The story of broken trust and lost Love: raglak and ragsan episode 6

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Hello guies here is ep 6. It is not proof readed so I am sorry for mistakes. Do comment and one more thing tell me if you wanted sanskar as negative or not.
Rags pov:
Goodmorning sansku. I started waking up sanskar in whose embrace I was sleeping
No response.
Sansku wake up na I will get late for my office I said while shaking him up. I knew he was awake. An idea striked in my mind. I touched his hands which were on my waist and went upwards till I reached his arm. I could see a naughty smile on his face.
I started tickling him on his neck and shoulders. He jerked and got up immediately.
‘So it was your plan miss’ he said in sleepy tone

‘Ya so as to wake you up’ I said smiling victirously
‘Oh now you see what I am going to do’ he said while I nodded my head in disbelief seeing his hot gaze

‘Nothing will change. You are flirty and will remain flirty’ I said
He didn’t replied but started coming nearer. I closed my eyes feeling him near
‘Sansku please I will get late’ I said pleadingly
While I was praying so that he leaves me. he kissed my forehead and left from there.
I opened my eyes searching for him.
Beep beep
Oh my phone
‘Don’t search for me I am on my way to my home get ready fast and meet me at 8pm near sunny café we will have dinner together’
So sanskar left I should get ready I had to reach my office on time.

‘Goodmorning sir you called me’ I peeped in harshz glass cabin
‘Yes ragini come sit. Take this file and recheck them and sign them as a authority. Take signature of diya na laksh too’ he said
‘Ya definitely sir’ I faked smile but I was still wondering how would I face laksh
I knocked his door
‘Yes come in ragini. Sit’ I saw him and his dull and pale face
‘Laksh I wanted your signature on this document’ I said while my eyes eyes welled up seeing his emotional gaze and painful eyes
‘Ragini are you happy with him’ he asked me
‘Yes laksh I am’ I replied while controlling my tears

‘Hm’ he said while signing
‘But laksh I always wanted you to be my side I want a friend I need a friend laksh please’ I said
‘Ragini I am always there for you I will always support you and trust me don’t think about me. I will get some more hot girl than you’ I know he said that just to lighten up my mood
‘Ah haha laksh I know because you so handsome, lucky you will definitely get a good girl’ I said while something pinched my heart badly
Laksh pov:
I know I will get many girl but I will never get girl like you. I want you but I know you don’t love me.
‘Do you like me ragini’ say truly I asked her while her eyes widened
‘What what are you saying’ she said

‘Say yes or no’ I asked
She again escaped ‘Vo vo I have some work I will come afterwards’
Beep beep
I picked my phone it was raginis message
Laksh Its true that I liked you but my past is calling me and I love him. Youll always remain in my sweet memory because you and your smile made my 6 years a lot easier because of you I moved on I smiled again but now my past needs me lakshya he needs me. I cannot see my love in pain. He is and will always remain my first love. Tc laksh and promise me youll move on.
I knew it but if she is happy with him then I wont force. I wanted to see her happy always. I will always support her. And I am happy that she is getting her love back.
I replied her sending her a smilie as a token of love. I wanted her to be happy with her bf vo that her’s sansku.
I don’t know but the picture of me and ragini departing in my mind gave me immense pain. It took of my sleep. It made me sadistic. I cannot even fake a smile.
My heart is aching to highest extent. Though I wanted to see her happy but what about me I am breaking down. I slept on my desk thinking about ragini.
Oh god I had to reach home its late now
Rags pov: I have been waiting for sanskar. Its an hour now
‘Where are you sanskar’ I called him again
‘Just 2 more min gini’ heard his reply
‘You are sounding tense any problem’
‘No no baby I am coming’ he said

‘Hm okay’ while I waited 15 more minutes
‘Surprise’ I heard the voice matched sanskar so he was here
‘Sansku why so late I turned backwards but he was nowhere to be found. ‘Where are u’ I asked while I looked toward left and then right
‘Are bachha niche dekho’
‘Omg sanskar why are you kneeling down. Its okay if you are late don’t ask me sorry like this’
‘Ragini listen to me. I need you please lets get married. Your mumma already knows me she wont deny. Please marry me gini’ he asked while I was shocked to the core with his sudden confession
I saw his teary eyes and felt his aching heart. Though I love him but why I am not able to say yes. I feel as if I am missing something which is left behind
‘Ragini what happened baby don’t you love me’ he said again breaking my thoughts
‘No no I mean yes I will marry you’ I could not say him to give me time after knowing his condition. He was on the edge of his depression. He love me and I will hold his hand always
‘Tysm gini I love you yeah’ he smile like a child

‘I love u 2 ab please lets have our dinner I am waiting since ages’ I said
‘Ya sure’ we had our dinner and I bid him bye and went ahead towards my flat. I opened the door and went inside
I changed into a hot pants and a crop sando. While I layed my head on my pillow I started thinking why I didn’t told sanskar about laksh and why I was not sure about marriage.
I heard a knock on my window. I was literally scared
‘Are gini its me yr’ he said while my mood enlightened
‘Oh uh why did you came from here. Gates are there no’
‘Vo I thought aunty would have returned from pune’ he said
‘Okay now come in yr’
‘So where is she’ she asked while I was confused how do he know that she was coming back
‘She must be on her way’
‘Oho gini aj to you looking damn hot’ before I could ask him

about moma he again started his daily doze
‘Ah stop it sansku’
‘Acha I wanted to eat pasta of your hand’
And I started thinking how laksh used to demand more and more pasta cooked by my hand.
‘Hey gini kya hua?’ he asked while waving his hands in fron of my eyes to grab my attention
‘No nothing u sit I will cook it’
‘No I am also coming’ he said
‘You know what gini there is a good news’ he said while his lips curved into the widest smile
‘What’ I asked unsure about the recent happenings
‘Your mom has accepted our relation’ he said while I was suprised
‘What how do you know’
‘Are vo my mom gave my proposal and as she knew me she immediately accepted and even momma told her that you accepted the proposal so she had no reason to deny’ he said. Okay so that is why he knew about my moma
‘Then why didn’t she told me’
‘May be she is going to give you a surprise’ he said
‘Oh hmmmm let it be a surprise in front of moma’ I said
‘Okay fine gini my gini’ while I smiled weakly
‘Go sit sansku they are ready. I will serve you’
He implied and we started eating them as hungry monsters. I stared his happy face. I always wanted him to be happy like this.
‘Ummm yummy gini I love them Hahahahaha gini’

‘What happened’ I asked
‘Vo gini see your face haha’ he said
‘Uh I hate you’ While I gave him death glare and took pillow to kick him off
He grabbed my waist and came near. His gaze made me fall weaker. I closed my eyes feeling his sensuous breathe he came forward and licked sauce from my nose tip and said mrs would be sanskar its not good to waste food. While he took permission and kissed my neck while my stomach went taut and my heart beat raised. I started getting in the passion but the next moment I felt his breathe fading. I opened my eyes and saw him in tears sitting beside me.
‘What happened sanskar’ I asked
‘Vo I don’t want to hurt you. If I went up with the flow I may even hurt you gini. I am a wild beast gini’ he said while his tears pinched my heart
‘No sanskar and I hugged him immediately. Don’t think so na please sansku I even left laksh for you. Don’t make it waste’ I said
After a second I realized what I said I saw him shocked
His eyes getting wetter and redder.
‘What did you say gini’ he asked in a harsh voice. I knew I should not have said that knowing he is overprotective to me
‘Vo it was a joke’ I said fearing what will happen the next momeny
‘Ragini say that again’ he shouted this time
I saw his animal inside him awake. I have no option to get him back I tried hugging him but he pushed me and I landed up on my bed
‘Ragini just remember you are mine just mine’ he said
He came closer and he layed his body over me
He kissed my neck, he started giving me hicks
He kissed my lips wildly. I felt suffocated. I just thought how would I manage him in future.I know this will happen regularly on one or the other thing
‘Sanskar listen I love you only’ I said
‘Then prove me. Just be mine’ he asked
‘Sanskar but I cant do this. After our marriage I would do it’
‘No gini I cant wait’ nd he started unbuttoning his shirt.

He kissed my shoulders while his hand sensuously flowing my uncovered belly. I could not resist though I wanted to.
I could see his eyes in tears. He was fighting with the beast inside him.
‘Sanskar please fight. I only love you. You can do it fight with the beast or you will hurt me’ I said
He got up and started shouting
‘Ah I cant do this I cant, I love her.. ah my head’ he said
‘Sanskar calm down’ nd I hugged him immediately
‘Gini don’t leave me please’ he pleaded
‘No I wont and I only love you sansku’ I assured

He calmed down after 7 min.
‘Gini’ he called me while he buttoned his shirt
‘Han say’ I said while wiping my tears and gearing up my view from window to him
‘I am sorry gini I didn’t meant this
‘Its okay sanskar’

‘Sorry’nd he ran towards me and hugged me with concern
While I remembered a incident of 7 years back
Okay so guys this is it. Flashback will be in next part and there will be a marriage scene also. Till then take care love you all nd do comment.

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  1. Awesome and plz don’t make sanskar as a negative character

    1. CAsush

      Oh i will see that

  2. Shana98

    Loved it…
    and amazing episode but just feel sooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry for Laksh he loved her like there was nothing not than Ragini in his world now its shattered :'( hopefully Ragini arise her feelings and realize that she loves Laksh and not Sanskar as she is only feeling sorry for him… am i right??

    1. CAsush

      Same here shana yr

      1. CAsush

        Actually there is just a thin line of difference between empathy and sympathy

      2. Shana98

        so what does she realize her feelings for lask

    2. CAsush

      She feels empathy for sanskar

  3. LovelyAliya

    Oh please don’t make Sanskar bad 🙁

    1. CAsush

      Lovely ummmmm

  4. A.xx

    Fab loved it but unite raglak plz as they both love each other and ragini is loving snaky only because he was her 1st love xx

    1. CAsush

      Feeling the same lets see

  5. Sanky must be positive, he needs ragini love and care

    1. CAsush

      Yup he needs that

    1. CAsush

      Thanx sindhu

  6. superb and plz unite Raglak soon

    1. CAsush

      Ty ammu and i will try

  7. Ragz_teju

    loving this shade of Sanskar… feeling bad for Laksh. .. superb chappy

    1. CAsush

      Ummmmm he is awesome nd dont worry i will alwaays end the story at happy note

  8. Plzz unit raglak

    1. CAsush

      Ya they will unite soon as it is a SS it just have 2 shots more

  9. Awesome episode
    Feeling bad for laksh

    1. CAsush

      He will be happy in the end

  10. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Ragsan were Amazing
    Sanky shade is also nice
    Really Interesting
    Waiting for the next one eagerly……………..

      1. SPP

        U r always welcome dear

      1. SPP

        And yeah please don’t make Sanky as negative

    1. CAsush

      ummmmmm wb twist yr

  11. Amazing

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      Thank you

  12. i wnt raglak 2 unite tot i 2 feel 4 sanskar…

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      Okay mark

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      Yeah sure

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    Its niceeeee

  15. Akshata

    awesome, unite true lovers and dont make sansku negative.

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      yeah sure akshata and thanks a lot

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    Awesome update dr….

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    superb but don’t make sanskar negative

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    awesome.feel bad for sanskaar.continue dear.

    1. CAsush

      Alll is well hema nd tysm

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