Story Of Faith (KB) Episode 100

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Abhi ended the song winking on the Mehra’s here screen shifted towards Pragya’s face which was more than irked by now as most of her knowing ladies were teasing her, here Abhi being in attitude said
Abhi: see I have done it
Ranvi: you have done it!!! Great!! But do you know how you will convince her?
Abhi: I have to do that too?
Prateek patting his head: do you have any mood of having dinner at night or not (tujhe raat ko roti khane ka shauk hai ya nahi hai)
Abhi: yes I do but why are you asking so?
Prabhas: because her face is telling that you will be punished tonight and that punishment will be no dinner tonight
Abhi: no, no my punishment is not that well she use to make me sleep in balcony in night
Ranvi: great!!!

Subhash: she resembles to mine because she always do the same with me
Yash: ARey you didn’t got her jiju she sends you out so that she could sleep on the bed alone after all she has such a big surface area and volume (arey aap samjhe nahi jiju wo aisa isliye karti hai moti so nahi pati hogi poore bed par to aapko bahar phek deti hai samjha karo surface area bada chahiye usey uska volume bhi to bada hai na)
Screen shifts towards Subuhi she was getting hiccups
Sakshi: What happened bua?
Subuhi: seems if someone is talking about me
Sakshi: nothing is like that you enjoy
Subuhi: Hmmm…
Screen shifts towards Yash again
Yash: The much she eats she is getting converted into the small elephant (Moti kha kha ke chhota Hathi ho rahi hai)
All blurted in laughing and there Subuhi’s hiccups got faster she said “today someone is missing me badly” screen flipped back to Yash
Subhash: don’t say like this otherwise she must be getting hiccups there
Meanwhile an announcement was made on stage and Pragya came to Abhi dragging him to side
Pragya: What happened to you have you drunk for the first time? (kya ho gaya hai aaj pehli baar pee li hi hai kya)
Abhi: nup just having fun
Pragya: fun!!! Li
ke this? (folding her hands)
Abhi: yup
Pragya: Mehta Sahab are you blurting that whats going on or shall I do something else
Abhi reminded every moment when she said something else that were sometimes breaking down car of Yash sometimes Driving the car madly having seat with him which was the most dangerous task he reminded the day when they were for his trip and he lied to her in same manner and then she drove the car madly at which every moment was RIP in advance he gulped his words and said
Abhi: No actually no I am telling you wait
He narrated the incident and then she said patting her head
Pragya: you go there and don’t try to do what they are doing you know their wives use to stop their meal for days and you are doing the same god what shall I do to him always he makes fool of himself (Arey idhar maro aap dimag kharab sai thara un ki lugaiyan te khana band kar de kare hai mai thara ke karun maharaj jad jaa hai popat ho ja hai thara ib na jaiye)
Abhi: but I was….
Pragya: no I was or you was just come with me and stay with me its time for Kaustuki’s surprise lets go
Here the announcement was made by Sakshi and Subuhi
Sakshi: so here we go with the life of 18 years of journey of her
Subuhi: the happiness and the sorrows included
Sakshi: here we go
Abhi came on stage as narrator and Bulbul dressed as Pragya and Purab as Abhi
Abhigya: Ye har nagri ki baat yaar ye har koochey ki baat yr (It’s a gossip of every lane every place)
Par kaun si nagri kaun sa koocha theek thaak maloom nahi (but which lane which place we don’t know propely)
Jo baat hume maloom wo ye (The fact we know is)
Ke rehte dono sath sath (they both stayed together)

Wo din ho ya phir raat raat (whether its day or night)
Par kaun sa din aur kaun si raat (but which day and which night)
Kuchh theek thaak maloom nahi (WE don’t know properly)
Jo baat hume maloom wo yeh (They fact we know is )
Ke sari duniya ke matwaley kehte unko cheekh cheekh (that every single person was saying to them screaming)
Ke mat raho tum saath saath (That don’t stay together)
Par kaun se log aur kaun sa saath wo theek thaak maloom nahi (But who were those people and what was that togetherness we don’t know properly)
Maaloom hai to bas ye itna ke (the fact we know is)
Chodi unhone ne ha saugat yaar (They refused every life by those people)
Paney ko ek dooje ka sath yaar (just to stay together)

Abhigya shown towards Back and every moment of Abhi and Pragya was shown and Abhigya was narrating it from the front of stage and in back the drama was going on there then Divya also joined her
Abhi asked : did you planned this too
Pragya: no I am shocked too…. That how this all
Abhi: leave it, lets see its totally enjoyable
Divya narrated some part which was showing that both lived together after every taunt on her
Arey ajab ghazab ye kudrat hai ya shaitano ki harkat hai (What nature is this, strange or the work of the deranged?)
Ke chot isey aur khoon behta hai uska behne (I strike his hand, but bruises she got and It’s her blood he feels it and He feels her pain?)
Hai jadoo tona anhoni (A magic spell, incredible!)
Na laana isko pass iske (Don’t bring her where he is!)
Inko door door le jao inko door door le jao (Take them far apart!)
Ye raah ghulam ka tona hai ya bhoot pret ki karni hai arey bula maulvi pandit ab kala dhaga bandhwao (It’s the work of gremlin, ghoul! Or the work of Dark forces, evil, foul call priest and tie the amulets, Tie the Maulvi’s amulets to their arms)
Inko door door le jao inko door door le jao (Take them far apart!)
They remembered those days in which only blames of bad happening were with them from each other’s family but pain were equal of each other they were able to feel that pain which each of them were getting and everyone’s thought was to keep them far as Divya narrated it Pragya and Abhi understood that she is saying sorry to them indirectly and both smiled lightly he looked at her and then rounded his arms around her and the drama continued
Abhigya narrated next:

Ab suno meri tum baat yaar (Now listen to me)
Par kaun si baat aur kiski baat (but what you will listen and whom you will listen)
Ye theek thaak maloom tumhe (you know it very well)
Un ki khushiyo ki baat yaar (this is matter of their happiness)
Par kaun si khushiyan kaun si baat (But which happiness what happiness)
Kuchh theek thaak maloom nahi (we don’t know properly)
Maloom hai to bas itna ke thi wo aisi raat yaar (the fact we know is that was night)
Jab khila phool ek raat yaar (when a flower bloomed in their garden)
The day was dramatized when Kaustuki was born and both were too young doesn’t know how to take care of a child but still being alone and the only thing which was with them was Happiness and Happy Abhigya moments were shown where Abhi is holding Kaustu’s finger and she is learning how to walk then Basudha is swinging her in arms and Abhi snatched her and ran Basudha followed him and Kaustuki is laughing madly that time the role of Pragya was changed by Naira and Abhi’s role was changed by Priyansh
Abhigya continued …
Ek baat rahi ek saadh rahi (only one thing was there only one fact was there)
Dono ki kismat sath rahi (that there destinies were together)
Baandh gayi ek dor se jo (they were bound by one destiny)
Woh dor humesha sath rahi (that destiny was with them)

Abhigya sung in BG and Naira with Priyansh played their role
Hum Pe Sitaaron Ka Ehsaan Ho, Poora, Adhoora Har Armaan Ho (May the stars be benevolent upon us, may all our dreams become true)
Ek Doosre Se Jo Baandhe Humein, Baahon Mein Nanhi Si Ik Jaan Ho (May we have a little soul (young one/kid) in our arms that attaches both of us)
Aabaad Ho, Chhota Sa Ghar, Lag Na Sake, Kisi Ki Nazar (May our abode flourish, may no one’s evil gaze affect us)

And Abhi along with Pragya memorized Kaustuki’s childhood that with an unknown attraction they were attracted towards each other so strongly though it was an arranged marriage but wasn’t seems like love marriage and Abhigya continued…
Divya continued…
Link of two lives joined to lives together
Joined two families together
Linked two hearts
Now she was growing with her speed

Abhigya: Naughty though
Divya: apple of her parents eyes though
Abhigya: star of her little baby though
Divya: second mother of her sister though
Abhigya: the time spent destiny took two hearts far from each others
Divya: but failed to take two souls away
Abhigya: the time spent and that bud bloomed into flower
Divya: But flower was more dangerous than the bud

They got aside and Bulbul came adopting Kaustu’s attitude she started her act

Jugni o jugni Daude ji belagaam daude (Free spirited girl (Jugni literally means a female firefly), Runs around unrestrained)
Jugni o jugni Ambraan de taare tode (Free spirited girl, Breaks the stars from the sky)
Ambraan de taare tode Haan (Free spirited girl, Breaks the stars from the sky)
Jugni o jugni Aape apna bayaan bole (Free spirited girl, She says what she wants to)
Jugni o jugni Kitabaan dil diyaan khole (Free spirited girl, She opens the book of people’s hearts)
Maare Dhaayen dhaayen Naina di dunali Haaye (She fires the Double-barreled shotgun Of her eyes)
Ho Dhaayen dhaayen Naina di dunali (She fires the Double-barreled shotgun Of her eyes)
Ohdi har adaa Adaa niraali (Her every style is unusual)
Paanv hawa pe dharde Happy (Happy places her feet on the air)
Thaan le bas phir kar de Happy (She does whatever she decides)
Rang jahaan mein bhar de Happy Hoye Happy oye (She fills the colors in the world)
Naal Chenab de wagdi rehndi (She keeps flowin along Chenab (The Chenab River is a major river of India and Pakistan.))
Border ohnu takdi rehndi (The border keeps peeping her)
Haal apna khud kehndi oye (She herself speaks out how she is feeling)

She went a side and then the face where Kaustuki was humiliated was shown that how she did what her heart wished and she had to pay like that which resulted in her distance with every relation, if she had shared it with anyone then she would have been blamed for the same

Ki jo dil ki usne Toh duniya roothi (When she followed her heart, The world got angry with her) Haaye saathi sangi chhode (She had to leave her near and dear)
Karaar chhoota (She had to leave her promises)
Bahaar chhooti (She had to leave ths springs(Probably referring to the place where she grew up and passed most of the spring seasons),)
Khushiyaan huyi jhoothi (The happiness became a lie)
Abhigya entered the stage saying and Bulbul acting as Kaustuki reacted after coming out from the trauma:
Arey sun lo zara kahaani (Listen to the story Of the willfulness)
Uss Jugni ki manmaani (of the free spirited girl,)
Koi laakh laga de rode (No matter how many pebbles are thrown its way,)
Rukta nahi behta paani (The flowing water does not stop)
Use behna tha wo beh gayi (She had to flow, so she did)
Behte behte yeh keh gayi (While flowing, she said)
Ishq mushq nahin chhupte hain (that Love and stink cannot be hidden)
Aur darti nahi jawaani (And youth has no fear)
Paanv hawa pe dhar de Happy
Thaan le bas phir kar de Happy
Rang jahaan mein bhar de Happy Hoye Happy
Oye Naal Chenab de wagdi rehndi
Border ohnu takdi rehndi
Haal apna khud kehndi oye

The drama was going on well the narration was stealing Kaustuki’s heart when one voice diverted every mind and when turned back it was Verma ji Basudha’s neighbor who was the real victim of Kaustuki as she and Ganga had never let Purab and Rohan stay in piece he sung

Ho baaghi aanchal udd da badal Akhaan vich shaitaniyaan (Her rebel cloth flies like a cloud There is mischief in her eyes,)
Tufanaan de ishaare (There is a sign of storms in it)
Ohdi chadhi jawani aafat laani Ishqan di nishaniyaan (Her youth will cause trouble There is an indication of love)
Sher ghazal sab haare (Poems, ghazals all have lost)
Ae taan lagdi ae zaat ruhaani hoye (It feels like she is from a spiritual family)
Ho lagdi ae zaat ruhaani (It feels like she is from a spiritual family)
Labhdi phire yeh dil da haani (She is searching for the love of her heart)
Paanv hawa pe dharde Happy (Happy places her feet on the air)
Thaan le bas phir kar de Happy (She does whatever she decides)
Rang jahaan mein bhar de Happy Hoye Happy oye (She fills the colors in the world)
Naal Chenab de wagdi rehndi (She keeps flowin along Chenab (The Chenab River is a major river of India and Pakistan.))
Border ohnu takdi rehndi (The border keeps peeping her)
Haal apna khud kehndi oye (She herself speaks out how she is feeling)

At the end of it the lights turned on and there was the cake in front of Kaustuki where it was written Happy birthday Kaustuki the Don and reading the word Don Kaustuki understood it was none other than Bulbul who did it she blew the candles and cuts the cake in pieces Ganga jumped in mid
Ganga: didi you know how we celebrate birthdays In schools!!
Abhi: How dear
Ganga: just lift me up I will tell you
Abhi moved to lift her but she said
Ganga: No, no didi you bent down I will tell it to you in ears
Kaustuki bent down forgetting Ganga’s prank and then that happened which was shouldn’t Ganga held her neck and without giving her time to escape made her eat the cake and her mouth was opened in shock and her face was now tasting the cake
Pragya shouted: Ganga is this any way to behave
Naira coming ahead: of course not!! You must have took her neck like this (holding Pragya’s neck) and then you had to apply cake like this
Pragya being shocked: Aisa kaun karta hai bhai
Abhi giggled: My sister

He was laughing at her face when someone from back rubbed his face with the cake and said “Bete itni jaldi bhi nahi bachte itne white white kaisey jaoge bhai sahab when Yashika is here Naira didu no need to be fear (Bete why so hurry in escaping when everyone is getting make up then how can you stay clear)” Yash said holding his neck “ARey isko to aisey pakdo aur aisey de maro cake me (hold him like this and burry in the cake like this)” Abhi being irked took the glass of juice which was kept near him and threw on Yash and Yash searched something but he got only water so he threw it on him but unfortunately it poured on Shreya and she being irritated threw a spoon full of desert on him which didn’t hit his face as he bent down but in result hit Abhigya’s face she glared at Shreya and she shown oops expression then asked sorry but Abhigya was in no mood of forgiving her so she searched for something and found some water there which she threw on her but Shreya got aside and that water hit on Pabhas’s face now this was a challenge coz Abhigya and Pragya were in front of each other and Prabhas didn’t thought once he found some vine and threw the glass full on Abhigya and Abhigya being irked took the ice cream which was kept aside in hurry and threw on him Prateek tried to stop them but PRabhas threw him on Abhigya saying “hold your husband” and she pushed him aside and as a result Prateek was now buried in the cake in which Abhi was earlier here Abhi and Pragya are shown seated under the buffet table Abhi said “Is this a party!!!” Pragya said “Now they wont stop until they take revenge from each other” they both patted their heads and screen flipped back towards Abhigya and Prabhas they were on full swing there Yash thought some mischief and poured a glass full of juice on Subuhi but it resulted so costly for him because Shreya pushed him in the desert which was there then she fought with him with pillow and as he was sticky all the pillow furs were stick to his face and he was looking like hen now so Subuhi said “Now say my brother Kuk-du-ku” but before she can think anything else she felt something cold in her which made her shivering it was Subhash he poured a bucket full of ice on her and she being irritated poured him in the ice bucket itself and now Bucket was on his head then screen shifted towards Priyansh and Gaurav they were also escaped by hiding in the kitchen and here screen shifted towards Kabir who was fully covered with cake and Divya also they were seated on the floor and looking all the mess which was created in the party some were getting slaps some were getting punches some were getting back to back cakes some were getting deserts and some were getting ice and juice along with vine it was turned out to be a zoo when someone entered in the Villa it was Randeep he was shocked to see the scenario and before going in thought to ring the bell and with that voice of door bell everyone stopped and stood in same position in which they were and when he came in he saw one red fairy (Abhigya who was bathed with vine) one cock (Yash furs were stuck on his face) one yellow and blue lagoon (Prabhas as all the desert was on his face and clothes) three white rabbits (Kabir Divya and Prateek as their faces were buried in cake) two frozen fairies who were shivering (Subuhi and Subhash) two blue and red capsules (Yashika and Naira as they were looking like same after getting bathed with some sweet drinks) and two normal people who were stood aside they were none other than Abhi and Pragya

Randeep hesitatingly said: sorry for disturbance but I was being told that there is a party tonight at this place
Pragya from back: it was but now it is over but you can talk with her
Randeep was still confused because he was unable to see Kaustuki in this creatures land but no need of search as Kaustuki found him and shouted “What is he doing in my party” he silently moved towards her and said “I was here just to ask forgiveness from you for whatever I did am sorry for that I know it cant be rectified but you can give me a chance right!!” Kaustuki didn’t said anything she was just glaring at him and he again said “Look you don’t want to forgive me so don’t do it but at least give a chance to rectify my mistake” Kaustuki was still glaring at him and here screen shifts to Naira same sound came from back and same statement “I also need a chance to rectify myself” all of them turned back it was Sidharth with Manav a million dollar smile formed on Naira’s face and she rushed towards them without saying anything just Hugged Manav and Sadharth smiled looking at them saying “Sorry Naira sorry for everything” Naira nodded in don’t say with tears welled up in her eyes and then screen towards Divya and Kabir they also said “Forgive us too and come back with us” Abhi and Naira just hugged them back in forgiveness as they can’t keep their parents sad the messy moment turned out to be happy but when suddenly Abhi heard a voice from back it was Koyal who was arrived late said “won’t anyone welcome me!!!” Abhi looked at Basudha and said “Basu do you know how joker do make up” Basu replied in No so he said “see it now” he took a small cake which was left now and buried his face in it Basu gave a mouth opening expression and Yash being irked said “Koyal didi let me welcome you” Koyal being happy went ahead but to her faith Yash who was hiding cake in his hand he rubbed it on her face and said “Happy holi didi you know its long time we played holi!” all the cakes were on everyone’s face now nothing was left then Kaustuki said to Randeep “you want a chance!!” Randeep nodded in yes Kaustuki said “then promise you will leave your ego and anger today!” he nodded in yes she said “lets check it” he was confused including others when Kaustuki went out and took one rod which was kept back the door then started hitting his car and broke every glass of it punctured every tire Basudha was shouting again and again to stop but she never heard and destroyed it then after that she said being smart “how was it!!” Randeep being confused said “what was that”
Kaustuki: I broke your car

Randeep: I didn’t came here by car
Kaustuki: then whose car was this (being shocked)
Randeep: I don’t know
Kaustuki looked back and Basudha was glaring then she understood that the car was of Basudha and everyone were just looking what will happen next keeping hand on their mouth then Kaustuki said
Kaustuki: Bulbul Randeep have you ever raced with Mom’s slipper specially when it is more than the speed of 180 (Bulbul… Randeep kabhi Maa ki chappal ke sath race kari hai jab wo 180 ki speed se jiyada ho)
Bulbul: think of yours I have even done with utensils (apni soch maine to bartano ke sath bhi kari hai)
Randeep: maine nahi kari (I never did it)
Kaustuki: to bête bhaag lo kyuki meri maa ka ab danda uthega aur humari arthi (then run from here because my mother will raise her stick now and our funeral)
They started moving and Kaustuki went towards Pragya holding the rod and handed over it to her then saying “Go for it mummy” she ran in full speed and Basudha holding stick rushed towards her but stopped as all were escaped out then Yash was laughing “hahahahahahahahaha episode one se episode 99 tak bachayi hui gadi last me toot hi gayi kya baat hai maza aa gaya (hahahaha the car which was saved from episode 1 to episode 99 now it is looking beautiful hahahhaaha)” Basudha glared at him and got extremely irked on his laughter then giving a force smile to him treated his bike in the same manner and he was like “What the hell you done to my new bike” and she said “Tit for tat mama now laugh as much as you can” Abhi went near her and said “Are you mad you seriously!! You broke a bike right now!! Like mother like daughter” she smiled and keeping that rod on her neck and resting her hands on it said “So am I” BG played re lakk dhak lakk dhak jaaTni ke haav bhaav mein teji..( there is strong headedness in the way of the Jat lady.)

re anpaDh angaDh jaaT uThaave iske to nakhre ji.( the illiterate, unsophisticated Jat (her husband/guy) bears her tantrums.)
He nodded his head in disbelief and All said in chorus “Basudha ab to sudhar jaa (Basudha please understand now)
And she winked turning back Abhi nodded his head in disbelief and then smiled crazily at her.

**********************************THE END************************
SO this was the end our meeting are now ended here with this episode as this is my ever last episode understood or not!! well if not let me tell you clearly that this normal writer whose stories were without any romance will never come back again here to present her stories among you, you people supported me alot and i wrote alomost four stories here with different styles and now no more as am done with KKB and no more Abhi Pragya please so it was my last writing and last episode from tomorrow you wont wait for any surbhi or narrator here there wont be any writer who will write freely with so casual language and lol you people have to read one ff less well silent readers be happy coz one writer got eliminated from your list now you are silent for very less and my commenters just one thing for you ‘Chalti hu Dua me yaad rakhna” bye bye guys will miss you but believe me am not going to return back 🙂

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