STOLEN SWEETHEART- RIANSH FF Epi 1 ‘No argument please’

Hi everyone!! So this is the first episode of this FF. Sorry to those whom I didn’t reply because I was a little busy. Enjoy the episode….


Episode starts with Riddhima entering her college. All of her juniors wished her. She also wished her seniors and was heading for her first class of her 3rd year. She was at the door when a hand stopped him. It was Ramansh.
Riddhima: Bhai…. I have told you not to come to my class.
Ramansh: I just wanted to ask if you are alright.
Riddhima: I am alright. Now I think it’s time, you should go to your class.
Ramansh: Ok my princess
Riddhima: And don’t fight with anyone please…
Ramansh: Ok fine…
Riddhima smiles and enters her class. She saw that all the benches were full. She went to the last bench sitting and waiting for friend Natasha.
Riddhima: Where is this stupid. I am so bored without her…
And she felt a huge book had hit on her head. She rubbed and head and stood up. It was Ragini. She always stayed away from those bully group.
Riddhima: That was too rude. Why did you hit me?
Ragini: (laughing) I was checking if your brain is at your place or not
Riddhima: Oh please… I don’t want an argument
Ragini: That’s mine and Vansh’s seat. Get up.
Riddhima: But I came here first. And it has no name written on it.
Ragini took a pen and wrote her name.
Ragini: Fine? Now get out. You idiot.
Riddhima: Firstly, I am not an idiot, your are, and second, it’s your father’s college so it doesn’t mean you will do whatever you want.
Ragini: Going or you want to get suspended?
Riddhima stood up and saw the first bench empty. She went and sat there.
Riddhima (thinking): I will tell her. How rude she is. Such a selfish girl. I am going to teach her a lesson for sure. I am an introvert but not so week that I can’t fight them.
The class started and the teacher started the lectures. Ragini and her chitchats were disturbing the whole class. Teacher became very irritated.
Teacher: Ragini! Please stop talking.
Ragini: Excuse me, sir. This is my Dad’s college. I can do whatever I want to.
Riddhima(thinking): How rude she is! Is this the way to talk to a teacher? My dad also owns many stuff, I never say like that.
Teacher: If I here you talk again, the person sitting next to you will have to move permanently.
Riddhima turned backward to see who it was. She wasn’t able to see. Teacher started the lectures again. Suddenly Ragini burst out laughing disturbing the whole class.
Teacher: Enough Ragini! Vansh! Come and sit at the first bench right now!
Riddhima was sitting there with a blank face. He is going to sit with me? Oh no. I am sick of this bully group.
Vansh came and was standing with a bag looking at Riddhima. Riddhima became aside and Vansh kept looking at her. There was utter silence between them but both kept peeking at each other.
Lunch time
The bell rang it was lunch. Riddhima was putting her books in her bag when again Ragini hitted her.
Riddhima: Ouch…
Vansh: Ragini….
Ragini: What was the need of sitting with her? Baby, you will not sit with her. I will talk to Dad about what teacher said.
Riddhima: I have no interest in sitting with your boyfriend.
Saying so, Riddhima left the class. She was coming back from washroom when a group of boys reached her. They all were seniors.
Riddhima: Good Morning sir.
Boy1: So you are sister of Ramansh..
Boy2: Well, not bad huh…
Riddhima: Sir, I need to go
Boy1: What need? We all are here right?
All of them laughed.
Riddhima: Please let me go.
Boy2: Absolutely……not
Riddhima tried to move but one of them pinned her to the wall. Before he could do anything Riddhima pushed him and ran from there. All of the boys started running behind her. She ran towards Ramansh’s class but collided with Vansh. She fell down. Ramansh saw Riddhima on the floor and came to her.
Vansh: What the…. Not you again
Riddhima: (breathing heavily) Sorry… I was running from them…
Vansh: Have some water.
He raised his bottle towards her but Ramansh came between and held Riddhima’s hand.
Ramansh: No Riddhima,
Riddhima: Bhai…
Vansh: You!
Ramansh: Riddhima, stay away from him
Vansh: Who are you to say that?
Riddhima: My brother…
Ramansh: Stay away from my sister
Vansh: I have no interest in being with your sister.
Precap- Debate between Vansh and Ramansh

I hardly took time and wrote this. Hope you all liked it. Comment down your reviews. Thanks for reading.

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