Story 9 Months Ki 29th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Alia goes live appealing to search Sarangdhar

Story 9 Months Ki 29th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Alia asking Faheem about his injury. Faheem says it is old injury. Alia says I didn’t ask and says it is 2 days old. She asks Rahul to call the Police and asks Faheem to give his blood samples as Police got blood traces of the thief. Faheem says sorry Alia and tells that he had planned robbery of Sarangdhar’s notes and broke the CCTV security system with his friend’s help. He tells that he knows that he can’t steal his talent, but….Alia says I thought you are competitive, but you are…(jealous). She says she don’t want to see him again in office.

Alia comes to the PS and comes to know that Sarangdhar’s had got the call from a certain number from the PCO. Alia says she will go there. Inspector says this case has become influential as Gautam shroff has personally requested to search Sarangdhar. The Police team comes to the place and enquires with the man about Sarangdhar. The old man tells that Sarangdhar was talking to some guy there. Kamleshwari tells Kusum about Sarangdhar going missing.

Alia sees Sarangdhar’s appeal to the listeners to donate blood. She cries and goes live to appeal to the people to search Sarangdhar. She goes on praising him and tells that his family is searching him. She tells that he is her world and shows Sarangdhar’s pic. She says if anyone sees him then contact her, his name is Sarangdhar. She says please Sarangdhar, if you are seeing this video then return back. She cries and says thank you.

Brij Mohan talks to Kamleshwari. Kamleshwari asks him what had happened with him. Brij Mohan cooks up a fake story. Kamleshwari says if she comes to know that he is involved then…Alia recalls Sarangdhar and her moments and laughs. The employees come there and ask Alia why did she hide from them that Sarangdhar is missing since three days. They tell that Sarangdhar will be found soon. Alia gets a call from Sarangdhar, who says Alia and says we…..Just then Alia’s phone switches off. She takes her charger and charges the phone. She calls on the number but Sarangdhar doesn’t pick the call. Alia calls Police Inspector and informs him.

Inspector asks Constable to get the location. Alia is restless. Elaichi cries seeing Nandini and says first Lalla ji gone missing and Mama ji got unwell. Nandini says I will ask someone to drop you. Elaichi refuses to go and tells her that Gautam can be behind this, and tells that Brij mohan is his friend. Nandini confronts Gautam, who tells that he didn’t do anything and can’t risk his reputation. She asks why do you talk to Brij Mohan. Gautam says he used to call him and he picks the call as he is Alia’s sasur. Alia gets a call and goes to the garage.

Kamleshwari brings Brij mohan to the hpsital and asks him to switch off his phone. Gautam calls Brij Mohan and reminds him of their deal. Brij Mohan asks did you kidnap him? Gautam says no and asks did you kidnap him? Brij Mohan says no. Alia comes to the garage and comes to know that Sarangdhar had come there with a girl and they were afraid. He says Sarangdhar made call from landline.

Precap: Inspector tells Alia that the girl is found. Alia asks who is she? Inspector signs at the girl who is brought by the Police.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Awsome! Such unexpected twist and drama are so much thrill to watch. One can’t deny that problem always brings best of us, it test our patients and capabilities but make us better and strong…
    Tufaan hai par ham sambhal jayege, Na sambhale toh bhi koshish karenge, haar ho ya jeet seekh anokhi sab ko sikha jayege….

    1. Has aashay mishra(sarangdhar) got covid?

  2. Anjali Sharma

    Godd ab ye ladki kon hai..
    Kya hora hai…

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