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Vansh fumbled still blinking while Riddhima was in shock. Did he forget everything? Or just her? Angre who was too standing there looked at Riddhima. She was sufferring enough from past 3 months.
Angre: Vansh….are you fine?

Vansh slowly got clear vision and sat on the bed. Riddhima kept staring at him with shock to talk about her. What does he know and what he doesn’t.
Vansh: Angre…This…What happened?
Angre: You and Riddhima were attacked by our rivals.
Vansh looked towards Riddhima who was constantly gazing at her. Vansh noticed her from top to toe. He pointed out her vermilion, her nupital chain, and her red chooris.

Vansh: Riddhima you got married?

Riddhima nodded in yes while tears escaped her eyes. She smiled at him holding his hand. Vansh backed off.

Vansh: So who is… Your husband? You toh said you want to focus on courier first. Then?

Angre: Vansh she is your wife!! And she is a well-know singer!!

Vansh: What!! Are you in senses Angre!

Vansh looks at Riddhima from top to toe again, and comes back to her hand which has a VR ring.

Riddhima: You have it too Vansh. Look.

Vansh looks at his hand which too has his ring. He looks at Angre who nods in yes. Vansh again looks at Riddhima. Riddhima leaves the room and Angre follows her.
Angre: Riddhima. Listen. Vansh can remember everything.
Riddhima: What did the doctor say?
Angre: His memory is fluctuating. And we will have the best treatment for it. Right now he doesn’t remember anything. Maybe next moment he does.

Vansh comes walking with the support of wall and Riddhima holds him. He hugs her tightly. Riddhima hugs her back and starts weeping. Vansh breaks the hug and wipes her tears.
Vansh: Are you fine?
Riddhima: it’s been 3 months Vansh. How much I was broken seeing you on the bed.
Vansh: Now I am here na. Everything will be fine.
Vansh takes Riddhima for a bone crushing hug and then suddenly pushes her. Angre holds her and she stables herself.
Vansh: What the hell are you saying! Why will I marry her Angre.
Angre: It’s been 3months to your marriage. And Ragini cheated you. And you have a problem.
Vansh: What?
Riddhima: You can’t walk right now. Doctor has strictly said to have bed rest. Come.
Vansh: I am talking to Angre.
Angre: And She is saying right. Let’s go the room then we will talk.

Riddhima comes to help him but he backs off. So Angre takes him to room. Vansh sits on the bed and Riddhima leaves the room. All the family members come to meet him. Some were happy, some were not. (You know all of them)

The sun was nearly setting and Riddhima was sitting with Uma in the garden. Riddhima rests her head on Uma’s shoulder while Uma caresses her cheeks.
Uma: So your swear worked han?
Riddhima: Hmm. It’s better be like this. Atleast he is not on the bed now.
Uma: Hiding something from me?
Riddhima: His fluctuations,one moment he loves me one moment he pushes me away.
Uma: Don’t worry. I will talk to him.
Riddhima: Angre told him Ma. He is himself confused what is happening with him.
Uma: I think you should talk to him.

Riddhima enters the rooma nd saw Vansh trying to sit down, he stumbles but Riddhima hold him and makes him sit down. Vansh smiles at her.
Riddhima: Vansh. Are you fine?
Vansh: Hmm.
Riddhima: Who were they? They hurted you so much.
Vansh: Don’t worry Riddhima. Now I am good. And I will figure out. Ok?
Riddhima: No. You are not going anywhere and staying with me. Ok? Now sleep.
Vansh: But
Riddhima: Sleep Vansh…you are not well.

Vansh lays down and Riddhima next to him. They both entangle their fingers and sleep. In midnight, Vansh wakes up and sees Riddhima sleeping next to him, he wakes up and sleeps on the couch. Riddhima saw him doing so but didn’t stop him.
In a dark place, only a light was hanging in the whole room. A girl enters wearing a brown short dress and a man was tied to the chair and his face was covered with a black cloth. She takes off the cloth. It was the man who attacked Vansh. She had a gun in her hands and opens the cloth in his mouth.

Girl: You are of no use, couldn’t you do such an easy work? He is back now. You are useless. Didn’t do a single work.

The man kept pleading but she shot him on the head and he died.

Riddhima woke up first and was getting ready infront of the mirror. Vansh entered the room and smiled at her. She smiled back and Vansh made her wear her earings and filled her hairline with vermilion. Riddhima hugged him.
Riddhima: I love you.
Vansh: I…Love you too.

Riddhima broke the hug and looked at him. She turned back wearing her chooris.
Vansh: What happened?
Riddhima: I never forced you Vansh. Don’t say without feeling just to make me happy.
Vansh: Hmm.. so you knew.
Riddhima(smiles): Your wife knows you more than yourself (winks)
Vansh: Really? Actually….I wanted to ask something.
Riddhima: Say?
Vansh: We should start…I mean our relationship as Friendship if you don’t mind.

Riddhima smiles and hugs him. Vansh too smiles.
Riddhima’s POV
If the Vansh who loves me get to know he will be very angry. I can’t tell him about his fluctuations. He will be very sad.
Pov ends

Vansh: Breakfast?
Riddhima: Sure.
They both smile and leave the room.

Precap- Girl: Its my time, Vansh.

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