STOLEN SWEETHEART- RIANSH FF EPI 52 ‘IshaAngre’s marriage’

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It was Vansh’s home office. It was IshAngre’s marriage so he decided to work from home. Angre has appointed his PA in his place so Vansh can work easily. Both of them were discussing something while the brown dress girl was standing at the door.
Vansh: Anu what about the Singapore deal?

She went and came back with a file standing next to him, she bent a little trying to show her cleavage while Vansh totally ignored looking towards the file. When she found Vansh not looking at him, she bent more. While the brown dress girl was aiming the knife. She had her perfect aim. Anu kept bending and finally fell on him, while the brown dress girl had already thrown the knife which hurted Anu and she screamed in pain. The brown dress girl ran away and everyone gathered in his office. Siya got the first aid box and Ishani starts putting ointment trying not to get her pain.
Dadi: How did this happen?
Anu: I don’t know Dadi ji. Someone tried to kill me.
Vansh was standing silent trying to understand who can tryto do this. Meantime Riddhima speaks up.
Riddhima: Dadi. Kabir and Ahana are here.
Everyone leaves Anu sitting there and reach outside to welcome them leaving RiAnsh.

Riddhima: Is it paining?
Anu: Not that much
Riddhima: Oh. You need help?
Anu: No thanks. Vansh sir will help me out.
Vansh: Sorry ladies I have some work.

Vansh leaves while Riddhima has a victorious smiles. She starts putting ointment hurting her.

Riddhima: Paining?
Anu: yes
Riddhima: Whoever did this with you. Thank you for saving my Vansh.
Anu: Can I get something in place of thankyou?
Riddhima: What?
Anu: Sorry?

They both smile..

(I don’t want to add anything let’s skip to marriage)
Riddhima was all ready and Vansh was adoring her. Riddhima looked at Vansh and they both were unable to take eyes off from each other. Siya entered the room and fake coughed to break their eyelock. But they both didn’t listen and we’re busy in their own world. Vihaan also came and he threw a cushion on Vansh which he catched and threw away without breaking the eye lock.
Siya and Vihaan laugh loudly which FINALLY make them come out of their lala land and they all reach downstairs.

Ishani was sitting next to Angre smiling and pandit was chanting the mantras. Angre’s family and the Rai Singhanias all were very happy.

Vansh and Riddhima do Ishani’s kanyadaan and Riddhima gets emotional. Vansh side hugs her and they both smile.
Angre and Ishani take their pheras and Angre made her the nupital chain. Then he applies vermilion on her hairline.

Now it was Vidai time. Ishani cried hugging Uma while everyone were teary eyed. Vansh hugged her and was trying not to get emotional. Riddhima was missing her family and was crying silently. Ishani hugs Riddhima and they both cry. Riddhima breaking the hug wipes her tears.
Riddhima: I will miss you.
Ishani: I will miss you too.

And Ishani leaves for Angre’s home….

Riddhima and Vansh come back to their room. Vansh was sitting in deep thoughts while Riddhima was missing her family. She called them and had a small yet soothing talk. She moved to Vansh and hugged her. On which Vansh hugged her back.
Riddhima was going to say something but couldn’t because of knock at door. She opened it and found Kabir standing there. Vansh clenched his fists seeing him but Kabir smiled.
Kabir: Riddhima, actually Ahana is craving for kheer. I don’t know how to make. Will you make it for her? She is crying like a baby making me mad.
Riddhima thought for a while and nodded in yes. She prepared Kheer and handed over to Kabir. She was climbing the stairs when her head started aching badly. She was holding her head with both hands when Vansh saw her from the corridor. He rushed to her but I twas late. She fell down the stairs rolling to the ground. She hand was injured and forehead had became blue due to continuous hits of the stairs.


Vansh’s shouts were enough to shake the whole house and Vansh ran to her. He sat their and took her in his arms. She was still conscious a little. She weekly looked at Vansh hissing in pain and passed out.

Riddhima opens her eyes and sees Vansh sitting near her. She tries to wake up but she was having immense pain. She looked at her hand. It had a plaster. Vansh helped her in sitting.
Riddhima: Vansh…
Vansh: What happened?
Riddhima: I didn’t…
Vansh: I know. I saw you holding your head. Look at your hand now.
Riddhima: It’s broken?
Vansh: No. Minor air crack. You will go nowhere till you are allowed to remove it.
Riddhima: Till when?
Vansh: 6-7 days. A week.
Riddhima pouts cutely and Vansh feeds her. They both slept while Vansh made sure he didn’t hurt her.
Precap- Vansh: I think we need divorce.
Riddhima: Vansh please no…..

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