The story of broken trust and lost Love: raglak and ragsan episode 4

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Hello my lovelies.. ty for ur comments guys those means a lot. So here is ep 4 as I promised I will update it alternatively. And read it as it is very impo for later of my ep and ya comment guyz
Previous ep: Here
The story of broken trust and lost Love: raglak and ragsan episode 4

Rags pov:
Oh finally moma forgave me.. uh after so much of begging and muttering sorry
Now finally I wanted to sleep.. a peaceful sleep..
I rested my head on a furry pillow and closed my eyes.. I was peacefully sleeping until AE DIL HAI MUSHKIL played in my ears.. ughh who stupid must have called at 2 in morning
I must have cutted the call but this heart isn’t so powerful
Yes its laksh name flashing on my phone
Helloo I said with emotionless voice
‘Hi’ I heard as he said with full of excitement
I replied him bluntly saying ‘are you out of your mind is this the time to call a girl’
Though I didn’t meant that but I was little hurt on past evenings incident
Like how could he do so

Laksh pov:
I heard her saying like I was out of my mind.. ughh why is she so rude and only just with me?
I called you just to ask whether you are fine or not, you went from there without bidding me bye’ I said while grinning and impatiently wanting her answers
I heard her stammering, vo vo I was feeling suffocated there’
Like seriously she was obvio speaking a lie
‘Oh really’ I said while caressing projector.. no her face playing on the projector.. my raginis face..
‘From when did you started speaking lie with me’ I spoked bluntly
I heard her with extremely panic voice.. ‘laksh I will talk to you later mom had come bye tata’
I knew it she wont answer.. she is such a big lier
But whatever it is I just love her just her
I texted shanaya .. hi shanu.. where are you?
I was waiting for 15 minutes to get a reply from shanu but she is so irresponsible girl but whatever it is she is my sisi

While I was cursing her for making me wait so much I heard a beep beep.. I just prayed it was not a companys message.. these people are so annoying
I took my phone and sigh in relaxation ya it was shanus message..
Shanu: han bhaiyu wt happened did you called her… was our plan successful?
Me: ah she is a big lier yr.. again she lied and walked away
Shanu: its okay bhaaiyu.. our next plan is already ready right.. 2morrow in our office
Me: ya and vese bhi if u der then wts sense of worrying and don’t call me bhaiyu yr or if you forgot and call me bhaiyu in front of her then i might loose her again.. acha ttyl bye gn chotu love you
I ended up our chat but the thought of loosing her again made my stomach taut and throat itching.. I really don’t want to loose her again like 7 years ago because of my stupid infatuation with ashi I lost her
I am such a loser.. will she ever accept a loser?
I am not sure whether she loves me or not but I love her and I will definitely make her fall in love with me
Ahhh but I cant force her too.. what shall I do

Rags pov:
Wake up wake up it’s a brand new day
Oh this alarm.. this is 4th time it was ringing but now I have had to get ready it was already 7
I had to get ready, bake something for me and then cover up 2 hr of journey
Goodmorning mam I heard as one of my subordinate wished
I courteously replied the same to him while my steps heading towards my office
I entered the cabin as the gate slided with a voluntary rythym.. there was nothing unusual it is the same with grayish blue interior except that a flower bouquet was bleaming at me from my table
I read the note it said
Hy I am sorry I didn’t meant to hurt you
Yours laksh
I felt a lots of butterfly waving in stomach as I read yours.. while I was lost in the thoughts my ears recognized his voice

I turned back he was standing just in front of me with a little chuckle on his face.. I removed those lovable expressions from my face and turned it into a expressionless one
I am sorry rag.. he said but before he could say my name I cutted him saying its ok
Ya I know he was little hurt by it but I didn’t have any other way
I said ‘sorry if I was too rude’
While he was coming forward taking slower steps.. first I was shocked then I saw his mischevious eyes. Oh gawd he is looking damn hot.then I realized what he was upto. I took steps backwards till my back touched wooden half wall of my cabin.. he came closer and closer till we heard each others breathe. I wanted to capture that moment and pause it there itself.
Suddenly he held my waist and came more closer, I could feel his hot breathe becoming more hotter near my neck. Before I could do anything he gave a hot.. no hottest peck on my neck. I clutched his shirt while my eyes were closed feeling his and mine emotions interlinked.
He came onto my cheeks and gave a wet peck over there. While I opened my eyes to stop him but the way he was looking at me.. aw I could not could not stop him.. definitely bcoz it was my dream moment from past 7 years.
He asked for permission to kiss me while coming closer. Even if I wanted to deny. I could not resist and went away with the flow. He came closer while my stomach went taut.. butterflies started flattering my breathe hacked and my eyes closed..

Lakshs pov:
While she gave me permission by closing her eyes.. I definitely got my answer.. I wanted to kiss her passionately wildly su**ing her all over but I controlled and kissed her on her forehead and left her with those expressions while she was blushing and looking damn cute. I left her cabin just to make her realize what she felt for me and what I felt for her.

Rags pov:
I smiled and blushed do he love me?
What did he meant by this gesture? But who was shanaya then? While I was thinking about it I heard my intercom ringing
I picked it up while I heard my boss calling me to come to his office.
I knocked the glass door to seek permission to come in.. nd he nodded in positive.
Harsh: hi ragini come sit
Me: ty sir.. any issues
Harsh: yes I wanted you to acccompany me to IAC firm for some merger formalities.. so can you
Me: yes definitely.. but time?
Harsh: in half an hour..
Me: okay sir then I may leave and take all the needed requirements with us

I came out.. sighed a bit.. inhaled some air and quickly ran from marketing to finance managers for required paper works and books.
I heard my phone ringing it was harsh call.. I picked it up while he said to come down as he was waiting
I turned towards lift and pressed the ground floor button.
While stepped out of the office I saw a car and harsh inside it.. I quickly went towards the car while I was accompanied with two files and 6-7 papers
We reached in front of a huge building written inani and company
My face turned pale reading inani but I left the thoughts unanswered and quickly went behind harsh
We reached at reception where receptionist told us that sir is waiting for us in conference room which was 5th from right
While I entered the room I was shocked my knees felt weak and my heart felt su**ing pain.. so my fear was true.. the co was owned by sanskar inani.. oh gawd
Actually its my fault I never seeked about sanskar whereabouts in these years
He was looking at me with expressions of burning anger while softly smiling.. while I was glaring him I found an anger evolving inside me

Precap: how will ragini face him and is there anything she must know about him and ya laksh to propose ragini will she accept.

So guyz comment and guess what will be sanskar hidden truth..

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