Storm in my Heart (ep 05)

Episode begins with Ishita complaining about Subbu’s mom to her parents.
Mrs Iyyer-You know na ishu about Subbu’s mom.Even your brother and sister went Australia because of her.
With that someone knock at door.That is none other than Subbu.
Ish-Subbu,how you..
Sub-My mom told.Why you came here.Don’t you care for our child.
With that he goes out angrily.Ishita followes him.
Ishu-Subbu I am sorry,listen to me.
Ishita touches Subbu’s hand.Subbu pushes Ishita angrily.Ishita slips and felldown.Her womb hit on the floor.

Ishu-ahh amma..
With that ishita fell unconsious.Subbu runs to her.They hurriedly take her to hospital.

At hospital..
Doctor comes to Raman.
Doc-congradulation! mr.Bhalla.Your wife delivered baby girl.
Ram-mom,dad do you heard that.I am so happy.
mrs bhalla-simmi call rinki and tell the good news.Romi go give sweets to everyone.
Nurse-Now you can go inside.
Everyone enter.Firstly Raman kiss Shagun.Shagun smiles.Mihir comes.
Mih-where is our princess.

To be continue..

thanx for reading:>) guys*

  1. Tvfan1

    It is really really nice!!
    I hv read all the past chapter but didn’t comment..but today decided to comment..
    Very interesting story line!
    leaves suspense when ishita falls..

    do write long u write in microsoft word and copy it here?

    1. This is the biggest compliment that I ever recieved.My computer is not working.So I post ep via my phone.Through my phone only 1024 words can be published.I think it will be easy for readers to read in a short period of time.As soon as I bought a big 4n i’ll update long ep.

  2. superb update by day it’s becoming more interest to read..

    1. It is because of you guys I am writting well.Thanx for the comment.

  3. Superb dear

    1. Thank you dear

    1. Thank you…

  4. Superb update! Ur story line is really very interesting!!! ??

  5. subbu is disgusting he pushed ishita

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