Story 9 Months Ki 26th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sarangdhar arrives in Mumbai and accidentally sees Alia

Story 9 Months Ki 26th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarangdhar catches the running train holding a lady’s hand. He gets on the train and recalls hugging his mother, his friends’ concern and Didi’s Rakhi. He thinks he has to go to make his own identity so that people say that Sarangdhar’s father is going and not Lalla’s father. The lady TT asks him to leave her hand and asks him to show ticket for AC compartment. He says he had bought ticket for general compartment.

Alia looks at the baby toys. Param tells Alia about other employee who lied and was partying. Alia asks if you will stalk me if I don’t come tomorrow? He says I can’t stalk as you are not on any social media. She says you are leaving your cabin. Param asks her not to fire him? Alia asks him to relax and says she is changing his cabin. Sarangdhar asks the TT to take fine from him, when she asks him to get down at the next station and get in the general compartment. A traveler guy asks the TT to take bribe and settle the matter? His son asks what is it? Sarangdhar gives a big lecture that every father bribes at every step for their children, to settles the matter. TT asks for 2000 fine. Sarangdhar pays 2000 Rs fine. Brij Mohan asks his son in law to search his sasumaa. Sarangdhar’s mother returns home and shows the letter. His brother in law says didn’t he know that you can’t read. Sarangdhar’s mothers acts to cry and says my son. Pavan reads out Sarangdhar’s filmy letter, in which he reads that he is leaving his mother here and going to fulfill his dreams out of Mathura. Pavan’s wife tells that she is very happy.

Alia shows the gifts to a clients. The clients say we absolutely loved it and asks did you use all this ideas to your baby shower too. She asks how many children you have? Alia says not yet. She asks her to plan baby too. The client’s father asks Alia to get the poetry written by Firdaus Jazbati. Alia says he is here with my team. Firdaus Jazbati tells the poetry. The client doesn’t like the poetry and messages Alia. Alia assures that she has some good writers. Sarangdhar tells a poetry in the train about his and everyone’s mother. Everyone gets teary eyes. The tea seller refuses to take the money from him for his precious poetry. Sarangdhar thinks if he had his mother with him then would have felt good.

Nitya comes to Veer and wakes him up, says good morning. He says my morning is always good with you. He gets Alia’s call and signs Nitya to move. She moves fast. He picks Alia’s call and talks to her. Alia tells that she thought about their baby’s schooling. He says we will discuss after coming there. Nitya tells that she can’t play this hide and seek with Alia as she is serious about baby. Veer says she is not serious, it is in her to do list. Later Alia comes out of her office and helps a girl cross the road. Sarangdhar also helps her cross the road. Alia and Sarangdhar, look at each other.

Precap: Sarangdhar comes to Alia’s office and calls her name. He thinks of her as his inspiration. Alia falls and he holds her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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