STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 93

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Episode 93
Abhi reached Sangwang villa with Naira and when entered asked about Pragya, Sakshi told him that she left and don’t know when she will be back Abhi felt like someone stabbed him because she went without talking to him once he was thinking that “is she so angry with me that she don’t want to talk with me” Naira kept hand over his shoulder and said
Naira: Is everything alright Abhi?
Abhi getting back to senses: huh!!
Naira: I asked is everything alright?
Abhi: yea perfectly fine nothing to be get tensed
Naira: your face isn’t showing that
Abhi: face doesn’t shows many emotions so what it means that we are emotionless!! No right!! So chill nothing is there
Naira: hmm… okay Kaustuki can you please tell where I shall stay in this big fort kind of house
Kaustuki: come I will show you the best room but you have to pay for it what say Mami shall I keep her as PG?
Naira: you will keep me as PG here!! I am your Bua and your partner in crime
Kaustuki: business has a rule madam not to stay frank with the person you are doing business
Sakshi: Exactly
Abhi: Not to stay frank with the person you are doing business!!! I heard this dialogue somewhere (reminding where) eh this is from the movie Band Baja Barat right
Naira: do you wish I shall do that here
Kaustuki: what are you waiting for? Christmas!! Go on Bua
Abhi: are you mad
Kaustuki: kind off
Naira: see before I do what she said just go and fresh n up yourself since morning you are out and don’t whether you have took bath or not idiot
Ganga: Didn’t bathed Bua even a single drop of water didn’t touched his skin I am telling you daily morning it was his routine that get up and get out then get in but don’t get in the bathroom see how ugly and dirty
Abhi: Ganga don’t you think this was grandfather of lie
Ganga: is it!! Then let it be but Bua believe me it was true you don’t believe me Bua (Hum par bharosa nahi aapko!!!)
Naira: OH my child I have full faith on you if you said he is dirty then he is dirty just get out Abhi I don’t want my friend’s house to get dirty
Sakshi: arey But Bhai sahab bathed….

Abhi gestured Sakshi not to speak and she stopped her looking their happiness at least which was return after a long interval of sadness irrespective of the fact that they were trolling him only he went out from there and checked out his phone there were about 10 missed calls he got surprised and checked them it was of one and only Pragya he patted his head as the phone was on silent and he never checked it in a whole day, he tried to call back but the phone was unreachable he smiled and looking on the sky said “Ruk gayi zindagi tham gayi sansein Kaaynaat ne jab kuchh dil do hisson me bante (breath stopped and life too when the faith divided some hearts into two)” nodding his head in disbelief with a smile he again went back in
Naira: you back again
Abhi: have some logic didu if I won’t come back then where will go to fresh n up
Naira: okay ok go soon but you have only five minutes for that
Abhi: yeah, yeah for sure

Finally he got the permission and went in the room with his luggage after he got fresh n up he knew it she wasn’t there but it slipped off from his mind because it was became his habit to call her and ask about his clothes and all he again called her name but no response he patted his head on remembering that she is not here he sat on the bed and then his gaze fell on the letter kept on the side table by her he picked it up and read it, it was written there “I know you will come back here I want to be sorry but I don’t want it too because I never thought that just a separation will make you like this My Mehta Sahab were never like this I am sorry about this but I cant say youo all this as I don’t have that courage I tolerated everything but yesterday night when I saw your calmness over my rage something was incomplete that time, My husband was missing that husband who use to calm me down on that rage and that too calmly who use to say fight for yourself whenever I stood silent on someone insulting me he was missing yesterday I met a person instead who himself was going to fight for us a question was there in my mind that what happened in past five years did you lost faith on us? I know you didn’t that’s why I am giving you chance Mehta Sahab leaving your kids for you I will return after a month or two and till then you have to be with them prove that you haven’t changed prove that you are still that Abhishek Mehta with who was with me since the beginning of my new life I will not be there prove your kids that their alarm clock hasn’t changed don’t worry about me I don’t have any complaints from you but for kids you have to do so I have to leave hope when I return everything will be back to old because I want my old life back where only happiness exist you will give that back to me right!! Bye yours Basudha.” Abhi took a deep sigh and kept that letter back and got lost in their old memories it was her presence everywhere she was right Abhishek Mehta was lost somewhere and it was obvious coz his partner of every small happiness and sadness wasn’t with him he was remembering the days when they use to celebrate their happiness with ice-creams or sweets among which his favorite was the sugar cubes which

Pragya use to bring for him on lack of sweets and they use talk till late night BG played
Mujhme tu (You are in me)
Tu hi tu basaa.. (you are staying in me somewhere)
Naino me jaisey khwaab sa (Like dreams in my eyes)
Ke tere bina pani pani naina (without my eyes are filled with tears)
Ke tere bina mai bhi hounga mai na (Without you I don’t feel like I am myself)
Tujh hi se mujhe sab ata (I got everything when you are here with me)
Mujh me tu (In me)

Screen shifts towards Naira who was all lost in thoughts of her happy days when she was with her world whose beginning was Sidharth and end was Manav this family on which she was angry was the place from where her world existed but today everything was shattered there was a question mark on her life that what she will do whether Sidharth will accept her back or not will her in laws agree on returning will they be ever able to forgive her for the mistake about which she wasn’t aware she was remembering all that and some happy days started flashing in mind spent with Sidharth BG continued

Ishq aashiqui me (Love examines lover)
Kuchh log chant ta hai (it selects some lovers)
Zakham baant ta hai (love gives them wounds)
Unhe dard baant ta hai (gives them pain and sorrows)
Tod deta hai khwab sare dekhte dekhte (breaks all the dreams shatter all the dreams within a moment)
Kar de barbaad sa (it makes condition worse and destroyed)
Ke tere bina pani pani naina (without my eyes are filled with tears)
Ke tere bina mai bhi hounga mai na (Without you I don’t feel like I am myself)
Tujh hi se mujhe sab ata (I got everything when you are here with me)
Mujh me tu (In me)
Tu hi tu basaa.. (you are staying in me somewhere)
Naino me jaisey khwaab sa (Like dreams in my eyes)

He remembered her smiling crazy face when she wasn’t Basudha for him she was his silly his only silly who was unaware of every sorrows being with him their silent walks on beaches Kaustuki’s silly mimicry of him Basudha tying Kaustuki’s hairs in braid and she mimicking his daily schedule calling him Alarm clock and when she got sad on getting scolding by his silly taking her side made Basudha angry and their “Mummy take a chill pill moment” everything was lost and he was remembering every single thing till Abhigya’s entry and their struggle to talk with each other a smile was forming on his face remembering their conditions when they knew that they love each other but none of them were ready to confess, Here screen shifted towards Pragya she was travelling in the train and remembering those days which bought tears in everyone’s destiny whether it was him, her or the other family members the day when she was leaving that home which was exactly her home the darkness of the night was her only partner that time both were drained in thoughts and memories but ones were of happiness and ones were of sorrows so in which track their story was going? Was Basudha going to change herself? Was she feeling hatred for everyone or she was complaining from herself that why did she agreed for whatever happened Here screen shifts back towards Abhi he was in balcony and side wise the flashback was going on where he jumped wall and went to meet Pragya looking at the boundary wall of villa and pacing her when she was angry acting on the song then her laughing face their run and chase games which they four together use to play and mainly that sudden proposal after which her nervousness was on such a peak that she was ending up messing everything he laughed remembering that and then those days which were filled with togetherness and his actions of irritating her especially when Abhigya use to call her that force fully stopping her and then those hide n seek stories which were practically he played with her in their college days and nodded his head on disbelieving himself BG continued…

Safar do kadam hai (journey is of only two steps)
Jisey ishq log kehte (which people call as love)
Magar ishq waley (But people who are in love)
Sab safar me hi rehtey (remains in journey)
Khatm hoga na umar bhar ye (it never ends)
Ishq ka raasta (The path of love)
Hai ye behisaab sa (It is uncountable)
Ke tere bina pani pani naina (without my eyes are filled with tears)
Ke tere bina mai bhi hounga mai na (Without you I don’t feel like I am myself)
Tujh hi se mujhe sab ata (I got everything when you are here with me)
Mujh me tu (In me)
Tu hi tu basaa.. (you are staying in me somewhere)
Naino me jaisey khwaab sa (Like dreams in my eyes)

He came out of thoughts when Sakshi called him for the dinner and all of them had dinner happily where Ganga and Kaustuki were fighting over the taste and Naira was continuously lost in the thoughts of Siddharth and Manav there was a complete silence over a dining table coz every single member present there was the one who had lost something and beard that punishment which they don’t even deserved and with that prevailed silence everyone went to sleep.
It was the time of mid night when Abhi felt thirsty and the jug beside him was empty he thought to go and fill it but stopped out of kitchen as a ray of light was visible there and some whispers were going on like “Didi try to get there I know she has kept them there” and reply was “Shhh…. Speak slowly otherwise everyone will awake just indicate me the direction I will find it on my own” he switched on the lights and nothing to be surprise they were Kaustuki and Ganga who were searching something to eat and when they saw Abhi making oops faces stood infront of him doing head down like a criminal
Abhi: What’s going on?
Ganga: we were feeling hungry so searching for wafers
Abhi: hungry!!! This time!! At 1:00 mid night!! What’s all this and if you want to eat then you would have eaten something else why are you searching for wafers?
Kaustuki: actually we both were watching a movie so thought too…
Abhi: hmm…. Okay I will search them for you but on one condition
Kaustuki and Ganga looked at each other dumb struck: which condition
Abhi: I will also watch movie along with you
Ganga: but it’s a cartoon movie
Abhi: Aah never mind every movie is a movie
Ganga: okay then done lets go

Abhi stood on stool: so according to you she kept them here?
Kasutuki: yes, yes I guess in left see there
Ganga: no, no in left I guess check
Kaustuki: no it is in right
Ganga: no it is in left
Abhi being irked: shut up both of you I will find them wait left right left right do you think she is mad or I am mad
Kaustuki: But…
Abhi: shh… I will find them gosh these girls they have grown but habit of eating wafers is still maintained on its top position

After few minutes they finally found the packet of wafers after a long searching wafers campaign and taking them all headed towards hall where the TV was kept and got seated on the place
Abhi: By the way which movie is this?
Ganga: UP movies name is UP the story of Ellie and Carl
Abhi: and who bought this
Ganga: didi bought it from college she has downloaded many movies from college WiFi
Abhi looked at her: whoa great job I never got this idea of using free net in college
Kaustuki: sometimes happens (raising her collar)
Abhi: hmm…

She played the movie and all got lost in watching the movie Ganga was so concentrated in movie that her eyes weren’t blinking neither of Kaustuki’s Abhi was eating wafers and while having one was making Kaustuki eat one and Kaustuki was making Ganga eat that who was laid on her lap the scene was same as before when Ganga was small and use to eat everything in Kaustuki’s lap and both father daughter use to watch movie together but here was one difference when they trio slept Pragya wasn’t there to switch off the TV it was Naira and Sakshi was also there as both woke up the sound of television and both were sleepless now Sakshi said
Sakshi: didi see how they trio are slept one over one seems they were planning to make any alphabet here (giggling)
Naira lifting Ganga in her hands: Not an alphabet Sakshi it was their world which caught an evil eye of their own happiness after a long time I have seen them together like this just one person is not here to see this happiness otherwise this family was in a bond which I can’t describe well lets go and take Kaustu to her room otherwise in morning she will complaint that her neck is paining Sakshi agreed and both of them lifted Kaustuki her one hand was on Naira’s shoulder and one was on Sakshi and she was mumbling “Papa one more CD of Honey Singh please” Naira laughed and said “At least she is back” both managed to take her to the room and for Abhi as he found the free space he made himself comfortable on sofa and slept here screen shifts towards Pragya, she was sleepless for tonight and seems that her losing in the world of thoughts were still continued she was stood near the window of her hotel room looking at the sky she said to herself “Something is wrong for sure something is there firstly that Khurana wasn’t there when the circular was allotted and then secondly he is sent with us don’t know why my heart is saying that there is something messy in all this as all these places (looking at the list) are not the places where they will listen anything about awareness as these are the areas where Khap is originated (Khap Panchayat is the worst part of North India it never allows someone to love and if this happened they use to burn the lovers alive or with the agreement of their parents they use to kill the lovers in front of all the village and nothing can be done to this coz these are operated by old people of the village in my opinion they are heartless) and it is consisting of high risk areas Dean also didn’t paid attention on my words as according to her she checked the list twice but how can she allow these risky tasks in this area because it is same like playing with children’s life and according to college rule they can’t do this something is messy here some loop is there for sure I have to aware the students that they have to work carefully otherwise it will turn into dangerous and can risk their life too lets do this if it is the plan of that Khurana then I swear that he has messed up with wrong person” she hurriedly went out and called every student out and asked them not to talk with anyone regarding this they all gathered in the back of hotel they were about 20 in count she asked them to sit there on grass and made them aware about this one of the student asked “Mam it means that we can get into fights too” Pragya sternly and directly replied “You can get killed too”

Student: This is totally risky I mean we are here to aware people that not to do this and that and more than that not to believe on old craps but if they are like this then we are not safe ever
Pragya: Hmm right they can do anything that’s why I am saying listen what I say if any case like this happens then don’t shatter here and there just be together okay I mean to say that if you 20 are at one place then you have to be together because if anyone of you tried to go separately they will never leave you and what ever you people have written in your scripts you have time of one night just change it and say it indirectly so that nothing like mess could happen okay and in case anything happens then do as I said we will not travel in any public convenience just remember that okay
Student: but then how we will go and nevertheless how will Khurana sir agree
Pragya: I have booked a Bus for us okay and don’t let this thing know to anyone not to Khurana sir too just say that college authority has provided you this facility but just remember one thing stay together okay
Students agreed on what she said and screen freeze on her determined and relaxed face
Next day
Pragya before leaving hotel thought to call home, she called Kaustuki
Kaustuki: Good morning Mummy
Pragya: Good morning you woke up so early what’s going on
Kaustuki doing phone aside: coming (then putting back) nothing is going on just Mr. Alarm clock is in form today he woke everyone so early and asking for the breakfast Naira Bua is scolding him and Ganga is murmuring something Mami is busy in preparing breakfast what else
Abhi: Kaustuki…. Come at the table now
Kaustuki: Am on call papa please wait for a while
Kaustuki on phone: did you heard that!! I mean why he is doing this now

Pragya giggled and asked her to put the phone on speaker and talk Kaustuki agreed she went on the table and taking seat asked Pragya
Kaustuki: So everything fine?
Pragya: perfectly fine is there everything fine
Kaustuki: everything leaving Mr. Alarm clock
Pragya: leave him his mind is not in place (chhoro unhe unka dimag kharab hai) you tell yours
Abhi’s eyes popped out in shock and he snatched the phone from Kaustu
Abhi: what did you said?
Pragya intentionally: now who’s this?
Abhi: yeah why will you recognize my voice my brain is not in place that’s why right
Pragya laughed: why are you troubling them? See the time it is 6:00 in the morning Mehta sahab it is their weekend let them stay free okay
Abhi: you will spoil them
Naira shouted: look who is talking about spoiling who himself is a spoilt brat you yourself never woke up at morning and troubling my girls idiot now I will see how you will sleep
Abhi trying to control her: didi please don’t start here na.

Pragya was getting mad imagining the scenario and being irked Abhi saying “why you are laughing if you have to laugh you can hang the call” hanged the call and handing over mobile to Kaustuki he left the place
Sakshi: ARey Bhai sahab at least have breakfast…
Naira stopped her: leave him he left because he will talk to her in alone, long time spend but this shyness doesn’t dies in this idiot (chhor de akele me jaa ke baat karega nalayak mujhe pata hai itne saal ho gaye inki sharam hi nahi marti hai)
Kaustuki and Ganga were giggling Naira sternly said “What are you listening just have the breakfast and get back to your room and sleep there otherwise you both will get irritated and eat my brain for sure”
Kaustuki and Ganga held their breakfast and walked towards their room saying “how do you know that?” she replied “I know because Manav too…” she stopped and said “I just know you both go from here” here screen shifted towards Abhi and as Naira predicted he was talking to Pragya
Abhi: you are so mean you scolded me a lot and without saying anything left the place too
Pragya: I don’t feel sorry for scolding you it was necessary Mehta Sahab just want that don’t lose yourself please well leave all that what happened? Naira is also here
Abhi smiled: we left home
Pragya: this is not a joke please tell me
Abhi: I am not joking Basudha we seriously left the home
Pragya: but why!!!
Abhi: Aah it’s a long story I will tell you later
Pragya: you have to because do you think I will leave you like this without knowing the reason well I have to go call bell has rang so talk to you later bye
Saying so she hanged up the call and left the place with her luggage as for Abhi he got some strange feeling after talking to her which led to vanish off the smile from his face.

Precap: stay attentive
Don’t predict anything for now lets flow with the flow and keep commenting as now only 7 are left so keep supporting 7 more to go

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