Story 9 Months Ki 19th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Kamleshwari tries to meet Alia

Story 9 Months Ki 19th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Alia thanking Veer for the professional feedback and goes. Later she thinks of Sarangdhar’s words and thinks when Veer supported me, I felt uncomfortable. She thinks Sarangdhar would have felt the same when I supported him. she thinks if she was wrong. She messages Superman and asks how do you hate your ex so much. She says when I think of my ex, I feel that I was wrong and made him feel that we are not equal. Sarangdhar asks her not to blame herself and remember that our children learn from us. Alia thinks Agastya started blaming himself now a days. Teacher asks Sayuri to answer a question. Agastya says I know. Sayura writes wrong answer on the board. Teacher says it is wrong. Sanyuri tells Agastya that he has taken panga with Mathura’s goon. Sarangdhar messages Alia that his daughter got an admission in the school and tells that he is worried for the children there. He asks her to remind herself that she was a business woman, and asks her to take out the lipstick and write I am Enough. Alia writes it. She thinks she has to pick Agastya.

Kavya comes to Sarangdhar and asks her to come. Ramesh and Kamleshwari are in the lift of Alia’s office. Kamleshwari gets scared and tells Ramesh if Alia don’t recognize me or talk to me in English. Ramesh says I will come with you. Alia waits for lift and goes by stairs. Kamleshwari and Ramesh come inside the office. Rahul greets her, but don’t recognize her. Kamleshwari asks Scarlett about Alia. Scarlett says Alia will come in the morning. Ramesh gives Kamleshwari’s number for Alia. They look out of window and see Alia. Kamleshwari says she can’t be Alia, as she went by auto.

Alia comes to the school and meets Agastya. Agastya and his friend pose for Azaad Roy. Sanyuri thinks Azaad Roy is my Papa, I will tell that Chumu. Alia asks Agastya to go through school bus and tells that she needs to take school children’s interview. Agastya says ok. Alia comes to Sanyuri to take her interview. Sanyuri says she is not ready. Alia says it is school kids’ interview. Sanyuri says she has no connection with books and bag. Watchman comes and tells that her Dadi came to take her. Sanyuri says bye. Kamleshwari tells Ramesh that she is challenging herself to meet Alia. Ramesh says you don’t seems to be his Amma, filmy. Kamleshwari says what had happened between them, that made them separate. Ramesh says you are looking like spy. Kameshwari says a mother can become anything and can become superhero too.

Kavya gets a call from DDS. She tells Sarangdhar that a company wants to collaborate with him, but they are not worth it. She goes to washroom. Sarangdhar picks the call. He then sees message of jeevan from Dilse. He thinks of Alia. Kavya asks why Azaad Roy has his eyes on my phone.

Precap: Sanyuri and Agastya fight infront of Principal. Principal asks them to call their parents. Sarangdhar waits for Agastya’s mother in Principal’s office.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Anjali Sharma

    It feels like the written updates of this one are updated once in an eternity.

    1. I guess it’s because the show is so boring now🤷🏼‍♀️

  2. Sanjay Kumar Bhattacharya

    Show lost it’s charm! The story became very boring after separation track.

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