Story : Before Dawn ( DT Series- BfrDT ) Chapter 1

Chapter-1( Sneak Peak)

Shaina Mehra Mishra, kept her left hand under her head, drawing the covers upto the chin, she drew her body to the far end left side of the bed, and kept crying silently.

She had been crying for since six days, since her wedding day. It was the same thing. Night fell around her, bringing extreme cold and shivers raking her body. But, she didn’t care. She was as if a dead body.

Nothing remained. Nothing stayed back.

Only because of that night. She had been so wild. A complete party head. A ruin. She had perished the strain and riff between her parents from her thoughts in alcohol and parties. Never bothering coming home for days. Fearing what might be happening at home.

That night she had stayed back at her friend’s condo. He had thrown a rave party. Shaina danced till her feet hurt, and took the drink offered by him, because her throat was parched, but she didn’t know the bastard would mix a date rape drug in her drink.

A whole of two days she was unconsciousness. Two days later her father found her. Nothing happened to her though. As she had almost lost all senses Shaina kicked the guy so hard in the face that too drunk as he was lost his balance and went flying hitting a table.

After that, everything was a chaos. The news of her being found in such incriminating circumstances travelled faster than a forest fire. Nobody believed that nothing happened to her. She was declared a fallen twenty one year girl in the society.

All her friends on whom she had spent lot of money left her in difficult time. In one night, Shaina had lost everything. More and more bad things started happening to her when people started talking in whispers where ever she went. It became difficult to get out of the house.

A month later of that, the hateful father of her blackmailed her that if she didn’t get married, her younger sister Radhika’s life would be ruined because of the dirt of her character. For the first time in her life, Shaina did something for her family. For her dear loving sister Radhika. For her elder sister Gayathri, because she too got married only last year, and if the nasty black of her would fall on any of the two then their lives would be destroyed as well.

So, now, she was married to a stranger. A thirty year old widower, with two kids, a five year old and a three year old. She didn’t even see him until after the marraige rituals, but she saw the kids and she knew they would never accept nor the man.

After the wedding, all of them travelled to Simla, the place where her husband lived. For hours they travelled. Before the dawn of the next day, a large tea estate came into view. A big moorland stretched on and on, without even a sign human existence, except there was a stable, full of horses for that matter. A huge house came into view.

The car stopped, all three of them got down. The kids, dozed off on their father, one on either side got out. He left her there on the threshold of the house. Leaving her all alone to find her way in or out.

Shaina stood thinking for a long time. She didn’t go in, but ran hard into the shrubbery of the large garden of lovely flowers. She slid down on the wet earth, near the bush of roses, she cried long and hard. Hours later, she got up travelled and found her own way after opening doors after doors to god knows what kind of rooms. Finally, she found one.

She stood staring at the man, that she got married to. He was tall, very tall, based on the way he covered the bed from the head tp the toe. His face was shadowed, a little drawn, but he was handsome. Thin. A gentle face with dark thick brows and a square jaw. His hands folded on his chest. Turned to the right side of the bed, he slept like that. A complete stranger. His hair a thick thatch of black gleamed dark on the pillow.

Shaina’s eyes watered. This is to who, she was to married and stay locked in an eternal forever. A stranger. A person she wasn’t even aware existed till now.

She knew why he got married to her. To silent the society. That the children weren’t without a mother. It doesn’t matter if they accept her. The step mother. The word was so poisonous that it bought a bitter bile rising to her mouth from her stomach.

Shaina tired out occupied the other far end corner of the bed. The left side. Sobs rose high in her throat as soon she hit the bed. She kept crying all through the night and till now.

The next day she rose a foggy morning. She saw the bed was empty. She hurried down after freshening up, to the breakfast table. The kids were there. Both of them stood up and left from the place as soon as she sat down on the chair.

There was the cook and servants who hovered about her smiling at the new bride. Showering her with delicacies, Shaina wasn’t hungry, she politely declined it all and wondered about in the house.

The interior of it was eighteenth century inspired, with English tables, paintings, furniture, gas lights and lanterns instead of the modern day equipements. The rooms too were furnished as such with velvet deep brick coloured floors and walls.

The silverware and crockery too was the old patterned. Her husband was an absentee at the table. The evening she heard the neighing and trotting and thudding of horses hooves from the window of her room.

She slid up the glass window and poked her head out, to see what the commotion was about.

The stable ground came in view of the room from where she looked on of its window.

With eyes mesmerised, she saw a black horse run fast on the smooth ground. Its black hair strecthing from the head to its back fly in the air, as it ran jumping on its hooves over the large stones and boulders. The shine and the gleam in the horse’s eyes was so wild. It neighed again in a high pitch screech. Large leather straps were attached to its mouth and over its forehead and swung down, to be held by the horse rider. It’s back was already saddled.

With mouth hung open, a thought came into her mind. How come it was a tamed horse. To the other side of the stable, the tree farm enlarged and swanked into a array of a scenery. It streched and streched till the sky and the earth merged together.

Shiana gaze swung back to the magical mystical horse’s way, a sharp whistle penetrated into the thick foggy air and stopped the horse’s high pitch neighing.

A very very naked toned, golden chest came into view. Shaina blinked, a low hung grey pants and a black belt looped in the small straps graced even lower down the hipbones came into view. Her eyes snapped up and caught the face of the man. Her husband. His face all smooth and his shoulders all lean, had the two of his fingers of both of his hands into his mouth, he appeared to blowing in a whistle.

The horse stopped its thundering movements, heard it, straightened up and flew on the ground more faster near to the source of the whistle.

Her stranger husband raised his left hand in the air, the horse flew fast onto him. Oh, god, the horse would crush him to pulp Shaina thought, her gaze wild on the both of the crazy man and the horse.

She gasped, her breath caught waiting for the moment, but nothing of that happened, when the man slid his hands on the horse’s back and slid up oh so smoothly on the top and swung high up in the air flying faster than before.

Shaina’s eyes popped out at that.

“Ata, boy! Breeze, faster.” The man hollored, taking reign’s of the straps of the horse.

The muscles of his lean back ripped with the riding. His face a big handsome smile. His hair all falling on his forhead. The smooth tail and the shiny midnight hair of the horse flew in the air happy and free.

Both the rider and the horse moved past the tea farm. But, the man stopped dead, and his body went alert, as if sensing eyes on him, he immediately sharpened his eyes all around. Shaina immediatetly fell down on the ground, as his eyes came up to the window, of where she stood, looking on a creep.

Her chest moved up and down. After a minute or two she slid up slowly and peaked out. She saw that the two disappear in the heavy thick mist that started surronding the farm.

Shaina remembered all this, it was the same for six days. The kids cut her off, the man never strayed into the house or tread along her path. The servants and the cook gave her sympathy filled glances.

She again sobbed on the pillow silently, the door of the room opened. She heared footstep sounds, moving towards the fireplace. A sigh reverbrated the silence. Movements, scruffling of feet and the warming of the room later, her husband slid on the bed and within minutes his soft breaths of sleep surrounded her ears.


Soooooo, in the series of DT, this is another story. There are two more. Of Gayathri’s, the eldest of the Mehra Mishra sisters. And Rohan’s too…:D

Sorry had Mehra instead of Mishra…cleaned it…and its Rohan Khanna, Sam’s big bro.

Hahhahhha, please confuse mat hojana with my random story updates yaar. Bcz in never want DT to end. All these stories will come in a loop, in one story or another. I will make sure of it dears.


Pls love dis one story too like DT and DT2. I wil surely update ’em in the evening, deariessss.

yesterday was a sunday, so couldnt write any of the stories here and I will be travelling from today i dunno the time but wil try to come here often.


Thankuuuuuuuu alll 🙂
n keeeeeep rocking!!!!!!! Deariessd 😀


I never forget,
The moments,
I never forget,
The half smiles,
I never forget,
Ur coldness,
I never forget,
it melting,
I never forget,
The ugly fight
The bitterness,
I never forget,
The cries,
I never forgetSomething change,
I never forget,
The gleam in ur eyes,
for me, on me,
I never forget,
u ignoring me in the crowd,
i never forget it pained me,
I never forget,
even though u left forever,
i wud never forget,
what was ‘US’


Credit to: kfar

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