Story 9 Months Ki 24th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Alia talks to Veer about planning a baby

Story 9 Months Ki 24th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarangdhar giving his shirt and Pant to his father, and is about to return his underwear. His sister stops him and talks about their respect. Sarangdhar tells that he will give his underwear tomorrow after washing and tells that he will return with his 17 lakhs and change. He says today I am going, but I will return and tells about Einstein’s words.

Gautam tells that he is proud of Alia as she never asked for money. He says she is selfmade just like him. He says he has started work in the petrol pump and now he owns 40 petrol pumps. Nitya comes out of Alia’s bedroom and tells that she was in her bedroom to attend a business call. She says I saw your interview and it was inspiring. Alia thanks her. Nitya goes to take the water. Alia looks at her. Dr. Rabia comes there and greets Alia with a hug. She says just I got uncle’s calls me, I baked chocolate brownies for you and came here. She says she is ready to become aunt. Gautam comes and greets Rabia. Rabia excuses herself. Gautam says you said in the interview, that your mom inspired you and says she hardly stayed with you. She says yes, she was not with me and I used to see you on TV and your secretary used to send me gifts. She says Dilse tagline came from those feelings. He says past made her future. Veer comes and gives drink to Gautam. Gautam asks about his work.

Sarangdhar is resting on the bed somewhere, in open. A friend brings tiffin for him, sent by his mom. Sarangdhar asks all his friends to have halwa puri made by his mother and says today is his birthday and also independence day. He gets his mother’s call and she asks him to have food. He says ok. She asks him to talk in a school for a job. He says I have to leave Mathura. She gets shocked. He says I will leave Mathura so that I can make and yours better future and says he will go when she permits him. Doctor tells Alia that she will send her food chart and tells that she shall not drink wine and coffee. Alia says ok. Dr. Rabia asks about Veer’s take on having a baby. Alia says Veer is very supportive. Dr. Rabia asks if Veer drinks daily and tells that wine effects testerone and fertility in men. Alia throws his wine and tells that they shall plan the baby. He says you had said that you are not ready. Alia says she has 9 months to get ready. He says we will talk later.

Veer is with Nitya. Nitya asks if everything is fine. She says I know you better. She asks why is he drinking whisky and asks him to tell if Gautam Shroff refused to help him. Veer says Alia is planning a baby. Nitya asks what about him. Veer says he is planning baby with her and not with Alia. She says she feels guilty that they are hiding from Alia. She feels like stealing her thing. Veer says I am not of Alia. He says I don’t love Alia, I used to love her when got married to her, but later…now we stay like strangers in our home and hardly talk. He tells that if she was not Gautam shroff’s daughter then I would have told her. Balan tells Sarangdhar that he has read his name in his diary. Sarangdhar smiles and asks him not to leave studies. Alia is hopeful. Sarangdhar sings the song and tells his friend that he can go to Kolkata or can go to Mumbai.

Precap: Doctor tells Alia that when Baby’s room is building, then he chooses the birthplace and parents. Alia hopes baby chooses her soon. Doctor says he is on the way. Sarangdhar is seen running behind a train.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Enoughshanti

    Wow, Alia and Rabia again! Does any one remember “tera kya hoga Alia”?

    1. Radhakrishn

      Ya , I used to watch it but now the show ended. Shows on sab tv hardly get trp, whereas shows like kkb, kdb, get more.

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