed hard and kept hand on her shoulder, whispering in her ears said “you killed me already by coming here don’t anyone told you that you shouldn’t go in the room of a strange man at night anything can happen” she pushed him back and slapped him again saying “What else can be expected from a cheap man like you” she moved from there in rage towards the door but Ranjeet held her hand and thrown her back closing the door

“you came here from your own wish but you will go from here from my wish” saying he started moving towards her and she moved backward “Just stay away otherwise you will pay for it” he smirked “and how will i!! coz here only two person are there me and you so…” he moved and sat beside her slipping his fingers from her shoulder top to her fist she freed herself and tried to ran towards the door but in vein coz he held her stole (dupatta) and pulled her towards him and tangled her hands with it then pulling her towards him said taking a knife said

“You know what!! You are mine only mind and I will never let you go back and I don’t bother if I have to take any drastic step for that but how will I prove that if you went out and shouted in front of the all the people that you are not my wife so for that lets adopt a way which these local people use to do (stuffing his hanker chief in her mouth) you know what they use to do they dug their name on the hand of their wife just to make everyone know that she belongs to them and so I will do it” Pragya tried to free herself but his hold was too strong he dug his name on her hand with that knife it was bleeding and tears of rage escaped from her eyes and then Khurana left her saying “see now you are all mine”

Pragya pushed him back and looked at her hand she snatched that knife from him saying “The thing whichever belong to you I will destroy it” and moved to scratch her hand but failed as Khurana held her hairs and pinned her to the wall holding her shoulders tightly and said “You can’t do this because I don’t allow you to do this” and when she tried to push him he dug his nails on her shoulder so when she pushed him back her sleeves were torn and the scars took place on her arms she shouted on him he was trying to force himself on her but she protested and those sounds were heard by someone on right time it was Nikhil he tried to eves drop and got doubted because he knew that it was his father’s room he knocked the door and screen shifted towards Pragya she pushed Khurana back and shouted “Nikhil open the door with key please be soon” Nikhil got dumb struck because when Pragya said that very next moment there was silent and sound of things falling here and there started coming out he understood that his father is showing his creep face he asked the care taker about the spare key and he said that it was with Ranjeet Nikhil banged his fist on floor and ran back to the room he banged the door saying “Dad open the door damn it at least feel some shame dad I said open the door dad”

he was banging the door but Khurana never heard to ask for help he ran towards students room there he tried to wake them up but no on woke up instead few of them they ran and tried to open the door but in vein coz it was totally locked from inside then all the four of them ran out to ask for the help as it was night it was all silence everywhere then Nikhil saw someone coming so joining his hands in front of the person said “Sir please help us one of our teacher is in problem please help us” and the screen shifts towards Pragya she was still struggling Khurana was still trying to force himself on her but the very next moment he fell down and screen shifts towards door it was Abhi who did that and a lock breaker was there it was clear that he was the person from whom Nikhil asked help and he bought that lock breaker with him he paid him and then that person went from there he asked all the students too to leave the place and when everyone went he looked towards Pragya whose lip side was bleeding there was a mark of hitting from something on her forehead mark of slap on the cheek bleeding arms and hand he cupped her cheek from one hand and his eyes turned into red and grinned his teeth and held Khurana from collar saying “I had asked you not to take her name from your mouth and you took a step ahead you touched her!!! You touched my wife!!

Now beg for your life coz am not going to leave you” he slapped him hard that he touched floor and beaten him badly but Khurana was continuously laughing like a mad person his condition was wasted then Abhi made him stand and again slapped him saying “what you think of yourself you took me for granted your son misbehaved with my daughter and you, you tried to destroy our lives I forgiven him because she is enough for him and I left Basudha too because she is also enough but you crossed all limits now you will face worst of me” he started beating him again until Nikhil came back and tried to control the matter he controlled him and then Khurana laughingly replied Nikhil tried to stop “Dad please enough” Khurana pushed him aside and said “you are saying she is yours why?

Do you have any proof she is yours I have my name written on her hand see” Abhi was about to hit him again but Pragya came in mid and yelled “your name!!! this name!! do you think I will keep this with me see now what I will do” she went wiping her blood shot tears and took knife Abhi and Khurana both were looking her clueless but the next step she took brought Khurana in rage she scratched her hand where his name was written and now there was nothing left rather than her wound Khurana was about to slap her but instead he got one from Abhi, he taking Pragya into his embrace said “Don’t you dare do it because you don’t know what I can do with you” Nikhil dragged Khurana from there towards out asking him to come and here Abhi looked at Pragya again there was a complete silence between them he took her stole and covered her with it then holding her hand took her towards her room hiding her from every eye which was waiting to see the outside the guesthouse as that lock breaker spread that news that something is going on in that guest house.

In her room both were seated on the bed Abhi was looking the wound which was on her hand and flashed the moment where she scratched by her own and then the moment when she was his new bride and having same scars like this on her hands but those were of burns and she named them as mehendi infection his tear dropped on her hand she wiped it and he asked her still looking towards the wound “What will you name this Basudha that time you named those scars as Mehendi infection and now what will you name this?” she looked in alter direction said “this is scar which defines that I learnt from you never to lose yourself” he hugged her tightly and said “Am sorry, I wasn’t there when you needed me I destroyed many things and now today this happened when I was present at the same place I came here to be with you as I was scared with village people that the thing which was happened 10 years ago shouldn’t repeat but here the scene became something else these wounds these scars of you will always remind of me being loser”, “No scars marks and wounds always get filled with time but what remains is the wound which is on soul and believe me I don’t have any on it” he cupped her face looking at her and she nodded in agreement he strike his forehead lightly to hers and she said resting her head on her shoulder “never remember this day okay just forget it like a bad dream you are with me am with you safe and fine so”

Abhi: fine!!! Do you think this all is fine (showing her condition to her)
Pragya laughing: these will be back to normal with time
Abhi: don’t try to save him I will kill him
Pragya: I won’t stop you after all he tried to harm your silly you must punish him but not here at right place
Abhi glared at her

Pragya widening her eyes: I am not your silly!!!!
Abhi hugging her back: you were, you are and you will (patting her head from back) be my silly
Pragya chuckled
Abhi: now shall we go to the doctor to dress them because here first aid is also not available
Pragya nodded in agreement like a kid
Abhi nodded his head in disbelief laughing said “Silly”

precap: lets settle the scores with everyone

six more to go and after the five episodes one surprise is waiting for you love you all keep commenting dont stop it i am saying it again and again these are few last episodes left kindly stay active guys

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    this is just mind blowing… such an awesome epi it was…
    when pragya tells its prit… and abhi askd what’s next calmly… i just felt like…. wow! that was a very good depiction of the calmness in him… the way he didn’t want to further frighten his wife… that was just lovely….
    after that filthy thing khurana did, the time they spent in the room was just awesome….
    loved it surbhi di…
    juz loved it…
    will be waiting for the next part…but please dont telll only few more to go… will miss this for sure… but i am waiting for that surprise!
    love u…

  3. Good sis

  4. Reshma_Pradeep

    The Update is Just Mindblowing! & Im Eagerly Waiting for that Surprise Dude……………

  5. Fantabulous! I loved it! Everything was perfect! That khurana??? i hate that man! What abhi did with him was much needed! Seriously it was an awesome episode! You portrayed everything in a superb way? Will be waiting for the next! Love you???

  6. Saranya24

    Ohh man i hate tat bl**dy khurana to the core wat a wrst creature he is loved the way abhi handled evrytgbg dii suprb liked nikhil too awesome love u loads?????waiting eagerly fr ur surprise?

  7. Fantabulous… I was eagerly scrolling down for hero entry, and yesssssss…. Abhi came as a hero… Abhigya scenes are mind blowing… Comparing with other ff u r the one to never uses a romantic scenes but only in ur SOF there’s a great bond between husband n wife, really that’s y i loved to read n comment here, Thank u for this ff…

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  9. Shivika22kapoor

    Well I was happy for return of Mr. Alarm Clock in the previous epi but in this epi the new Mr. Angry man was even much more better. The entire transformation was beautiful.
    This idiot Khurana ?????? all these are for him kindly deliver these to him. Pragya’s bold avatar ????? maza aagaya dil lut laiya kudi na. Abhi’s entry was dhamakadaar and dialoguebazi was wonderful. I didn’t know about name being inscribed on wife’s hand, this is worst she is being considered as slave.
    Perfect description and more than wonderful story.
    Hats off to you for showing the worst part of society in such a wonderful and elegant way. ????.
    That’s all
    Bye ? now ? tc ?

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