Story 9 Months Ki 30th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sarangdhar gets mesmerized seeing Alia

Story 9 Months Ki 30th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarangdhar looking at Alia as she goes the other way. He calls his mother and tells that his phone battery was low, and thought to call her after reaching. His mum asks him to call her and asks where are you? Sarangdhar tells that he has reached his dream city, Mumbai. She asks if Mumbai is same as it shows in films. Brij Mohan asks where is Kusum? Raju says she must be in the kitchen. Kusum asks him to take blessings from Bachchan Saheb as he says that he is everyone’s father in relation. Kusum asks with whom, you will stay? Sarangdhar says I will stay with Tilu, my school friend. Kusum says ok and asks him to take care of his stuff. She says I have seen in Swarg film that Govinda’s stuff gets stolen once he reaches Mumbai. Brij Mohan asks with whom she is talking to? He asks if you was talking to your Lalla. She says yes. Alia talks to the client and tells that she will buy the gifts for his grand child personally and it will be surprise for Sakshi. She comes to the shop to buy the gift. Kusum tells that she was talking to the achaar bottle, thinking it as her lalla. Brij mohan says it will get rotten and tells that her son will return in a week. Sarangdhar is still on call and tells Kusum that he will not return until he makes a name for himself.

Alia gets emotional seeing the blanket and recalls her childhood with her mother. Sarangdhar is in the taxi. The driver says rain will start and asks if he came to Mumbai for the first time. Sarangdhar says he came to become a writer and make a niche for himself. He says I feel that I should have come long back. Driver asks him to think that he was preparing himself to become something till now. Sarangdhar says I will remember always. A boy comes to the taxi and shows a book to Sarangdhar. Sarangdhar says it has sign of Gulzar Saheb and it is priceless. The boy demands 500. Taxi driver says you had said that it was for 300. The boy says signal will start again and runs with the book. Sarangdhar gets down the taxi and runs behind the boy. He buys the book for Rs. 400. Rain starts. He runs to the shop and splashes his wet hairs..the water droplets fall on Alia’s face. Alia doesn’t see him. She gets Rabia’s call and tells her that she will make nursery in the office. Rabia asks her to take break after having baby. Alia tells that she will not take break and will not keep nanny also. Sarangdhar hears her voice and tries to see her, when the books fall down on him from the shelf. Alia buys the toys and imagines herself with baby bump. Sarangdhar comes there and looks at Alia smilingly. He recalls Alia’s inspirational’s words and calls her name Alia ji….Alia looks at him and asks if there is a shopping basket. She thinks of him as the salesguy. He gives the basket. She bends down to pick something and collides her head with his. Love story plays…..He walks behind her, getting mesmerized with her, hopeful and inspiration.

Alia walks out of the shop. Sarangdhar walks behind her and keeps all her stuff. She gives him money in his hand and goes in her car. He then looks at the money in his hand and thinks why did Alia ji gave me money. He realizes forgetting his stuff in the taxi and gets worried. Alia comes home. The Servant asks her to have good food and asks about her pregnancy month. Alia says October and says I am not Pregnant now. Servant asks if she is planning? Alia asks her to make tea for her as there is a workcall after 20 mins. She thinks whatever I eat, my baby will eat it too, from now onwards I shall take care of myself. Sarangdhar walks on the road and thinks of his mother’s words. He thinks my stuff is stolen.

Precap: Sarangdhar comes to the PS to file the case of theft. Alia and Rabia come to the hotel and come to know about Veer, being the regular customer of the hotel. Alia sees Veer there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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