Story After 6 Years #RIANSH #IMMJ2 – Episode 12


Thank you everyone for your comments. I really appreciate them. These are just my theories / fan fiction. I got this question many times, so I thought to clarify. This is not the future plot of the actual show. Hope this helps.

The episode begins with…

Next morning at VR mansion in Janvi and Aryan’s room:

Janvi: Aryan can I talk to you.

Aryan: Yes, sure what is it?

Janvi: I need to talk about Riddhima and Vansh bhai.

Aryan (now alert after listening to her name): Okay! What about them?

Janvi: Aryan I spoke to Riddhima yesterday at the hospital and before you question me let me explain she is my new boss. The one I told you about. I didn’t know she was Vansh bhai’s wife until 2 days ago. Even at the cruise I was oblivious.

Aryan: Janvi you know everything what all has happened six years back.

Janvi: I know Aryan but after working with her I have also gotten to know a bit about her and then yesterday I asked her about her side of the story and trust me I felt like she was honest. You like it or not, but I trust Riddhima Bhabhi.

Aryan: Bhabhi? Janvi I don’t know if I can support you on this. Unless I know more.

Janvi: Fine let me explain myself hopefully after what I have to say you’ll be on my side (she tells all the truth and how Shovan and Shaina are Vansh’s kids and the real face of Anupriya).

Aryan: What the hell! I can’t believe she can do such a thing. I mean I knew she tried to instigate Ishani and mom against Riddhima in the past, but I was not aware she is capable of doing such heinous crimes (Riddhima didn’t tell Janvi that Anupriya murdered Vansh’s mom so it’s only the other crimes of hers that they are discussing).

Janvi: We can’t tell this to anyone not even Vansh bhai because he won’t believe us without proof after all she raised him since childhood.

Aryan: Yes, I understand that, but we can have Dadi on our side. We can’t tell Dadi the truth, but we can certainly tell her about Bhai’s kids. I know she will be elated, she always wanted Bhai to have a happy family.

Janvi: Yes, Aryan you are right Dadi can help us, plus Bhai and Bhabhi both listen to her so it will be easier for us to bring them together.

They go to dadi’s room and tell her about the kids. First, she can’t believe but later she was genuinely glad to see some hope with Vansh and Riddhima’s relationship. She agreed to help them. They plan on what to do next and how to create situations between Vansh and Riddhima.

At the hospital:

Manju (nurse): Dr Riddhima please come the coma patient is moving I think something is happening.

Riddhima: What! Oh god come let’s check.

They enter Siya’s room and see her moving her hand a bit. They run to her. Riddhima checks Siya and is glad that she is showing signs of recovery.

Riddhima: Manju this is good news Siya is showing improvement. This means our change in treatment is working on her and we should continue with it.

Manju: Sure Dr.

They leave her room and get on with their work for the day. Just then Riddhima receives a call from Vishal.

Vishal: Hi, Riddhima hope you are having a good morning. I was wondering if you were free for lunch, I wanted to discuss about Ayesha my girlfriend. I am very bad with proposals.

Riddhima (jokingly): So, there is something the great Vishal can’t do.

Vishal: Please yaar Riddhima help me.

Riddhima: Haha okay! Relax don’t worry I don’t have anything lined up right after lunch so I can spare more time then my lunch time. I’ll see you at 1 pm in White Rose Café and Bistro.

Vishal: sounds like a plan. See you soon.

At Vansh’s office:

Vansh: Okay Mr Sehgal let’s meet at White Rose Café and Bistro at 1:30 pm and discuss business. I have another meeting nearby so I can finish both my meetings together.

Mr Sehgal: Okay! See you soon

White Rose Café and Bistro:

Riddhima arrives and finds Vishal already seated at a table. She joins him at the table, and they order lunch. They were busy talking and eating when Vansh enters with his client Mr Sehgal. He looks around to find a waiter who can guide them to an empty table. As they sit Vansh looks around and finds Vishal and Riddhima two tables away. Enjoying their meal and chatting away happily. Vansh squints his eyes at them and feels jealous of their bond.

Mr Sehhal: Mr Vansh where are you lost? I have been asking you for the file.

Vansh: Yes, Mr Sehgal sorry just got distracted. Here is it.

They discuss work and also order lunch. All this while Vansh kept stealing glances at Riddima and she was completely unaware of his presence in the café. Just when Riddhima and Vishal were leaving she sees Vansh. They keep staring at each other when Mr Sehgal breaks his trance and Vishal breaks Riddhima’s.

Vishal: So, what does the rest of the day look like for you?

Riddhima: Well I need to go back to the hospital finish off my remaining work, then go pick my kids up and then lastly go to Sameer’s house because they have sangeet rehearsals.

Vishal: Wow, busy day. I just have a few meetings lined up but that’s about it. Anyways I will see you at the sangeet the day after today.

Riddhima: Sure! I can’t wait to meet Ayesha.

They both leave. Riddhima goes back to the hospital and Vansh also finishes all his meetings. And heads home as he knows about the rehearsals.

At Khuranna residence in the evening:

Preeti: Welcome Riddhima beta (hugs her and lovingly caresses the kids’ faces).

Riddhima: Thank you aunty. If you need any help let me know.

Preeti: Sure, and Sejal I am very excited for your and Sameer’s dance

Sejal: Me too maa. I can’t wait to perform. You have to tell me how it was.

Preeti: Okay kids lets go in everyone is waiting.

As they enter, they see that the Raisinghanias are already there. The kids had run away to shivam’s room to get his games and then they went to the poolside. So, the Raisinghanias didn’t see the kids with Riddhima. Shivam went to talk to Pragati as soon as she entered and Riddhima noticed this. While Vansh eyes her still pissed off about the afternoon. Tanya and Ishani roll their eyes at Riddhima. Whereas, dadi, Aryan and Janvi smile a little at her.

The rehearsals go on. Sameer and Sejal practice their number, while Shivam and Pragati get paired by the choreographer. The four couples – Preeti & Shivin, Chanchal & Rudra, Angre & Ishani and Aryan& Janvi have their own numbers to perform on. Vansh wasn’t interested in dancing so Tanya had to perform single. Riddhima didn’t want to so she also excused herself from the rehearsals. Anupriya and Kabir aren’t going to dance and everyone was least interested in encouraging them.

At the poolside:

Shovan and Shaina were playing when Sakshi also joined them. They played but then Ishani called Sakshi and she left. Kabir who was looking from behind a wall thought this was a good opportunity to teach these kids a lesson for what they did to him that day at VR mansion.

Kabir thought to push the kids inside the pool and warn them. Just as he was approaching the kids he slips and falls into the pool. The kids had heard his footsteps and moved aside from the puddle of shampoo they had created. They took the bottle from Shivam’s room to play sliding games near the pool. The kids started laughing and cheering loudly which made Riddhima come there to see what this ruckus was for. She is shocked to find Kabir inside the pool he tries to come out but kept slipping again and again on the spilled shampoo.

Riddhima and kids laughed seeing his plight. Riddhima asks the kids what happened, and they explain the whole thing. She was furious to hear that he tried to harm her kids. She gives her hand to help him out but then leaves his hand he falls back hard into the pool.

Riddhima: Next time you even think about harming my kids just remember that I will skin you alive. I mean it Kabir do not come near them otherwise I will become your worst nightmare. (she leaves from there with the kids).

Vansh who had been a spectator for this whole incident was proud and angry. Proud that Riddhima handled it well and angry that Kabir thought to harm the kids. He was going to help the kids but then saw them tricking Kabir and then saw Riddhima coming so thought it was wise to let the mother handle her kids.

After dinner everyone was in the living area chatting away. When Vansh pulls Riddhima behind a pillar and confronts about the kids again.

Vansh: I am asking you again TELL ME WHO IS THE FATHER OF YOUR KIDS?

Riddhima (sarcastically): Why are you asking me? I thought you were going to get the DNA test done.

Vansh: Don’t act smart with me Dr Sharma and certainly do not play games with me. I don’t like over smart people.

Riddhima: What you call over smartness I call it self-respect.

Vansh (holds her arms tighter): JUST TELL ME WHO THE FAHTER IS!

Riddhima: Vansh you are hurting me leave my arm.

Vansh: And you have been hurting me since the past six years.

Riddhima: You were not the only one hurting and now leave me.

Vansh (rocking her): TELL ME!

Riddhima (now having lost her cool): FINE! YOU WANT TO KNOW WHO IS THE FATHER. I’LL TELL YOU WHO THE FATHER IS. ITS YOU MR. RAISINGHANIA. THEY ARE YOUR KIDS. I WAS PREGNANT WHEN I LEFT YOU SIX YEARS BACK! I HOPE AFTER TODAY YOU WILL NOT INTERROGATE ME (she pushes Vansh back against the pillar – gets out of his hold and walks away).

Vansh was shocked to the core. He felt weak in his knees, didn’t know how to react. He was a dad and that too of two beautiful children. He always felt a connection with them. He sees Shovan and Shaina skipping and running around near the main door ready to leave for home. They were waiting for Riddhima to come. Unknowingly tears started rolling out of his eyes. Just then Riddhima comes and takes the kids, Sejal and Pragati home. Vansh felt something wet on his cheeks, he brushed his fingers against his face and realised he was crying.

Precap: Vansh visits Siya. Riddhima and Vansh collide with each other. Riddhima confronts Vansh about the DNA test results. Vansh and Riddhima discuss their kids, while Janvi eavesdrops on them. All the couples have a moment during the sangeet rehearsals. Vansh and Riddhima get paired for sangeet. A jealous Tanya tries to hurt Riddhima.

That is it for today guys! Hope you enjoy it. I felt it was dragging too much, so I thought to reveal about the kids to Vansh today. Please do leave your comments.


Did Vansh really take a DNA test?

What were Rainsh discussing regarding the kids?

Will Riddhima really get hurt?

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