STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 91

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Episode 91
“why don’t you understand just let her fight for herself let her take her decision on her own otherwise there will be no difference between her and us like our families did what they wanted to do with us she will be the same and I don’t like my daughter’s life same as we are spending like we are standing at this stage of our relation where we don’t know whether we are together or not pleas now stop this please break your silence it is getting unbearable please I am pleading it please” She fell on her knees while crying and joining her hands Abhi was just looking her dumb struck because she said that at utmost top of her voice she never ever did that but today he witnessed an another face of her what was that it was hard to judge but whatever she said everything was true he never did anything what she said and more or less he practically left Kaustuki alone when she needed him most he forgot his anger completely and forwarded his hand to pacify her saying “Pragya am just….” She shrugged off his hand with her utmost anger and yelled “I am not Pragya damn it My name is Basudha, Basudha hai mera naam. I only have one name which my parents gave me every other name is just an mistaken identity and it took too long to kill that Pragya in me by taking that name again and again don’t let her alive because if she got alive now then everything will lose everything, you know it took so long to build a confidence in me to learn fight for myself now please don’t let that die its request from you at least I can request you right!! Otherwise anything else is just …… you broke my trust today you didn’t fulfilled my trust you broke it you just…..” saying so ran inside and Abhi was just stood looking at her because today this Basudha was not that Basudha whom he knows from a long time she was changed does time and incidents change a person a lot !!!
He was all lost in thoughts while looking her running towards her room keeping hand over her face which was almost red and BG plays
Sookhe Phool Hain Haathon Mein (I have dry flowers in my hands)
Pyaar Ka Mausam Chaaha Thha (And I had wished for a season of love)
Usne Zakhm Diye Humko (That one gave me wounds)
Jis Se Marham Chaaha Thha (From whom I wanted balm/ointment)

Abke Oas Ki Boondon Ne (The dew-drops this time)
Dil Mein Aag Lagaayi Hai (Have caused a fire in my heart)
Dil Pe Kisne Dastak Di (Who has knocked on my heart?)
Tum Ho Ya Tanhaayi Hai (Is it You or is it loneliness?)

Murshida Murshida Murshida… (O my guide! O my guide!)
Al-Madad Dosta Murshida… (Help me, my friend, my guide)

After sometime Abhi came in and she was laid on the bed hugging the pillow tightly and when she saw Abhi and turned her face away with utmost rudeness
At morning
While arranging the breakfast table Pragya said to Kaustuki “You are coming to college today and keep in mind don’t get late for any class and be on time I have to early so can’t be with you” Kaustuki replied with a heavy voice “But today is sports class and Drama lyricist class is also combined I won’t go”, Pragya glared at her and said “I am not asking you to come or pleading you to come you have to come to college it means you have to”, “I can’t” Kaustuki replied in almost pleading way, “If you can’t come to college just because of this and you are scared then do one more thing there is no need to come here also from tomorrow onwards” she replied in anger, “But Mummy…”, she was about to say but Pragya cuts off saying “Choice is yours whether you have to face it or you want to lose me this is my final decision either you will come to college or you won’t come here from tomorrow that’s it no arguments further” saying so she left the place and here Kaustuki started feeling like crying from inside because those words said by Pragya were very harsh to her after all she is was asking her to live without meeting her mother she started having breakfast with crying face here Ganga who was hearing all this she became so silent because her mum’s behavior was rude for the first time for Kaustuki and for her it was common because she always use this trick whenever Ganga feels scared to meet Principal of the school for any official permission regarding leave or something like extra activities but she never asked to leave her for her the statement was always that she won’t talk with her but she asked Kaustuki not to meet her!!! This was obviously something which was enough to make anyone cry she was lost in thoughts when Abhi entered the hall and with a smile asked “Good morning champions what’s going on?” but the very next moment his smile got faded when he saw sad faces of both the kids and Kaustuki eating while crying silently he asked “What happened?” Ganga didn’t uttered a word and nodded in sigh “Nothing” there Kaustuki also didn’t said anything after having breakfast she went in her room to change and then left for college with determined face but an inch of sadness was there on her face coz those words of Pragya were still ringing in her mind here Ganga also went to school with Rohan here Abhi was feeling sad for their condition so he called her and as soon as she received the call he said “Why are you doing this? You are angry from me then why are you punishing them?” the voice which he heard from the other side was enough to made his heart feeling stabbed it was Pragya but what she said and the manner she used to say was enough to feel that coz she said “I will punish them coz the time has spent now someone has to control them either their father will do so or their mother have to die to make the cruel one alive because the world out of the house is not innocent and they have to understand that now please don’t disturb me I am busy” saying so she hanged up the call rudely here Abhi was sinking in guilt coz it was enough to make him feel guilty and here screen shifted towards Pragya she after hanging the call looked towards the ceiling with a deep sigh then started thinking something being lost keeping her chin half covered on fists of both the hands and here Abhi sat down and looked towards the Photo frame which was hung at the wall it was their picture, photograph of their happy days when Pragya and he was on a UK toor where one day suddenly she said in front of Kaustuki that “Your papa was searching a new mummy for you” and Abhi’s eyes were widen with shock that time this picture was snapped by Ganga and that too because she was playing with Pragya’s phone remembering that a light smile formed on his face and he was thinking “because of my silence all is messed up now” here Pragya also was in thoughts remembering her happy times with all the family members when Naira and Yashika use to take her side just to irritate Abhi and when Divya use to pamper her like daughter just to scold Abhi both were in their respective world of thoughts and BG plays
wo garmiyon ki raat (That night of summers,)
wo jaade ki baat (That talk of winters,)
wo paani ka matka rasoi ke swaad (That water pitcher, those tastes of kitchen,)
sab satata hai mujhe (everything torments me..)
ghar yaad aata hai mujhe (Home comes to my mind..)

Pragya was remembering her old days here Abhi was thinking the way to take her back so that nothing drama takes place in the home then he lost when Dadi use to pamper Pragya when she was pregnant with Ganga that time their relation was like they are not in-laws and today the day was that all the family members were hesitant to permit Pragya to return home
sehme chaukhat pe khade (Hesitating, standing on the door,)
mera mann ye kahe (My heart says this..)
pyaar karna seekha tha tumse (I’d learnt to love from you..)
pyaar tumse phir paana hai (I have to learn to love from you only..)
Pragya was thinking about the moment when Dadi restricted her to enter the home BG continued…
kitni doge saza, (How much trouble you’ll give..)
ab to de do duaa (At least give me some blessings)
intezaar ab hai mujhe (I am waiting now for the moment)
ghar yaad aata hai mujhe (Home comes to my mind..)

Screen shifts towards Abhi when he was driving the car and thinking about last night convo which was happened with Pragya where she just blamed him for everything BG continued

jin dilon mein raha main barson tak (The hearts in which I lived for years,)
ek hissa un mein mera bhi tha (There was a piece of mine in them too,)
phir wahin rehna hai mujhe (I want to live there once again..)
ghar yaad aata hai mujhe (I remember my home.)

He was back to home and was standing in front of the main gate imagining that Pragya is holding his hands and on hand of her is in Kaustuki’s hand and one hand of his is in Ganga’s hand and all the four are entering in the house but with the voice of the honk he came back to senses and BG continued….
saathi ik saath hai (A companion is there with me,)
itni si baat hai (Just that much is the thing,)
wo ped wo aangan dikhana hai use(I have to show him that tree, that yard,)
kehta hai mann mujhe (The heart asks me,)
ghar yaad aata hai mujhe (Home comes to my mind..)
Screen shifted towards Pragya she was all lost in thoughts when she felt a hand over her hand she looked up it was Khurana he did it in front of everyone all of them were noticing the when Khurana whispered in his ears “Basudha ji I guess something happened between you and your idiot husband that’s good for us it will be easy for me to get you in my life” Pragya was totally irked then another statement which he said was enough to erupt the volcano inside her he said “Well I was here to ask you that forgive my silly boy because he was unaware of the fact that the girl with whom he did all that is going to be her sister actually you can forget it because these things are common among youngsters now a days so chill” he was smirking and Basudha without wasting a second stood up and slapped Ranjeet hard across his face that her five fingers were imprinted on his face he she said raising her finger on him “don’t you dare” he was staring her with a death glare as it hurt his ego that she slapped him so hard across his face and the very next moment they were in front of dean and he said “Mrs. Mehta is this the way you will slap someone in front of people” Basudha smiled and said “Mam I haven’t slapped Mr. Khurana he must have got beatings from his wife and he is blaming me and if I had done this then is there any witness of this” Khurana said “Yes there were many staff memberes call them and ask how she did this?” Dean agreed and to their surprise every staff member denied that Basudha has slapped Khurana instead they said she wasn’t in the staff room since morning and when she came Mr. Khurana was there with his red face every staff member gave this statement and Khurana got the warning from the Dean and her staff members said “don’t be so surprised Basudha we did it as we know that how jerk this Khurana is this the fact is we never gathered courage to do so and you did it” she smirked on Khurana and he said to her “you will pay for it” here screen shifted towards Kaustuki she was in sports ground there again Randeep was in his form he was continuously staring at Kaustuki and smirking Kaustuki remembered every moment he did with her and her eyes filled with when she came back to her senses Randeep was teasing Bulbul as she was talking with Purab saying “spend a day with us also we are also of same kind” Kaustuki went ahead and reliving Bulbul’s hand from his slapped Randeep so hard that he fell down on the ground and said “Touch your own body instead of touching others I swear very touchy person you are that you make everyone touchy be aware of me I swear I will make you days hell here if you tried to trouble her” saying so she started to move holding Bulbul’s hand but Randeep shouted “I think you forgot what was happened few days back with you from that day you are showing your face now shall I show it to everyone” Bulbul was dumbstruck hearing that something was happened with Kaustuki few days back she was looking at her Kaustuki closed her eyes seems overcoming her fear she went back and asked “How will you show everyone hmm tell me” he smirked and took off his phone and without wasting a second Kaustuki snatched it and threw on the ground with full force that phone was now no more it was broken in pieces that were not able to repaired too” she asked “now show them” he was quiet because he never thought that she can do this after whatever he did with her” she yelled “ I said show them damn it what happened don’t have to show anything now wait I will show what I will do with you” she went and took some bricks which were kept on the road side and threw one of it on his lavish Skoda and as a result there were infinite dent on it glasses of windshield as well as windows were no more head lights were gone and tire tubes were no more then she came back to Randeep and said “Like your car I will make your condition like this too now see what I will do just keep on thinking that when and what and I will show you final result” saying so she moved from there taking Bulbul along with her and Purab also followed her Bulbul asked “Kaustuki what was happened with you what was that idiot saying?” with a serious tone and Kaustuki replied with a smirk “Never leave someone so alone that a person kills the remaining happy human in them”” saying so she moved ahead and Bulbul was still curious that what was happened.

Precap: dont know
Guys less comment what happened losing interest ? yes and Kaustuki’s role here is played by Rashi mal

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  2. Saranya24

    Omg awesome laustu suprb and basudha slap she rockd it man both fathr and son deserve it loved it didi love u?????

  3. Reshma_Pradeep

    LOVED IT! BOTH MOTHER & DAUGHTER…….Their Character is just AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE! You Portrayed the Things so well………I loved it!

  4. Awwww… That slaps… Superb… But they 4 are still in pain even my cutie Ganga… Make them happy like an olden days…

  5. So now both mother and daughter are in full form! I loved it! Specially those slaps! And the way you write makes it’s more awesome?? it was amazing❤️❤️ Waiting for the next one!

  6. Somiya

    This was superb I swear! Awesome, This was much needed , instead of showing much drama by showing the weakness you wrote it so amazingly, Hatss off! The songs merged in the situation were damn awesome! Abhidha scenes were spectacular, with every new updatr of yours I am loss at words, because every new update has its own charm, own magic! Day by day you are making us more curious for the next update and I love this thing of yours! I can say that it was unexpexted especially basu’s scene with Khurana and Kastu’s scene with Randeep! I am dead with these flow of emotions. The flow of the emotions are so constant that they never get off the track. Let me tell you something , no matter how boring this KKB gets, how worst This KKB gets , I am always going to be the Crazy admirer that I was since 1st season of SOF, if you’ll write something even on the worst serial than this I’ll still read because your writings make me live in the update. I have never loved such thing to this much extent but the love for your narration and writings is contiguous. Hatss offf ?????

  7. Lopez

    awesome update dear

  8. Prathi

    Not losing interest it’s just lack of time. Really every girl must be taught to fight jerks like these.. Disgusting idiots..

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