STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 90

Episode 90
When the silence breaks it brings extreme pain and rage in itself same was happened in the case of Pragya somewhere she had made Kaustuki fallen sleep but heart of a mother was in pain now somewhere and heart of a strong lady was in rage she was confused whom to listen, that one who is asking her to weep on her daughters helplessness or the one who was in rage and asking her “Go and teach a lesson to everyone” she had told Kaustuki that you have to take a stand for yourself and have to decide whether to be strong or behave like a coward but she herself was confused that what to react because whatever Kaustuki told her whatever she said to her it was clear that her innocence was no more alive now

(It is to be said scientifically and by elders too that when a teenager watches something which should be out of their knowledge as the matter is open I am talking openly that when they watch any videos which are kind of porn or they are porn itself kids are no more innocent they are mature enough to understand everything their innocent nature comes to an end at the moment itself and I am not saying it is said by doctors and rest you all know coz most of you are studying medical)

she was much aware that now maturity will be visible on her face whenever she will hear such things she will understand it very well and rather than ignoring it as she is understood she will surely get disturbed this, when she came to know that this was the reason of her being lost she was hating herself after watching all that this was less of molestation but more of s*xual harassment it was not easy for anyone of them neither for Kaustuki nor for Pragya easy to forget everything and move on but leaving this just like that was also not a solution being lost in such talks she was walking towards the garden when Abhi stopped her she turned but giving a blank expressions she moved ahead now this was a killing thing for Abhi because being numb and silence was always the thing which makes her depressed he moved towards her and Pragya was reminding again and again kaustuki’s words “Those filthy touches those videos which he shown to me I hate for being myself a girl I can’t even tell you mummy it was so dirty he did that maa (screamed) see I hate myself do something I can’t forget that its troubling like hell mummy its troubling like feel like take my brain off and throw it away everything is rewinding please help me help me out” tears were brimming In her eyes she strike with the stool kept there near the sofa and Abhi held her hand she looked at him he asked “What happened? Where are you lost (Kya hua hai kahan khoyi ho?)”

she looked at him and nodded in no then went towards the garden Abhi followed her saying “This is not done something is there for sure” She sat on the grass holding her mouth trying to control herself because she didn’t want to cry here Abhi said being seated there silently “What happened today Mrs. Mehta is controlling her sobs I guess sun has rose from opposite direction for sure” he said in a casual tone Pragya wiping her tears which were flowing from eyes said “Today two feelings are fighting with each other in me two different personalities are there I don’t know whom to give priority heart of a mother which is in pain now somewhere or heart of a strong lady who is in rage I am confused whom to listen, that one who is asking her to weep on my daughters helplessness or the one who is in rage and asking me “Go and teach a lesson to everyone” I am confused Mehta Sahab”

Abhi took a deep sigh and said “Do one thing let the woman in rage do her own work and the mother who wants to weep let her come out and share everything with the one who can understand her problem like this both of them will get justice” Pragya looked at him “Let’s start with a question tell me why every time either a woman a daughter or a girl have to bear every kind of humiliation why those parents who have girls are always insecure somewhere after being so open minded too why everything happen with them only just answer this Why?”

she asked, “Hmm…. All this happened because the owner of a gem is always insecure always he has an insecurity that what if someone stole them then!!! It will be a great loss for the owner right!” he replied, Pragya turned to him and blurted out in anger “these all are just false sayings nothing else these are just to say Gem, precious and all its better if anyone doesn’t use this word for any female mark my words I said any you know why because somewhere someone some females never ever get respect and those things which they deserve and those who says I am apple of my father’s eye…, My parents are my hero…, basically they are saying so but ask their parents how much insecure they are some are about their future some are about their security just ugh….”, taking a deep sigh he replied “What are you trying to say just say it openly because your words are not looking relevant what you are trying to say sometimes you saying about parents sometimes security just say exactly what you want to say don’t stumble the words or your thoughts”,

“Mehta Sahab I just want to say why we are not safe in this country here people worship Goddess compare girls with them then why the hell they disrespect them every time something happens with them which must not be every minute some girl is getting humiliated by people or getting raped and if not raped then either she will be molested or harassed just want to ask that cant people keep their ego aside and think positively that if someone is saying they are wrong it is right or not can’t they think even for once, If something happens in home they call her a bad omen and if she raised a voice then in laws drag her to the court or use to say she is totally disrespected person can anyone tell me that in which terms she is disrespected people says that in today’s era woman is equal as men but can someone tell me how? Those woman who are equal can anyone ask what they suffered and what they are feeling there no just concluded that woman are equal but reality is we know it is just a false statement because if woman keep one step ahead then there are infinity no of people who just want to make her fall if woman is working late night believe me no one will see her efforts but conclusion will be

“Haww till late night she is working have you asked her whether she is working or the matter is something else” I mean seriously!! By raising this one doubt you rose a doubt over her whole career just tell me is it easy to work hard can anyone do so? No one understands even woman never understands a woman they only need a topic to raise a question over her positive attitude and if she is in love with someone then believe me she did a biggest mistake of her life because society will never leave a chance to humiliate her parents, after marriage if husband is keeping an affair what people says is this must be mistake of his wife she is unsuccessful in keeping his faith or must be not good girl she gets these statements and if the wife herself is in affair then what she gets “Oh see how shameless woman she is what she is doing she is married and doing all this poor boy who got her as wife” then also mistake is ours, Haah…. If she is rectifying one egoistic person or made fun then what they use to say “I will see you, or I will teach you a good lesson” just tell me the fact what is her fault that she tried to teach him a lesson or her fault was that she laughed her heart out just tell me what was her fault that he snatched her everything tell me what was that” while blurting all that her tears blurted out with her anger and holding his collar she asked again and again “What was her fault” she strike her head over his chest asking

“Tell what was her fault” Abhi surrounded his arms around her and took her into the embrace and asked “Who did that with her Pragya and how all that happened just tell me” hearing the word “Pragya” brought her into her senses back and she looked at him his eyes were red and was grinning his teeth it was clear that he has understood some of the matter and calling out the name “Pragya” was a clear indication that now if Abhi rose his anger it will decrease the life span of Randeep for sure he asked again “Tell me who did it and what happened” she hugged him and crying her heart out narrated all the matter to him he broke the hug and went in anger towards the room she stopped him and in anger he started hitting the wall continuously with his fist he punching like mad man when she shouted “Its totally your fault too Mehta Sahab I left her with you because I trusted you, you always treated her like son right! Then what happened that she turned out to be like this that she is hating herself like a loser after this matter, you don’t have answer right!! I will tell you coz you only focused on your problems and left her with others yes I will call them others today because they failed to take care of my daughter they failed to take care of girl who was living without mother and it’s all just because of you now answer me did I have left her with you for this day just answer me damn it!!

You was having courage to pampered her and hide all her mischiefs but you forgot to teach her to fight for herself you never thought that you cant be with her every time when she is out she have to take care of herself on her own you forgot to teach that if my girl is in such condition then believe me you are the reason you taught her how to stand but forgot to teach how to walk alone you taught her how to pick up weapons but forgot to teach how to operate them its all your fault and now today also you are going to do the same you are going to punish him for doing such thing with her rather than encouraging her to punish him on her own, at least now open your eyes Mehta Sahab this family is yours not of your family these kids are yours not of them you have to think about them not your family will decide they are yours you have to decide you never took a stand for yourself for your family every time you was in an unknown silence just sometimes Baba stopped you sometimes I stopped you but at least now speak something at least now speak something one of your daughter is here with me and one was there with me one was in north so one was in south two sisters who are just like two layers of hand mill who are incomplete without each other are away from each other is this a life just tell me and all this is because you were silent, arey Baba asked me something and

I just did to complete his promise but you wasn’t bound you must have asked your both the kids to be together I was assure that you can take care of them as mother and father as well but you never did that tell me why you did that ? okay leave that also you were silent but why you got merge in your sadness and your problems you left her alone why at least once in a day while going out if you have said her that “Beta take care of yourself don’t be afraid of anything just make others afraid of your anger” then also she must have got some courage to fight for herself you taught her fighting but not to accept defeat!!! You forgot to teach her that you just every time got merged into your problems did you ever asked her that what she felt today or you ever asked her why she is upset No instead you treated this also a problem with you why don’t you understand just let her fight for herself let her take her decision on her own otherwise there will be no difference between her and us like our families did what they wanted to do with us she will be the same and I don’t like my daughters life same as we are spending like we are standing at this stage of our relation where we don’t know whether we are together or not pleas now stop this please break your silence it is getting unbearable please I am pleading it

(Galti aapki bhi hai Mehta Sahab Bharosa karke chhora tha na maine aapke pass kya hua aisa jo wo kamzor pad gayi aapne sirf apni problems dekhi aur dhyan dena bhool gaye us par chhor diya usey gharwalon ke sahare kya is ummeed par chhora tha maine usey aapke pass agar usey laad pyar de kar bigadne ki himmat thi to kyu khud ke liye ladne ki himmat dena bhool gaye kyu bhool gaye ki har waqt sath nahi hogey aap uske agar aaj meri bachhi is tarah haar maan kar yaha is haalat me padi hai na sirf aapki wajah se arey ab to jaago ye family aapki family ki nahi aapki hai bachhey unke nahi aapke hai aab to kuchh kahiye aap har waqt chup rahey kabhi ghar walo ne kiya kabhi maine kara diya arey ab to bolo kuchh aapki ek beti yaha hai Mehta Sahab aur ek beti waha do behene hai do chakki ke paaton ki tarah magar door door hain kyu hai kabhi socha hai sirf aur sirf aapke chup rehne ki wajah se arey baba ne to sirf kuchh maanga tha mujhse maine unka kaha mana par aap apne bachho ka sath to maang saktey they na unhe kyu chhora chaliye chhor bhi diya to itna bata dijiye ke kyu sirf apni problems me kho gaye kyu kyu kyu meri bachhi ko akela chhor diya kyu agar usey ghar se nikalne se pehle sirf itna keh diya hota roz ke beta darna mat dara ke aana to aisa nahi hota ladna sikha diya dat kar khade rehna sikhana bhool gaye

hathyar uthana sikha diya par chalana kaisey hai ye sikhana bhool gaye Kyu bhool gaye aap mujhe aaj uska haarna nahi khal raha hai janaab jitna uska ye kehna ke usey khud se nafrat ho gayi hai aur us par ab bhi aap chalein hai uski protection ko arey ab to chhor do uska haath chalne do khud warna inki bhi haalat humare aur aapki tarah hogi jo parivaron ke chalaye chaltey gaye aur kab apne rishte ke is mod par aa khade hue pata hi nahi chala hath jod rahi hu bas kijiye ab nahi saha jaa raha hai aur ab nahi please….)” She fell on her knees while crying and joining her hands Abhi was just looking her dumb struck because she said that at utmost top of her voice she never ever did that but today he witnessed an another face of her what was that it was hard to judge but whatever she said everything was true
every single word was true was everything losing from everyone’s hand it is yet to be knows for that stay tuned

Precap: Kaustuki “Never leave someone so alone that a person kills the remaining happy human in them”

Whom she said this lets see for now I guess much dramatic episode is created so hope you liked it and yeah thats true that watching Mature content before age leads to an age called premature age so be aware and stop this if it is going on surround you

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    I am numb. ??? today pragya’s anger was on point, the narration said it all. You are brilliant, this content!!! I have no words actually. This update left me in goosebumps, how amazing of you. And I know right , it may be so difficult for you to present this mature content, I already told either the girl understands this sensitive topic or the girl who has gone through this understands in the way that no one else can! Time says it all! I am actually not able to comment anymore. This one is spectacular, pragya’s words over insecurity and Girls were true enough. Hatss off to you, Hatss off

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