Story 9 Months Ki 14th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Sarangdhar takes Sanyuri to hospital

Story 9 Months Ki 14th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the teacher making Agastya and Sanyuri as team and give them topic as family. Mala tells Alia that Veer wants to meet her. Alia says ok. Mala asks can I come with you? Alia says I know to face my problems. Mala says Alia Shroff never accepted defeat. She goes to Veer’s cabin and is about to fall. He is about to help. She says she will manage. He says my joining here, will be shocking for you. Alia says so much happened, that nothing is shocking for her now. He asks her to take muffin. Teacher asks Sanyuri to tell about family. Sanyuri climbs on the chair and tells that she is the princess daughter of her father and her name is Sanyuri. Teacher asks her to get down from the chair/bench and tell about her mother. Veer tells Alia that he didn’t mean to hurt her and asks if they can meet friends again. Alia says you knows well that I keep my personal and professional life separately. She asks if he wants to know about the project and is about to go. Veer gets teary eyes and says I lost my baby.

Sarangdhar thinks of Alia and thinks he has lost his child in this city and will never forgive the one who never cared. Sanyuri tells that she has papa, filmy Dadi and Bua. Teacher asks the kids to clap for Sanyuri. Sanyuri tells Agastya that he don’t have father like her. Agastya tells that he doesn’t have a father like Sanyuri, but he has the best mom who handles the bad girls better. Rishi tells Teacher that he will help Sanyuri with the project. Agastya thinks why Rishi is doing this. Veer tells Alia that he is punished for doing wrong with her. Alia says I can understand your pain, no parent shall face such pain. He says even you have lost your child. Alia says who told you. Veer says we were husband and wife before. He says DDS was your baby before. She says now she has her own baby and is happy with him. Teacher teaches Maths to the kids. Agastya answers well. Teacher gives him star and asks Sanyuri to sit with Agastya tomorrow, as he can help her in maths. After the class winds up,

the kids bully Agastya. Sanyuri feels bad to see him hurt. Agastya comes out of the school and falls. Sarangdhar holds him. He tries to cheer him up seeing him sad. Sanyuri comes out and gets upset seeing Sarangdhar with Agastya. Sarangdhar talks to him and gives reasoning for happiness. Agastya goes seeing Sanyuri. Sanyuri comes to Sarangdhar and asks what is going on? She tells that she can’t share him with anyone, it is good that she has no siblings. Sarangdhar asks her not to say that. She asks him to take to cow Mata. He says I will take you to Doctor first. Rabia says sorry to Alia and shows the cake which she brought for her. Alia says yesterday you gave me heart ache. Sarangdhar comes there with Sanyuri. Rabia asks Alia if she is fine. Alia says Veer had brought cup cakes for me and tells that he has joined office as the new CEO. Rabia says he has two faces. Alia says he has lost his baby and Nitya and today I saw a different Veer. She says I had lost one baby. Rabia says I wish I would have been with you on your delivery day, you wouldn’t have lost your one baby. Alia says she don’t blame anyone, not even Sarangdhar. Sarangdhar walks to other doctor. Alia and Rabia are about to leave.

Doctor checks Sanyuri and says I heard that you are very brave. Sanyuri says my Dadi gives me haldi milk and asks her to make her Papa understand, as he don’t let her run. Doctor says she will test her heart. Sarangdhar says I want to be with her. Sanyuri says keep me out, I panic seeing him and then he says that test haven’t come good. Sarangdhar laughs and asks her not to get scared. She says even you don’t get scared. Nurse checks the machine and tells that it is not working. Alia hears her and comes inside the ward. Sanyuri asks are you a doctor? Alia says no. I saw you and that’s why come. She asks if you are scared? Sanyuri says yes, but less than Papa. Sarangdhar sees the monitor and gets tensed, thinks why no reading is shown. He panics.

Precap: Sarangdhar’s hand touches Alia and the machine starts beeping. Sanyuri says heart beat came. Alia looks at Sarangdhar, they are separated by the curtain.

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  1. Thank you for the updates
    Eager to know what happened & how they got separated. V strange on Sarang’s part not to search or question this so called abandonment by Alia- means he did not really know her

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