The story of broken trust and lost Love: raglak and ragsan episode 3

Hello my buddies……. And I am so sorry I am so so late….. please forgive me guys….. love you all
This is a quick recap for you alI as i know you all must have forgotten this story

Recap: so story started with ragini telling us the series of incidents that took place in her life….. how sanskar betrayed, bela helped her and then entry of our handsome laksh
She told us about her painful feelings of broken trust and how she started feeling for laksh.
But again destiny didn’t want to give her her share of love….. laksh getting into relationship with aashi and how she started to ignore laksh though he was still present in her heart
The story proceeds with coming into present.. here ragini is 23 years old a CA CS
And how she is happy being alone but not lonely because laksh is now in her heart and ep 2 ended with ragini reaching her office and her shocked face.
So guys this was a quick recap
Now without any further delay lets began ep 3
The story of broken trust and lost Love: raglak and ragsan episode 3

Rags pov:
Am I dreaming? Is he really here but how could it be possible?
So he lied to me….. he is a lier, how could he do so. Damn it.. but wait why am I smiling?
My stomach went taut, my heart beat raced a bit, my breathe hacked for a second….. ya it was him.. laksh.. a hot tear rolled down my cheeks full of pain and anger.
But he told me that he was in another firm.. why did he lied .. blo*dy hell just because of him I refused that firm’s offer.. I don’t wanted him to come near me I really feel weak in his presence. But there I saw him coming nearer and nearer..
Laksh: hi ragini
Me: what the f*** u here… u lier. Why did you lied man?
Laksh: just because you were ignoring me….. I knew why you asked me my firm’s name… so I guessed it right.
‘like seriously’ I cutted him bluntly
Laksh: but why are you ignoring me? I thought we were friends.
‘right.. we WERE friends’ I replied inhaling a large amount of air
but why? He replied with a grin and anger noticeable.
But before I could reply, peon came..
Miss ragini you have been called by boss.. go fast.. he is in his cabin.. take first right and 2nd cabin will be his..
I nodded my head to confirm that I understood.. within in no time I left that place leaving laksh with a sighing look and nodding face.
I am telling you I was so happy that time.. omg I was saved from answering him. I could not lie to him.. see how much I feel weak in front of him.. but these butterflies in my stomach cant they stop fluttering a bit.. ughh

So here it was written mr. harsh singhania, ceo of the firm
I knocked the door.. I heard a voice saying come in.. I walked in a cabin with full of white and classic brown interior.. so finally I met my boss.. a very calm person but with a boyish look.
Hello I said with a deep smile hiding my nervousness
Harsh: hi miss ragini. I was waiting for you only.. so as you know you are going to hold a post senior to other CA.. I wanted to meet you personally..
Me: ya sir.. I heard our co. is going to undergo a merger in next month..
Harsh: yes right[with the look of I am really impressed] .. so take this file it has some imp info that you must know.. your cabin will be on 2nd floor.. just opposite to miss diya and next to mr laksh
My smile faded a bit after hearing this but I said ‘okay sir’ with a disgruntled smile
Harsh: if u wanted to know anything more, diya and laksh will tell you.. now you may leave
‘ thank you’ I said with courtesy and confidence
I came out feeling a bit relaxed…. I took a deep sigh and went towards lift..don’t take me as a lazy girl, as I was on floor 10th and I am not in a mood to take stairs in any case..nd finally after a minute I was in front of my cabin
A big smile overtook all my nervousness of new environment.. it was quite big then I expected
A comput laptop and all time wifi and ac facility what else a person want..
Ahhh the day ended it was quite smooth one.. here I am all excited to go back home and call mumma and piss her off with my boring talks. She has to listen as I am her only bestie.
I heard a voice behind me calling ragini. Voice seemed much much familier. Oh ya it was laksh
Oh god how much should I ignore him why don’t he understand
I turned back and saw him with a huge grin on his face and his hand on her waist.. but who was she?
Hi he said.. I controlled my tears and sighed him to say fast.
‘So as a best friend I wanted to introduce you to my girlfriend. She is shanaya my gf and shanaya she is ragini my bestie’ he said and chuckled a bit but seeing them together my knees felt weak as if I am going to fall.
‘Hey I am shanaya. I heard a lot about you from laksh’.. she said with a genuine smile on her face but I was in no mood to hear her.
I could not control the sudden change in atmosphere nd left from there without bidding them bye and drove off as fast as I could.
I entered my room and slammed the door.. I instantly dropped to my knees and started crying bitterly with extreme hurt and pain. Why do you do that god? Why me? Hot tears started to make their way through my eyes.. tears full of pain and hurt and I found a volcano forming inside me.. I instantly took the pot and threw it on the floor..
I cried and cried. I felt my head heavier and within no time sleep conquered me.
I waked up with everything partially visible.. rubbed my eyes and tried to remember past events and saw a broken pot just near me.. broken into thousands of pieces just like my heart
I thrushed a mug full of cold water on my face to cool up myself..
Ae dil hai mushkil started ringing in my ears.. oh what am I hallucinating.. no just then I remember wasn’t my ringtone similar to this.. oh no my phone was ringing in room
I barged out of washroom and took up my phone 28 missed call that too with same number.. MUMMA
She is going to kill me today.. oh gawd how did I forgot to call her.. she might be worrying in pune about my whereabouts and pissing of masi with her worries. ughh
Without any further delay I called her..
An angry voice hit my ears ‘so you got time, where were you’ mumma said
I knew it was my mistake so I spoked politely and calmly ‘sorry mom I was litle busy and then I forgot to call’ and started telling her about my first day of Office

Laksh pov:
I am sitting relaxing a bit on my couch thinking about her.. while her pictures slided on my big projector
She is so innocent so cute.. she is just mine.. I love her..
I could not resist and stood up and caressed her face through my projector.. she is my only love.. love her..
Precap: more of laksh pov and entry of our handsome sanky
I know this is short but this is the most awaited one with lakshs pov
U know what guys I missed you all so much and finally I came back Mumbai yesterday
And thought of giving u all a surprise by updating an episode.. comment guys nd yeah from now on I will update alternative days.. love u

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