Story 9 Months Ki 20th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Alia decides to tell truth to Sarangdhar

Story 9 Months Ki 20th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rabia telling Alia that Sarangdhar is her baby’s donor. Alia laughs and says your mind or humor have gone. She says Sarangdhar can’t be the donor. Rabia says I have doubled checked and tells that he is the donor. Alia thinks of Sarangdhar fighting with his friend, then dropping her to the hospital. Alia says Rishi is the donor and has signed on the papers. Rabia says when I came home, I asked you what your donor is doing there? She says she has checked his sign and asks did you meet Rishi personally. Alia tells that Rishi is the donor and tells that when she asked the nurse, then she told that he is wearing the orange kurta. She then realizes seeing Sarangdhar outside and faints.

Sarangdhar comes to the café and finds Kavya sweeping the floor. He says I told so much yesterday. Kavya regrets to express her love to him and says whatever you said was 100 percent correct, says heart gets lighten when you speak the truth so it is all good. Sarangdhar says Alia ji is hurt due to me. Kavya again says that he is in love as he is feeling her pain. Sunita asks Rabia to call the doctor. Rabia says I am a doctor myself and asks her to go out, so that she can do Alia’s check up. Sarangdhar tells that he has come here, watching Alia’s video as he was inspired by her. He says he respects her, thanks her and grateful to her. He says this is not love, but gratefulness. Kavya asks whom you are telling. Sarangdhar goes. He thinks how can Alia ji and I…and thinks they are poles apart from each other. Alia gains consciousness and says I have seen a bad dream. She says you had said in dream that Sarangdhar is my baby’s donor, and asks her to talk sensible in dream. She comes out and asks Sunita why is she crying? Sunita asks if she is fine. Rabia tells Alia that actually she told her that Sarangdhar is her baby’s donor. Alia is shocked and says this is a lie. Sunita cries and asks if someone died. Rabia asks her to go and make food for her. Alia says what I will tell my baby now, I have searched the donor and wait so much. She says Sarangdhar was not in Short list and not in begin list or end list. Rabia asks her to relax and says I will say the same thing again and says your baby is yours and he will have your values and you will spend this 9 months journey with him/her and asks her to enjoy. Alia asks how did Sarangdhar know? She asks if he took revenge as she fired him. Rabia says even Sarangdhar didn’t know that he is the donor and says if you want him to know then it is your decision. Alia is tensed.

Nandini calls Alia and asks her not to end the call. Alia asks her not to call her and don’t try to reach her. She says she has not lost her self respect and ends the call. She thinks Nandini Sharma and Sarangdhar…who made her meet the former. Alia asks Rabia to go and thinks of Sarangdhar. Sarangdhar thinks of Alia and takes the taxi. Maana ke hum yaar nahi….Sarangdhar takes the taxi and thinks of his moments with her. Alia thinks truth will not change and thinks how did this happen. Sarangdhar thinks how can I love Alia ji..and thinks he respects her and cares for her, but not love. Alia cries. Sarangdhar gets down from the taxi.

Sarangdhar comes to the office. Param says boss is late today, what action to take against her. Mala says we have to think how to handle the client. Param scolds Sarangdhar for coming late. Mala says neither Alia nor Rahul came. Sarangdhar thinks of Alia and Nandini’s meeting, thinks baby shall not be affected in any way. He thinks he has to calm down Alia’s mind and goes out of office. Param thinks why did he go out? Alia keeps hand on her tummy and checks in her laptop. Door bell rings. Alia asks Sunita to check the door and thinks she herself has sent her home. She gets up from bed and opens the door. She finds Sarangdhar standing and closes the door on his face. He asks her to listen to him once. Alia says I can’t give for what you have come. Sarangdhar asks how do you know, for what I have come.

He says think that I want to share your pain with me. Alia says I don’t want to share my pain or bacch(a) with him. Sarangdhar asks her not to get angry, else it will effect on the baby. Alia asks him not to take her baby’s name. She sits down on the door. Sarangdhar says Alia ji. Sarangdhar also sits down on the other side of the door. Alia realizes that he is sitting at the outer side of the door. Sarangdhar tells the poetry expressing his apology and concern for her, which is heard by Alia. He says Alia ji…are you fine? He says if I had known that you will be so hurt then I wouldn’t have done this. Alia takes down the diary and asks him to tell about the blood group. Sarangdhar asks if she is feeling weak and says B positive. She asks if he has any allergy. Sarangdhar says he has only one allergy, his bad father. Alia asks if anyone has disease in your family. Sarangdhar says no, everyone is healthy. Alia asks about his qualification. He says he is MA with distinction and tells the university’s name. She asks if his hair fall..He says no, but it will fall with her questions. Sarangdhar asks why she got silent again. Alia thinks of Rabia’s words and opens the door. She says I want to talk to you about something important.

Precap: Alia thinks she can’t believe that Sarangdhar is my baby’s donor. She asks him to hear carefully. Sarangdhar looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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