Storm of the Bruised Hearts -Chapter 7 (EDKV) [by Ariana]

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Knock knock look who’s here… Me!!! Ik it’s a quick update after my long lecture abt busy life. But honestly I was planning to post on Saturday so technically it’s a late post.
I decided to keep on posting slowly than ending abruptly as u all wanted that. Thanks for being so understanding! It means a lot.

****Now before I get into my small chapter, I need to convey a msg from Ruchi
“Firstly i want to apologise to everyone for not commenting on their ff’s/Os…
nd secondly i wanna ask that whether –
1) I should end my ff abruptly
2)post my ff whenever i get time
3)post remaining part of my ff in the form of one shot nd provide links of previous epi’s
thanks for bearing my ff nd for always supporting me…”
Pls reply to Ruchi’s question on the comment box below or just PM her. ***

Coming back to my story- here it goes (WARNING: short and boring but pls hold on…)


(Sumo’s POV)
The warm air seeped into my warm blanket as I moaned in discomfort. -6 degree!!! Shravan and Push laughs saying it’s nothing compared to Canada’s regular winter but my soul craves for more warmth. Ever since Shravan graduated, he interrogates around the house 24/7 which annoys me. Unknowingly, I made this place ‘my home’ and ‘ruled’ but since the real owner took authority, I feel helpless.
My heavy deserted thoughts broke as I heard cracked crunches coming from the kitchen…
“My KITCHEN!!!” I cried out throwing the thick furry blanket into the air and running through the open door to MY property.
Brown stains all over the base, some white powers spotted over the cabins with water rolling down the sink as foggy air made its way out the microwave.
“SHRAVAN MALHOTRA! HOW DARE YOU?” I yelled as my voice repelled all the way through the smoke. As I cleared the white air in front of my eye flexing my hands, I saw a tall yellow tee-ed figure smiling at me.
“Oh Sumo! U scared me for a while, but look,” He pulled the black burnt bowl out of the microwave with his hand which was protected with baking gloves. On his wear was a yellow Simpson tee and black trackers. The ‘special’ set of uniform included a blue apron, baking gloves and a chef cap!
“Why do u need all these rubbish just for making popcorns?” I asked sarcastically to avoid the anger which would erupt any moment.

“Protection- Same as u need to wear helmet, clamp mask, goggles, wooden headphones and strain proof suit while contracting.” He replied walking pass me to the kitchen suite and landing the burnt bowl over the wooden surface.
WOW!! He compares cooking with wood and auto work? He isn’t playing with tar or wood filler. Heating buttered popcorn- and all these…I wonder how he managed a life before I stepped in.
“Uhhh cooking is sooooo stressful! I’m glad these popcorns turned perfect.” He groaned in proudness
“You mean these black ones?” I taunted pointing at the nearly coal bowl filled with dark flower shaped materials which he calls popcorns.
“You racist!!!” My mouth fell in shock as he gave a horror look like I did some crime. Well being racially prejudiced is a crime but calling a burnt coal corn black isn’t racist. I didn’t know what to say but protesting was required so I started, later realising my volcano’s molten lava is cooling down without much eruption.

(Shravan’s POV)
As Ms. Sumo kept lecturing me about diverse Canada and cooking skills, I couldn’t stop but beam. How the world replayed in front of me, again, but things changed over decades. For a while thin threads of pain penetrated my soul as memories flew over my head but I knew time moves at its own pace not waiting for anyone and I had to cope with it at my own. Ignoring the golden-black corner of me, I focused on Sumo- the girl who had been so lost in her own world of fantasy dreaming about her authority. I smiled at her childish face which turned cherry for non-stop blabbering. This was a better scene than any part of the movies I have on my Saturday Movie Night list. I puffed some popcorn into my mouth to enjoy and stay more entertained and…phuuuuuuwww
Those were popcorn? The grossest one I’ve ever tried! I ran to the jar to take a glass of water and erase the last bit of taste from my mouth. Unfortunately, I had to agree with Chef. Sumo’s words. These were horrible. Tasted nothing but like hard soured paper. Ewwwwww…
“Of course! What did I expect more from its look?” She said pitying my reaction.
“Looks can be deceiving.” I protested.
“Experience isn’t. And besides that, there is a term known as ‘common sense’ which gives to a general idea that burnt popcorns would suck!”
“Noooo it DOESN’T. It’s the best popcorn ever! Better than Compliment (It’s a popcorn brand). See colourful too. Some black, some brown, and some caramel dark-”
“Which luckily escaped from the heat burn. Now stop lying to me, I’ll make some fresh ones for u.” Finishing her words, she snatched the bowl from my fingers and stepped at the ‘press’ point of the bin to throw these black coals away when my ego popped up. I just objected saying mines are the best so it’ll be stupid to sound defeated.
“NOOOO. I’ll have these,” I said boldly as my heart shrank with a small ‘ewww’. She gave me a questioning eye but I decided not to look at her, as it’ll let out my feelings so I walked pass her snatching the bowl, taking the mug of espresso on the other hand and rushing into the living room, jumping onto the davenport.
I struggled through the list of movies I had as I heard her turning on the microwave. She must be making some Kernels ones. Soon the thick smell of butter made its way to my nose as she walked into the living room holding a transparent bowl showing off her perfectly yellow-brown fluffy cheese looking, butter-caramelled popcorn. I kept on staring at her from the edge of my eye, trying to hide my grief but neither did she show any interest on sharing hers. Slowly she landed on the couch beside me and puffed some into her mouth as she spoke mouthful,
“Ohhh lemme see which movie should we play.” Smoothly she rushed the remote from my hand and ran through the options. Oh wow now I have no rights on my own house! She didn’t even ask for the remote.
“No need to sweat off. I’ll watch Fast and Furious” I pleaded though I wanted it to sound like an order.
“Buy a Lamborghini first. We’ll watch Despicable Me 2.” She fought back with higher energy.
“That’s so childish! Grow up Sumo!!!”
“Oh really then how about Blue Valentines?”
“R U SERIOUS? U wanna watch it with ME!!! Hell that’s an adult movie.” I yelled out my heart. This girl has gone nuts. Will I ever be able to understand her? One sec she offers a children’s movie the next sec she turns all crazy thinking of watching ‘those’ sort movies.
“Then how should I sound as a ‘grown up? U got problem with children’s movie, also with adult’s movie, oh great teen’s movies r left- Paper Town.”
“Oh wow let’s watch Titanic.” I suggested sarcastically.
“Ewww… Romantic? How about something horror?”

OMFG!!! This girl…what is she? She wants to watch a horror film? Guts!!! I raised my eyes questioningly as she gulped and acted as if it’s her piece of cake. It gave me the answer. She was trying to hide her fear and stay up to my level. For a moment I felt joyful thinking of the fact how compromising she can get. She literally stepped out of her comfort zone to meet up to mines. Just like ‘her’. But then a touch of reality tapped me. Neither was she ‘her’ not did she open up…ever. This would remain the truest statement that Sumo never shared anything about herself to me or Chote. Like always, she wore the thickest mask and smiled. Chote might have gotten fooled but I tracked every bit of the strangeness as if I know her for ages and every tad of her soul is exposed to me. She had been a mystery ball. Not her behaviours but the reasons behind it. All that I know about her is because I faced someone someday earlier with same feet. I wish she ever trusted me much to share but I won’t dare to ask her for that will bring much of each of our hidden chapters up. My thoughts paused as she spoke out of the blue,

“I didn’t say anything that would put u in a dilemma. I’ll be okay with a horror film. How about The Witch?”
“No thanks. Already have one beside me.” I replied not letting her suspect my thoughts. Before I could let out a small chuckle the soft pillow landed on my face. “Someone just proved my words to be true.”
“Ok fine we’ll watch The Exorcist. It isn’t that scary. Better for u.” She said trying to pity my cowardness.
I coughed intentionally just to point her words when she gave me a ‘whtever’ look.
“U knw Chote will be sad knowing we had a movie night without him.”
“Matters not! He is busy chilling with his friends on that stupid Logan’s sleepover party.” She pointed out playing The Exorcist.
Within the first 30 mins, I realised it was a popcorn movie and I had to chew something. While I kept struggling with my burnt corns, Sumo intentionally chew her ones harder moving all her facial muscles- to show off.

Every time the doctor tried to walk to the roof or the doll shook, she filled her mouth with popcorn or hide her eyes under the mug’s rim pretending to sip some of her hot chocolate. Sensitive girl!
“Sumoooo.” I whispered not being able to control my desire of popcorn any longer. She didn’t respond. Her eyes were thrown into the screen while the heart stayed hidden behind the door of my neighbour’s house! “Summooo” No responds
“Sumoooooooooo” No responds
“SuMoo” No responds
“Ahhh ‘Shravo’(this is Italic front)!”
I felt my tee’s thin neckline being pulled in as her face buried on my chest allowing her hands to strongly grip behind my back bone. Her body shivered against mines for a while but nothing mattered as my mind was lost of her word. Did she call me…

Slowly she got off my warmth but her eyes on mines, both confused for a while.
“Sorry! Ummm actually I got scared.” She admitted as her cheeks flushed in embarrassment.
Nothing came to my concern except for her previous words…
“Sumo what did you just call me?” I asked trying to hide the thick viscous air which was stuck on my throat.
“Shravan.” She replied without hesitation.
No she didn’t! At least I didn’t hear Shravan. It was something else… Just to ensure I asked her again but her answer remained unchanged. Did I just hallucinate? Was that just a part of my life playing back?
“Why did u call me?” She asked pulling me off my concern.
“Errrr” I hesitated looking at the bowl of fresh caramelled popcorns which lied on the table. Before I could continue she removed the bowl from my vision and gave me a cold ‘no sharing’ look. I managed smiling coldly and turned my eyes on the screen when my body felt a thin layer of fabric over it and a small hand. -heart skipped a beat- | -heart skipped two beats- | -heart skipped three beats-
“Sumo HHHEEEELLPPP!!!” I cried the house out of my mouth which paused at a childish laughter. As I looked around, I saw what was expected. She pranked me. Slowly I coped with the environment surrounding me and realized it was nothing but Sumo who was trying to pull me under her shawl just to take my soul off. Pretty revenge… I didn’t even plan that first one out. She was the light hearted one. Uh girls!!!

(Sumo’s POV)
I couldn’t stop giggling at this situation. Someone should have recorded that scene. Shravan Malhotra’s hidden face… It could be his ACTUAL hidden face. Scared and childish… This could be what he was hiding from me.. But chances were so low of him sharing his life. However it wouldn’t affect us… I accepted him and Push with their history, chemistry, biology everything!!! Nothing of their past, or horror mood would come between us…
I was struggling to cover the coldness until I felt sudden movement. Shravan just pulled his body inside my shawl and squished both of us to adjust the space.
“Punishment. I didn’t do that intentionally but u did that with ur eyes and nose open. Better pay now. So these popcorn and shawl in mine too.” He smirked ordering me. Though his warmth went through me, his drive caused some cold air to slip into my territory causing me to groan in discomfort. It was freaking cold!!! Someone should explain the jerk next to me that I am not used to this weather!!!
He was warm and comforting…I must admit it. Though both covered with the same shawl, we shared some distance which allowed cold air to walk in. I couldn’t stop myself from wanting to hug him driving into his heat. It wasn’t intimacy, it was necessity- I was going pale.

(Shravan’s POV)
While enjoying the fresh sweet popcorn with a horror touch from the movie, I turned to look at the guilty friend of mine, which caused me to choke. She was rubbing her hands around her arm trying to create static electricity and keep her warm as her fingers fell brighter in shade giving a touch of blue. Damn I forgot to turn on the heater! I cursed myself as I jumped away from the shawl and rushed to the heater switch, which was right opposite to the tv and turned it on.
“I’m sorry Sumo!! Forgot to turn it on. It’ll take a bit of time, just wait a few mins. I’ll…I’ll get u some more hot chocolate.” I suggested running to the open kitchen as she called me back in a weak tone.
“Shravan…No need. Mine is still warm. And I can take in some of ur espresso if u r ok.’ I definitely was. “Would u mind closing the windows?” She asked gently gulping some popcorns.
Crap! Shravan u r an ass. How could u forget to close the freaking windows? But those were close before-my brain replied trying make me feel better. Uh yesssss I made the whole house cover with smoke while making the popcorns- definitely Sumo opened them to let the air out. Smart girl-dumb me! Without struggling through my thoughts for any longer, I ran to the windows and closed them all.

The room wasn’t heating like a magical fireburn. Sumo waited patiently as her body temperature dropped which made me more restless. I was seating by her tapping my hand on her back saying her to enjoy the movie and not think of the coldness.
“Shravan I’m fine. Don’t treat me like a kid.” She smiled at my face placing her right hand on mines. I was comforted by her words but as soon as I felt her frozen fingers, my heart skipped a beat. She must have been dying!
I stood removing her hand from mines and walked to her room informing “I’ll get a blanket for u. Just-”
“Relax Shravan!” She protested as I turned to look at her. “Don’t leave me here. I’m…errrr…scared. Pls just sit here next to me.” She tapped on the couch seat right next to her, where I was relaxing earlier.
My heart melted at her childishness. Now all of it made sense to me. She didn’t wish for another hot chocolate because she was scared of being alone. Oh this girl was seriously something especially unique. Bold a min, scared cat the next. I smiled as I positioned myself next to her and got absorbed into the movie while she slowly rested her head on my shoulder.
So u finally survived through this boring epi. Sry, I did want to trim off this part from the story but thought u all need a break from my serious atmosphere. Besides, in this silly chap, I had hidden some HUGE clues which I won’t point out. All these time I made my hints clear but not onwards I decided to throw the lines so that u can think ur way out. (Uk good to see more creative perspectives)
So here r today’s clue/lines: (The POV r mentioned so that u can track down the lines easily)
(Sumo’s POV)
– “I wonder how he managed a life before I stepped in.”
-“It could be his ACTUAL hidden face. Scared and childish…”

(Shravan’s POV)
-“How the world replayed in front of me, again, but things changed over decades”
-“time moves at its own pace not waiting for anyone and I had to cope with it at my own.”
-“Just like ‘her’”(Notice the emphasized ‘her’)
-“Neither was she ‘her’ not did she open up…ever”
– “she wore the thickest mask and smiled”
-“I tracked every bit of the strangeness as if I know her for ages and every tad of her soul is exposed to me.”
“All that I know about her is because I faced someone someday earlier with same feet.”
-“I wish she ever trusted me much to share but I won’t dare to ask her for that will bring much of each of our hidden chapters up.”
-“Ahhh ‘Shravo’”
-“ Did I just hallucinate? Was that just a part of my life playing back?”

Quick question:
Don’t u think Shravan overreacted when Sumo was feeling cold?
So yah now here I pause…. A huge surprise coming up sooooooon! Just wait for the nxt epi. Just was eager to knw when is all of ur exams ending. Besides, best of luck to all those who r either giving thr exams or waiting for the report card. Sry for all sorts of late comment. Promise to cope up soon. I’ll try posting nxt epi within a week but no promises.
Take care
Love u all

PS: Criticisms welcomed as it was boring + short + no proofreading
PPS: Don’t forget to reply to Ruchi’s question

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  1. Prettypreeti

    Hey aru cuppy today I got sooo sugaryyy I just love uuuu and urrr ffff itssss reallyyy my fav.
    Ruchi ko keh she should continue no doubt.
    Love u.
    All the best…..
    I loved ITT.

    1. Ariana

      Awww cupcake thanks sooooooo much! I’ll die off diabetics! I’ll let Ruchi know ur answer so worry not..
      Take care honey
      Sry for a late reply

  2. _pari_alisha

    Ok first my reply to ruchi….
    Plzzzz dont end it i wont agree with that option at all…..actually u can post slowly we will wait for u… Take ur time nd post when u get some time….

    Loads of love take care…..

    Now coming to u my angel!!!!! The epi was something i cant explain in words trust me i cant….. Ur writing skills are just perfect ik ik u hv got tired of hearing same thing but thats true!!!!
    And this part..full of sharman i cant explain how much i loved it………..
    What to say further yar words are falling short now….but do sharman hv some connection from before????
    Ahhhh girl ur mestreies i really cant solve them….. So better post soon……

    Loads of love take care……..

    1. Ariana

      Am I in the planet? Uhhh u should actually stop… Making me blush with every single buttering word. N me- a donkey- turning all tomatoes at ur lines ?
      But seriously u should stop- I’m not ‘that’ good. Ur appreciation motivates me tho so a HUGE thanks!!!! ????
      I’ll let Ruichi know ur opinion regarding her matter
      Sry for very late reply
      Take care

  3. Ufaaq

    first of all aru dear it wqas not sooooo short and ya not at all boring sweetu
    and tell where were u i was missing u alot thk ho naw????
    epi was ammmmmaaaaaaaazzzzziiiiinnnnnngggggg as usual
    plzzzz take care of ursel;f
    and try to be regular
    love u

    1. Ariana

      Ufaaq!!!! Loooooonnngggg timmmeee…I guess this time it’s me nonactive not u. I’m soooo sorry dear, but got so much studies and exams on the way so even worse. I’ll try to b regular but I’m afraid I need to hold on.
      Thanks for ur sweeeet comment
      I’m glad u cantually liked it and r satisfied by the length. ?
      Love u dear
      Take care
      I miss ur writing so pls give me a magical surprise with ur beautiful style.

  4. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Oh Ariana !!!!! This was tooooooooooooo gooooooodddd … lovvvvedddd ittt .. nd it was not at all boring nd short … I think u hv a bad habit of discouraging ur self … right ???
    Well u hv a power too .. wanna know ?? U can impress anyone by ur magical writing .. henaa ?? Ab don’t say u DON’T HV IT … otherwise u’ll deserve a red red tomato ..
    Nd desperately waiting for that surprise which is coming up ..

    And yess ruchi …. yar u should continue ur FF .. don’t end it ..

    Take care
    Loads of love …

    1. Ariana

      Awwww Fatu tnx soooooooo much! love u dear. U r such a sweetheart. Nd yah u made me go all red this time too with even throwing it. (so technically I’m accepting I don’t have have an impressing writing style) My words rn’t magical but urs for sure r.
      Sry for late late reply, I was hell busy
      anyways I’ll let Ruchi knw abt ur opinion and btw u would not like the surprise…
      take care

    2. Fatimagulesarfraz

      I knew it I knew it
      U won’t ever eccept ur talent naw ..
      Bad ..

  5. Arianaaaa…..
    What a surprise girl xD
    This was pure bliss. Loved reading it and please don’t you dare call it boring .-. Loved it soooooo much. They both were too cute. Andd you know what? Throughout reading this I was thinking about shravan’s pov, which you then mentioned in the end and made me even more curious. Mannnn, this is so not done. I was already confused while solving physics’ questions (I don’t like physics at all .-.) and now more mysteries (not complaining, just being kinda dramatic as I love trying to solve these mysteries)
    Gotta prepare a test so I’ll just try to stop blabbering further.
    I really can’t wait for the next chapter. Post when you get time. Waiting anxiously for it.
    And and… I told a friend about your story. I sent her the introduction first and she was way too much impressed by your storyline and your writing skills. She was like WOWW. I sent her the link of chapter 1 now. She’ll read it soon too.
    So I should stop now. Byeeeee to an amazing writer. Talk to you later 😉
    Much love. Take care. ?
    P.S I, too, didn’t read it again so kindly ignore my stupid mistakes xD
    P.P.S do tell Ruchi to continue when she gets time 🙂

    1. Ariana

      Look replying after 10 years! But thanks sweetheart. I’m glad u enjoyed the chap tho it went boring. It’s soooooooooooooo nice of u that u shared my story with ur frnd. Give her too a huge thanks from me for her appreciation. He really motivates me to try working even tho it’ll turn into a crap.
      Don’t worry I don’t enjoy physics too so I get ur pain. Nxt chapter will b very very very direct so u don’t have to sweat a single drop
      take care
      best of luck with ur studies

      1. Haha 10 years! LOL!! The day I commented on your ff was the day when I last opened this site and now I opened it i.e. after 4 days ?
        We both have a competition of who’ll be the most late person i guess xD
        And my friend read the first chapter now (FINALLYY as there was an event and we both were organising that so didn’t get time for anything, not even for studies) She loved it way too much! She was like this girl got such amazing writing skills MA.
        Gotta go now. Take care.
        Thanks! Best of luck to you too ?

  6. Nikita

    Tell Ruchi di that option 2’s the bestt..
    Amaziingg chaptterr….
    Dude, I got this chapter and it’s mysteries… Sumo’s part I did solve with you. Shravan’s part’s related to some past that he had, with a girl, who called her ‘Shravo’. Possibly he encountered with Sumo before. ‘Drama Queen’ agaaiIinnn…
    Actual scared face, that meant, Shravan had been faking it till now, and Sumo knew it. One thing, I’m more mysterious about the windows, should I be?
    And I did not at all get ‘I don’t know how he managed his life before I stepped in’
    Plus, nooo.. Shravan has not encountered Sumo, but a phase of her.. Waitt , duudee, is that ‘her’ that red haired girl? PM me on TU, as I left twitter..
    Anyways, this chapter was amazingggg, I seriously loved it.. Not boring at tall..
    Love you loadss,

    1. Ariana

      U r hell smart. I love how much of enthusiasm u show nd proudly I’m saying u r in the right track. Shravan’s mystery is right on ur hand. Uk u can join two clues and solve 5 faces of my rubrics cube? I’ll leave this behind…..
      If the red haired girl is….(check ur twitter DM, I told u there) nd if Shravan states a ‘her’…. join the other dots
      btw sry for a lateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee reply
      take care
      luv u

      1. Nikita

        I left twitter… TU PM pe aaaaajaa..

  7. Ruchi

    Hey Aru…
    Thank u so much swty for posting my msg…
    You r really a sweetheart…
    epi was superb…
    shravan’s emotion very well portrayed…
    nd yes this was not at all boring…
    i think sumo said those line (it could be his actual hidden face) Bcoz shravan is kinda diff from what he shows himself to be… Nd sumo is very well aware wid this fact…
    And about Shravan’s hidden past … May be it is related to his family (mom).… wild guess
    and about ur ques… I dnt thnk he overreacted bcoz he consider her as a part of his family …
    take care
    post soon…
    Love you!!!

    1. Ariana

      Awwww sweetheart thanks so much! I love ur pov towards the ff. U right is some n lost track on the rest but don’t worry ur wild guesses r heading on the way!
      Love love love u
      u take care too
      n post ur ff soon when u get time

  8. Ruchi

    Guys any type of suggestion related to my ff u can P.M me…

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey ruchi..
      There’s no doubt..
      U definitely have to continue..
      U can post slowly..
      No problem.

  9. Ruchi

    Thnk u so much Pari,Prettypreeti, Nik,Zainab,Fatima for answering my ques …
    will go with the option which u all will select …
    and again a big thanks to Aru…
    Sorry for troubling u Aru…
    take care…
    Lots of Love

    1. Ariana

      Don’t say thanks yaar! It’s ok… Nd SORRY no way!!!! I’m glad all supported ur 2nd opinion so will get ur ff soooooon!!! Wohoooooo
      pls post soon n take care.

  10. WeirdSister

    Okay…so hiii..
    I know I m super duper late..
    But I guess u know d reason?
    Nd I know u will understand…!!
    So fine..
    Coming to this chp..
    Frankly speaking..I m quiet understanding d story now…as in..I m following d clues..
    Let’s c..what comes out in d end..!
    The chp was as always amazingggggg…!!
    Full of unseen love…
    It was funny…romantic..mysterious…
    Thank you for posting it….!
    Nd keep posting like this in d future also..
    This is by far my fav ff here..nd u r my fav writer.. No need for me to tell this again nd again…!!
    Loving Shraman’s POV…
    Nd I m trying to catch up aid d details..I love it when ppl focus on details..
    This is another quality of urs…which makes me love u even more..
    What else..
    Love u loads…!!!
    Keep posting…
    Take care..
    P.S- did u start reading gone girl??

    1. Ariana

      U don’t have to b sry for a late cmnt. Ur reasons r very well justified nd we r on the same boat so it’s okkkk!
      But see even being late u manage melting me off. Thanks soooooo much girl for such sweet words n warm appreciation
      btw I have not only started reading gone girl but also run reading it the day I started. It was awesome. I was kid of impressed how my story unknowingly had a touch of similarity with the book.
      Thanks for the recommendation. If u have any further recommendation do feel free to share.
      Love u
      best wishes for ur exams
      take care
      study hard
      all the best

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