Story 9 Months Ki 22nd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Alia and Sarangdhar decide to meet

Story 9 Months Ki 22nd April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kamleshwari telling Nandini that she came to Mumbai for choti’s treatment. Nandini disconnects the call. Kamleshwari says Alia and lalla’s daughter and realizes that the call is cut. Alia talks to Agastya and asks him not to trouble Sunita. She tells him a story about Prince and Princess. He asks if Prince met his Papa and asks if Princess met her Mamma. Alia hopes so. She asks him not to trouble Sunita Aunty and gets emotional. Sarangdhar thinks of Alia’s proposal pitch to him. He thinks why am I thinking about her. Sanyuri talks about eating the birthday cake with Dadi and Papa. Alia calls Sunita and asks about Agastya. Sunita says he is sleeping. Alia sees him and says my son. Sarangdhar makes Sanyuri sleep and thinks no message from his chat friend. He thinks she must be busy and was last online in the morning. Alia asks Sunita to make him brush in the morning. Sunita says yes. Alia thanks her. Sunita asks her to sleep. Alia asks her to take care of aggu and ends the call. Sarangdhar waits for her message and sleeps. A fb is shown, Sarangdhar tells himself that everything will be fine. Kamleshwari asks Sarangdhar to come inside and says she is in labour pain. Sarangdhar says he can’t go as Alia don’t want to stay with him. Gautam comes out and tells Sarangdhar that baby girl is born, and the boy was born dead. Sarangdhar is shocked. Fb ends.

Alia talks to Rabia and tells that she couldn’t forget that she had lost her second baby that day. She says she don’t know if she shall be happy or sad. Sarangdhar hugs Sanyuri and cries. Rabia tells that she knows that she has kept everything safely, which she had taken for her daughter. Alia says she came far from Aggu, and he is upset. She asks her to arrange Chote Toofan costume for his birthday. Rabia says she will arrange and asks what shall I do to make you smile. Alia says bye. Sarangdhar wishes to change that day and thinks he wouldn’t have lost his son. He makes Sanyuri sleep.

Rahul calls Mala. Mala asks if he wants to romance with her in canteen. Rahul says he wants to talk about Alia. He calls others. Param asks what happened? Rahul says Alia is not fine and tells that Jeevan and Veer can’t make her life easy. Param says I love my job and goes. Rosy says Param is selfish. Rahul says we are there for Alia.

Some senior boys kidnap Agastya to trouble him. Sanyuri thinks she shall find out where are the senior boys are taking him. Mala tells that they can suggest Alia to open a new company and they all will join us. Rahul says yes, but from where we will get the clients. Rosy says we can approach old clients like Poonewala. Chote lal says even he will help Alia. They joke. Mala asks Rahul to be happy now. Rahul says nothing and thinks if Alia gets new company or not, but her happiness will be incomplete, as only Sarangdhar can complete her happiness. Sanyuri comes to the storeroom following the boys and looks at Aggu.

Kamleshwari reminds Sarangdhar of Sanyuri’s birthday. Sarangdhar says I remember everything. Alia messages Sarangdhar that she came out of town and couldn’t message her. Sarangdhar says tomorrow is his daughter’s birthday and asks shall I invite your son. Alia messages what a coincidence and tells that even her son’s birthday is tomorrow. She tells that she will reach back for her son’s birthday and will cake for him, though she is a bad cook, but her son likes the cake made by her. she suggests him to make cake for his daughter. Sarangdhar says I can’t. Alia says she will share her recipe. Sarangdhar says it seems you like sweets. Alia says she and her son eats sweets whenever they are stressed. Sarangdhar recalls Alia saying the same thing.

Mala calls Jamnadas and asks him why did he come to DDS. Rosy also talks to the client. Rahul keeps eye on Jeevan. Rosy ends the call seeing Jeevan, but Mala doesn’t see him and continue talking. Jeevan asks what is top secret about Alia. Alia asks Sarangdhar if he likes sweets. He writes he likes gajar ka halwa. Alia recalls making halwa for him.

She asks him to have gajar ka halwa sometime. Sarangdhar says surely. He says he wishes to meet her and asks can we meet after the kids’ birthday. Alia says this time you will not hear no. He asks can we meet after your son’s birthday. Alia says there is some favorite restaurant of hers in Mumbai, where she didn’t visit since many days. Sarangdhar smiles.

Rahul tells that Mala was talking about Alia’s son birthday. Jeevan says you are not Alia’s baby sitter and asks her to concentrate on work. Aggu asks Sanyuri if she is with the boys. Sanyuri asks the boys to leave Aggu and tells that people know Jhansi ki rani and her.

Precap: Sanyuri tells the boys that she will beat them. Aggu thinks the boys are beating her. Nandini calls Sarangdhar. Later he watches the video and sees Alia in Sanyuri’s school.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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