Storm in my Heart (ep 09)

Episode begins with Ishita asking from Raman to put the necklace to Ruhi.
Ram-Yes,you can.
Ishita put the necklace to Ruhi.She smiles.
Ram-I am sorry I have to go now.
Tears fall from Ishita.She looks at them going.

Raman goes to Shagun’s room.Nurse comes.
Nurse-Your wife told me to give this letter.

Ishita in the car..
Ish-Take me to Subbu.
Vandu-No,I cannot let you go to him.
Ish-Why can’t you?He is my husband.I know he wants me more.
Bala-Okay,we reach there.If you want,go & talk to him.

At Bhalla house someone knock at the door.
Mrs Bhalla-They came.
Simmi opens door.Raman with baby stands at the door.
Adi runs to hug mom.
Adi-Papa,where is mumma?
Tears fall from Raman’s eyes.
Mr Bhalla-What happened puttar?Where is Shagun?
Ram-She left us Mihir.She ran away with that rascal Ashok Khanna..
Shagun-No,I came.Adi come don’t you hug your mumma.
Adi runs to Shagun.
Adi-Where did you went mumma with Ashok uncle?
Sha-I miss you Adi.Come let’s go.

To be cnt….
Sorry for the short updates…

  1. Lovely ?? pls do long update ok I’m very excited to see next update

  2. Awesomeee waiting for ishraruadi

    1. Thank you.

  3. Awesome episode…beginning part was so emotional….update next one soon…

    1. Ok dear,thanx.

  4. Hi
    Commenting for the first time
    Loved ur story
    Amazing update
    A small request
    Plz give long updates these r too short

    1. Hi Anzeela.Thank u so much for the comment.

  5. Waiting 4 da next update!!! Awsome! Nw I’ve become a huge fan of ur story!!

    1. It’s a huge pleasure for me.Keep reading dr.

  6. so sahgun came back to take adi she is selfish

    1. Thanx for your opinion.

  7. Superb dear

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